Youtube Earl Nightingale Think And Grow Rich

Youtube Earl Nightingale Think And Grow Rich – There are thousands of successful men and women throughout the free world who are where they are today because they once took it upon themselves

By Napoleon Hill. Undoubtedly, this single book has had a greater influence on the lives, achievements and destinies of more people than any other work of its kind.

Youtube Earl Nightingale Think And Grow Rich

Youtube Earl Nightingale Think And Grow Rich

This wonderful book helped me decide once and for all how I will achieve my goal. It brought my thinking together and gave me a direct, clear path to the point I decided to reach. One of my closest friends found a book, stayed home for three days to read and digest its material, and then rose to the top of his industry. I’ve sat in crowded executive offices and listened to world-renowned business leaders tell me how to read

How I Read Over 350 Books In Around 2,5 Years

Is read, the hand that puts the book on the table is the other hand. The person who then gets up and goes out into the world is a different, changed person – the owner of a unique knowledge that will allow you to turn dreams into reality, thoughts into things. So-called destiny and external circumstances are no longer under control. He who was a passenger now suddenly becomes a captain.

, the reason it has stood the test of time is because it rests on a foundation of truth: the simple, indisputable fact that everything starts with an idea. You can start with just ideas, but ideas are incredibly powerful when backed up with determination, persistence, and a burning desire to turn them into tangible objects or assets – “assets” whatever. loves

In other words, by controlling your mind, you can control your destiny. And you can start this amazing process today by learning and applying Napoleon Hill’s famous 13 principles of unbridled success.

Desire is the starting point of all achievement, the first step to wealth. But this is where we so often hit a snag. A person will say, “I know what I want, but can I get it?”

Earl Nightingale Reads Think And Grow Rich

The answer was best expressed by Emerson: “There is nothing capricious in nature, and desire shows that its pleasure is in the constitution of the being who feels it. In other words, you won’t have a desire unless you can achieve it.

Your burning desire is nothing but an accurate representation of what you will become one day. So fix right here firmly in your mind what you want more than anything else, and nurture and nurture that desire. Do not suppress or destroy it. A person without desire has neither a principle of action nor a motive to act.

A belief is a state of mind that can be induced or created by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind through conscious auto-suggestion. By repeatedly calling the thought to yourself after you have fulfilled your primary desire, you will build the faith you need. Faith is vital to achievement.

Youtube Earl Nightingale Think And Grow Rich

Believe that you can achieve what you set your mind to, because you would never have set your sights on it if it wasn’t meant for you. If you sometimes struggle to believe in yourself, you can be sure that you can believe in these principles.

Napoleon Hill’s Hidden Secret In Think And Grow Rich: Why This Law Of Success Principle Proves The Master Keys To Success Ebook By The Publishing Co.

With repetition, the subconscious mind can be used for you. It is the ability to focus the mind on a burning desire until the subconscious accepts it as fact and begins to create ways to make it come true. This is where hunches, sudden flashes of thought, inspiration or guidance come from.

To use the power of autosuggestion, go somewhere quiet, perhaps in bed at night. Close your eyes and repeat out loud to hear your words affirming whatever your goal is. If it is about accumulating a sum of money, repeat the term of its accumulation and a description of the service or product you intend to give in return. Follow these instructions and see that you already have your goal.

Knowledge is power only to the extent that it is organized into a specific plan of action and directed toward a specific goal. To be confident in your ability to convert your desire into a monetary equivalent, you will need special knowledge of the service, commodity or profession you intend to offer in exchange for the property.

Realize that you need to learn everything you can about your major. Take some time each day to learn more about what you do. Take courses offered in your subject and interact with people who know your business well.

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Whatever the human mind can imagine and believe, it can achieve. Man’s only limitation in reason is the development and use of his imagination and subsequent motivation to act. Great business, industrial and financial leaders, great artists, musicians, poets and writers became great because they developed the power of self-motivation.

As you go about your daily work, constantly think about how it could be done better and more efficiently. Think about the changes that are inevitable. Can they be done now? If you feel limited, remember the words of the late Frank Lloyd Wright: “The human race built most noble when the limitations were greatest, and therefore when imagination was most needed to build.”

An analysis of several hundred people who have accumulated wealth well over a million dollars reveals the fact that each of them had a habit of making decisions quickly and changing them slowly if and when they changed.

Youtube Earl Nightingale Think And Grow Rich

Once you decide, stick to it. Most unsuccessful people are usually easily swayed by the opinions of others. Opinions are the cheapest commodity on earth. Follow your own advice as you begin to put the principles described here into practice by making and sticking to your own decisions. Trust no one but members of your leadership alliance (as discussed later) and be very careful in choosing this group, choosing only those who fully sympathize and align with your cause. Close friends and relatives, although they do not intend to do so, are often hurt by uninformed opinion and sometimes ridicule.

Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich

Perseverance is simply will. Will and desire, properly aligned, make an unbeatable pair. Durability is to man what carbon is to steel. In countless thousands of cases, persistence is the difference between success and failure. It is the lack of this quality more than any other that prevents most from achieving great things. When the going gets tough, they bow out.

If you want to achieve your goal, you must develop the habit of persistence. Everything will be difficult. There seems to be no reason to continue. Everything inside you will tell you to give up, to stop trying. Right here, if you go the extra mile and keep going, the heavens will open and you will begin to see the first signs of the abundance that must be yours because you had the courage to stay. Success will come with persistence.

Necessarily, behind almost every great leader lies the support of a spouse’s love and inspiration. When the going gets tough—and you can count on it, they will—some who you thought were friends may abandon you. But if you are supported by a good woman or man, you will never be alone. If necessary, he or she will want to start over and will give you a new enthusiasm that comes through believing in you.

Having someone to love means having someone to share your successes and achievements with; to give you the praise we all need from time to time. One can become successful without a spouse and family, but much of true joy is lost if it cannot be shared. Treat your spouse and children as your greatest assets.

The Strangest Secret By Earl Nightingale (full Transcript)

The first of six steps to turning a wish into reality is creating a definite, actionable plan to make that transformation happen (see From Wish to Reality in Six Easy Steps, p. 40). Once you’ve done this, it’s critical to connect with one or more people, or as many groups of people as you may need to create and implement a plan. These people are your “make-up alliance”.

Before forming your leadership alliance, decide what advantages and benefits you can offer individual members of your group in exchange for their cooperation. No one will work indefinitely without pay, although it may not always be in the form of money.

Make an appointment with members

Youtube Earl Nightingale Think And Grow Rich

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