Will Buying A Router Improve Internet Speed

Will Buying A Router Improve Internet Speed – It will probably look much better than the one you get from your internet service provider eero

When you sign up with an internet service provider, you get a router that covers your home with valuable Wi-Fi. This box will do its job perfectly, so you might think that you don’t need to spend your hard-earned money to upgrade it. But depending on the router model and exactly what you want to do with your home network, an upgrade could make a lot of sense for you.

Will Buying A Router Improve Internet Speed

Will Buying A Router Improve Internet Speed

If you’re considering upgrading your Wi-Fi setup but aren’t sure what to look for, start by familiarizing yourself with the specs and features you’ll be dealing with in the router world.

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Whichever router you choose to buy will not affect the actual speed of the Internet in your home. These are two separate things, so don’t expect very fast download and upload speeds.

The real advantage of a newer router is that it has better coverage. If you have some dead zones in your home where you can’t load a GIF even if your life depended on it, a new router can emit a stronger signal that can carry Wi-Fi to more corners of your house or apartment. . This means a faster, more stable connection, even on the same broadband package.

A good way to measure this is to compare the speed you get on your device with the internet speed you signed up for from your ISP. Visiting a simple online speed test site should do the trick. If you find a major discrepancy between the two, a router upgrade may be necessary.

When you start shopping for a router upgrade, you’ll notice that many premium models come with oversized antennas. They are not just for display and can beam Wi-Fi signals that are stronger and travel farther More antennas are generally better; This means more ports where your device can be locked.

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Look at the specific transfer rate and range on the router to get an idea of ​​the Wi-Fi speeds you can get and how far your network can cover your home. Don’t forget to check online reviews of users as well; This way you are sure that the manufacturer’s claims match the reality.

The number of antennas is important, but remember that it’s only one of many factors that determine how fast a router can connect Wi-Fi to your devices.

Dual-band routers operating at both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies are now commonplace. Basically, they give your Wi-Fi signals more frequency channels to travel through, so the signals are less likely to interfere with each other (like having more lanes on a highway). This prevents slow and unstable connections.

Will Buying A Router Improve Internet Speed

Traditional 2.4 GHz channels are slower and prone to interference than 5 GHz channels. However, they can travel long distances and penetrate obstacles such as walls. Dual-band routers are smart and manage the channels themselves, allowing you to automatically connect to the best channels at any time, wherever you are in your home.

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We are now seeing the introduction of tri-band routers with an additional 5.8 GHz frequency, which is another lane on the highway. Switching from dual-band to triple-band isn’t as critical to performance as switching from single-band to dual-band, but tri-band should be considered if you have a lot of Internet connectivity. devices at home.

Like video game consoles or smartphone processors, Wi-Fi has successive generations. The latest iteration is Wi-Fi 6 and is supported by some of the best router models around.

With each Wi-Fi upgrade comes engineering and compression improvements that transmit data faster, more reliably, and with less interference. The next generation means the connection is better at supporting multiple devices simultaneously.

Upgrading to a Wi-Fi 6 router will certainly improve wireless coverage, but the differences won’t be huge unless all your devices are Wi-Fi 6 compatible. And given that it requires a hardware update, it may take some time.

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Keep the antenna-packed router out of sight of guests and extend your Wi-Fi coverage with this more aesthetically pleasing node. Google

In recent years, we’ve seen a number of fake routers appear on the scene, including models from Eero, Google, and Netgear. These systems consist of both a main router and one or more satellite nodes placed around the home.

In this setup, instead of one router that does all the work, you have many devices that share the load, cover a larger area, and work together to ensure that your devices always have the strongest Wi-Fi signal possible.

Will Buying A Router Improve Internet Speed

If you live in a large home or have frequent problems with Wi-Fi dead zones, check out the flexibility a mesh router gives you. It’s often a good solution in terms of range, although its top speeds usually don’t match the best standalone routers.

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Another feature to check on routers is multi-user multi-input multi-out, or MU-MIMO, which determines how well a router can handle multiple devices at once.

The higher the number here, the better—for example, 4×4 MU-MIMO is an upgrade over 2×2. Included as part of the Wi-Fi 6 protocol, 8×8 MU-MIMO is the best you can go right now and is supported by the best routers on the market.

You should also pay attention to those that talk about quality of service or QoS features. They modify a router’s software and allow it to prioritize Internet traffic, giving larger data-consuming devices like game consoles more bandwidth than smaller devices like smart speakers.

David Nield is a freelance writer for Popular Science, creating guides and explainers for the DIY category on everything from enhancing your smartphone photos to improving your laptop security. He doesn’t have much free time, but when he does, he spends it watching pornographic movies and taking long walks in the countryside. Your internet speed is only as fast as your plan. If your ISP advertises 400Mbps, that’s the maximum bandwidth you’ll see until you upgrade to a faster plan.

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However, your router takes care of everything besides your modem, so its performance can affect your wired and wireless connections.

We’ll explain what signs to look for in a slow router, how older routers can affect your speed, and what you should do to speed up your internet.

If you don’t know your internet plan’s maximum speed, download our free, easy-to-use speed test app for fast and reliable results on your phone.

Will Buying A Router Improve Internet Speed

If you don’t know your internet plan’s maximum speed, learn how to test your internet speed. You can also run a speed test to see what you’re currently getting.

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Since your router is between your modem and your device, it can block your connections Think of it as a small computer dedicated to routing network traffic to and from your device If it gets overloaded like a traffic police during rush hours, connections slow down and start crawling. If the router is old or of poor quality, your connections may be slow.

In both situations, the router becomes your gateway, not the Internet connection. If your router can’t handle your current network load, upgrading to a higher bandwidth plan won’t help. For a better model you need to reboot, reset or replace.

For example, if you recently upgraded your Internet plan to 400Mbps but are still using an N300 router, your wireless connections will automatically lose 100Mbps of bandwidth. from where Because the router only supports up to 300 Mbps. However, your wired connections may not be affected

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If you’re not sure how fast your connection should be, find out how much speed you need. Alternatively, you can enter your zip code below to find a faster internet plan in your area.

Will Buying A Router Improve Internet Speed

You can usually tell if your router is slowing down your internet by doing an internet speed test. Here’s how:

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If you have a single modem/router hybrid unit (wireless gateway), you can run the second test by logging into your device’s web interface, switching it to bridge mode, and going to step 6.

If your speed is much faster from your modem than from the router, your router is probably your gateway.

Remember, you ran these tests using a wired connection, so technically you should be looking at most of the bandwidth your internet connection provides. If the speed test results from your router and modem are not significantly different, the next step is to test your wireless devices.

However, if you notice a significant difference in your wireless connection compared to your wired test, you may need to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi network. You may have misplaced the router or

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