Will A Gaming Router Increase Internet Speed

Will A Gaming Router Increase Internet Speed – Looking for the latest WiFi 6 router with gaming capabilities? You may be considering one of the ASUS gaming routers below.

TUF Brand, TUF AX5400 WiFi 6 Gaming Router This network-ready router is powered by next-generation WiFi 6 technology. Provides more efficient connectivity, range, and speed for more connected devices. an amplifier for online gaming, a USB hub for NAS file sharing, next-level router management, and, of course, RGB. There’s also advanced parental controls for gaming parents. Extra features and great routers Especially in today’s homeschooling world. That allows parents to monitor or filter content. Check internet history and more for kids

Will A Gaming Router Increase Internet Speed

Will A Gaming Router Increase Internet Speed

Gaming router comes at a great price ASUS TUF AX5400 WiFi 6 Gaming Router is priced at PHP 9935 in the Philippines.

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This review will look at the basic features and see if the price is right for this gaming router. We’ll also test its wireless performance. How to work in stages and the ability to pass through walls. especially in concrete houses

The first stop is the packaging. The ASUS TUF AX5400 WiFi 6 gaming router comes in a classy yet simple cardboard box with a military-themed black and silver color scheme. Contained in a plastic film that prevents scratches and paperwork from slipping. The front shows the router itself and the label highlighting the main WiFi 6.

It shows the hardware specifications and detailed product features on the back with 4 features; Faster/more stable wired gaming, AiMesh, easy port forwarding. and 2x faster wireless

Opening the package reveals the documents. troubleshooting guide Inside, you’ll find a router, charger, and a range of plug adapters (Europe, Asia, and the US) in an egg-cup molded case.

Asus Ax5400 Wifi 6 Gaming Router (rt Ax82u)

Compared to some gaming routers that look like spiders, the Asus TUF Gaming AX5400 router is futuristic yet simple. Covered in an all black design that looks like the Batmobile from Batman with the RGB logo placed on top. It fits perfectly due to the contrast and the windshield for our Batmobile.

The cover is made of plastic with a beautiful matte finish. The only thing we don’t like is that it often has manufacturing defects that look uneven even if only visible from certain angles. However, most of these issues are invisible and will disappear over time. The overall look remains attractive and solid.

At the back, you’ll find six non-removable antennas that can be adjusted to any axis away from the router. You can see the physical features in the bottom corner, the power port, the WPS button, a USB hub, a 4 gigabit port, and a WAN port for a wired connection. There are dedicated ports for gaming. Your game system such as PC or console (PS5, PS4, XBOX Series X/S) can get the highest priority in the network.

Will A Gaming Router Increase Internet Speed

Below you will find access to the portal, including a QR code to download the app. air vent and four rubber parts Unfortunately there are no mounting holes for those who want to hang it on the wall. But considering the 600g weight, you can use double-sided or nano-tape to stick it vertically to flat surfaces.

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Here are the details on the shiny RGB and “TUF Gaming” logo on the left corner of the router.

Most bundled routers from Internet server vendors are often not fast enough to serve multiple devices. The more devices connected The more crowded the machine will be. especially when using data-heavy apps. This affects the speed of online games, streaming, and even work-from-home tasks. The latest WiFi 6 Asus TUF AX5400 can handle these situations and can keep connected devices at optimal levels. Due to new technology and improved speed. as advertised It has a connection speed of 5.4 Gbps, matching the most expensive gaming routers on the market.

Compared to the previous generation of WiFi 5 technology that can handle only one device at a time in terms of sending/receiving data packets. A new technology in WiFi 6 called MU-MIMO (Multiple User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) is a bandwidth management tool that allows multiple devices (any WiFi model) to communicate with the router simultaneously for both upload and download. This means greatly improved connections. reduced latency and a faster and smoother online experience. It’s like having one router per device in one router.

Dual-band wireless for 5.0 GHz and 2.4 GHz allows your new and old devices to connect. However, the speed offered by 2.4GHz is limited to 574M/bit. light work This lets you use 5.0 GHz for gaming, streaming, or heavy work, and the rest for 2.4 GHz.

Asus Tuf Ax5400 Wifi 6 Gaming Router Review

Asus TUF AX5400 right out of the box Supports the latest WPA3 WiFi security that protects your wireless connection with 128-bit encryption that has taken hackers a billion years to crack. There is a second layer of defense against Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE) attacks, so even weak passwords can be used. Your router is still protected. You’ll know you’re connected to a secure network because Windows will congratulate you for unlocking this new feature.

AiMesh Support If you already have an ASUS router in your home, you can use AiMesh to connect as a satellite node to this router or vice versa.

In addition to all the features mentioned above. The router also needs good processing power to perform all its tasks. The Asus TUF AX5400 is powered by a 1.5Ghz triple-core CPU and 512MB of RAM and 256MB of storage.

Will A Gaming Router Increase Internet Speed

To see how well it performs in all situations. We tested signal strength at different distances. and the ability to penetrate walls especially concrete We will also do an internet speed test.

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Our method for this test uses iPerf 3.1.3 to compare network throughput. to make it possible We’ve set up a computer server using a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with a client-side combination for testing. We used an iPhone 11 Max Pro and a MacBook Pro 13 M1 2020 model with WiFi 6 support for comparison. We are comparing the speed of the Asus TUF AX5400 with an existing router provided by our Internet Service Provider (PLDT), the Huawei HG8245U.

The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B connects directly to the router to provide the highest possible benchmark performance. It peaked at 4.48 Gbit/s in the iPerf (offline) test, so dropping below that mark wasn’t an issue for this small device.

For the iPerf command and those who want to try our method, we use iperf3 -c IP_ADDRESS -P 8 -i 1 -t 12 -O 2 which will send 8 streams per second. and maximize the information sent to the server Equipment range is high and medium. The test will take 12 seconds to complete, leaving the first 2 seconds blank so that the average calculation does not include any late start times.

Above is a schematic of the house we used in our benchmark. Place the router on the 1st floor in the center for a good signal radius. This test is a good analogy for multi-room homes made of concrete. which the signal is weak especially behind the wall The concrete wall is 15 cm thick and 20 cm wide for the 2nd floor. The first two test locations (L1 and L2) are tests of distance and maximum speed without obstacles. 1 meter and 8 meters away from the router, while the other test locations (L3, L4, L5 and L6) are for obstacles that penetrate walls 3 to 15 meters away.

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The iPhone 11 Pro Max benchmark over WiFi 6 (5GHz) shows a significant overall improvement. This is a huge leap compared to our existing routers. The 1 meter test achieved 525 Mbits/sec bandwidth, while the 2.4 Ghz improved as well, reaching 141 Mbits/sec. From 7 meters away, we can see that bandwidth. It dropped slightly to 13%, but when we hid the test device behind a wall (L-shaped corner), we started to see some separation on the existing router, dropping to 46%. provides 434 Mbit/s while the farthest and higher We started to notice difficulty in getting a signal. But we were still able to deliver a reasonable 161 Mbit/sec in the second layer and 69.1 Mbit/sec in the outdoor test.

Because each device has a different speed. So we tested it on a device with similar specs to a gaming laptop with WiFi 6. The device we used was the Macbook Pro 13 M1 2020. We see that there is a higher speed. Scores for both routers on 5GHz, on this device the close range gives us 662 Mbit/s bandwidth, but for

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