Which Is The Healthiest Cereal To Eat

Which Is The Healthiest Cereal To Eat – Your morning cereal can really be harmful to your health! This post shares 10 healthy cereal brands and what to avoid when shopping.

A quick bowl of cereal is the easiest way to fuel up in the morning, especially when you’re in a rush (hello start of the school year!).

Which Is The Healthiest Cereal To Eat

Which Is The Healthiest Cereal To Eat

Cereal is fast, convenient and can be a healthy / energetic breakfast. The thing is, some brands do the opposite. Some grains are unhealthy (AKA processed), don’t have a lot of energy, and give you sugar cravings after a few hours.

The 5 Healthiest Cereals You Can Eat (plus, 5 You Should Avoid!)

Although some breakfast cereals are marketed as good options, I have found that many brands are misleading. That’s why I’m writing this post. To educate yourself and yours about the 10 healthiest breakfast cereals.

You eat a healthy brand and you don’t overeat it. What does this mean? Well, as you might suspect, a bowl full of cocoa nibs isn’t going to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

You want to find something that you want to eat (tastes so good) but also provides a good dose of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Protein is especially helpful for weight loss because it fills you up again.

Let’s look deeper than the cute and colorful packaging. When choosing breakfast, here are the ingredients you want to avoid…

High Protein Cereals A Registered Dietitian Approves Of| Well+good

While there are many top contenders, the least healthy Muro (based on my research) is… Kellogg’s Honey Bars. Unfortunately, it’s about 60% sugar. And it also contains the worst fat out there; Hydrogen fuel.

High amounts of sugar and unhealthy fats predispose children and adults to obesity if eaten regularly. If this is one of those seeds that go, fear not!

The healthiest cereals are made from whole grains. That’s a big deal because whole grains are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems and cancer by 9%. Healthy whole grains are also low in sugar and full of fiber (which promotes a healthy gut and helps maintain a healthy weight).

Which Is The Healthiest Cereal To Eat

Start your day with cereal. So it’s important that it does something good for your body!

Healthy Toppings For Cereal

Organic sprouted whole grain brown rice, organic coconut sugar, organic cocoa, organic sunflower oil, organic sunflower lecithin, unrefined salt, tocopherols (vitamin E).

This One Degree product is one of my favorite cereals in terms of taste! These cocoa chips are 100% organic, vegan and non-GMO. Made with whole oats (which we already know are great) and pea sprouts (sprouting improves digestion and nutrition).

Wheat bran, oat fiber, cane sugar, psyllium seed husk, barley malt extract, oat bran, whole oat flour, sea salt.

Smart Bran is an excellent choice if you need more fiber in your diet! In a 3/4 cup serving, you get 17 grams of fiber. Which is 70% of the recommended daily amount for women! It’s also organic.

Is Eating Cereal At Night Healthy?

Whole wheat flour, raisins (coated with sunflower oil), wheat bran, cane sugar, linseed, oat bran, barley malt extract, sea salt, tocopherols (vitamin E).

Plain raisin bran is a classic favorite…but it’s not the best choice. This naturally healthy option has less sugar (just 7.2 grams per serving (compared to Kellogg’s 18 grams per serving).

Soy Protein Concentrate, Yellow Degeminated Corn Flour, Kashi Seven Whole Grain Honey Puff Cereal, Ground Degeminated Corn, Wheat Bran, Deer Fiber, Cane Sugar, Pressed Soy Flour, Corn Bran, Kashi Seven Whole Grain & Sesame Powder, Salt, Natural Flavor.

Which Is The Healthiest Cereal To Eat

These multigrain chips are packed with nutrition, flavor and crunch. Pretty much everything you want for breakfast, right? One serving contains 46% of the daily fiber requirement and 17% of the recommended protein.

Is Cookie Crisp Cereal Healthy? Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

Kashi Seven Whole Grain and Sesame Blends, Soy Flakes, Brown Rice Syrup, Cane Sugar, Chicory Root Fiber, Almonds, Whole Flax Seeds, Whole Grain Oats, Pressed Canola Oil, Honey, Salt, Natural Flavors.

Flaxseed is very useful! More on that in this post. This Kashi cereal makes it easy to eat with crunchy nuts, honey and almonds. Three times!

Rolled whole oat flakes, whole wheat, raisins (can be coated with pressed canola oil or sunflower oil), brown sugar, whole barley, skimmed milk flour, roasted hazelnuts, malt extract, nuts.

You can be sure that this non-GMO muesli will give your body glowing nutrition, first thing in the morning! It has raisins, hazelnuts, almonds and whole grain flakes. And goes perfectly with yogurt and fresh fruit.

Healthy Cereal Guide

Gluten-free whole grain oats, raisins, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries (cranberry, sugar, sunflower oil), dried apples, brown rice chips, dried roasted soybeans, almonds, coconut and pumpkin seeds.

If you’re struggling with inflammation, you want to boost your energy and encourage weight loss. This gluten-free muesli is easy to prepare in the morning! It’s made with delicious whole grains, protein-rich nuts, seeds and natural dried fruit.

Whole oat flour, whole wheat flour, evaporated cane sugar, barley malt extract, unsulphured molasses, baking soda, sea salt, vitamin C, tocopherols.

Which Is The Healthiest Cereal To Eat

I am personally a true lover. And this Muro perfectly matches my crunchy taste. Barbara’s Oat Crunch is non-GMO, vegan, and (of course!) a great source of fiber.

Low Carb Cereals Dietitians Recommend For A Filling Breakfast

Oat grains, whole grain barley, wheat flour, barley malt extract, sea salt, calcium carbonate, oats, barley malt, vitamin E

A healthy alternative to cheerio is here! This Muro is USDA certified organic, crunchy and sweet (without a shocking amount of hidden sugar).

Organic gluten-free, organic coconut sugar, raw virgin coconut oil, organic sunflower seeds, organic puffed amaranth, organic quinoa flakes, organic chia seeds, organic cinnamon, salt.

Oh, there are so many things we can do with granola. I recommend eating it with almond milk…or Greek yogurt for a rich parfait. Pure Elizabeth Ancient Granola contains very little sugar compared to most granolas on the market.

Heart Healthy Cereal: The Sweet Spot Sixteen

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Which Is The Healthiest Cereal To Eat

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The 5 Best Cereal For Muscles, Gains, & Taste (updated 2021)

If you’re wondering if you can eat cereal and still lose weight, nutrition experts share some tips.

It’s only natural to think that avoiding the old-fashioned, sugar-coated, caramel-colored grains that have only been popular for decades is a smart way to steer toward something healthier. But when it comes to healthy whole grain products, it’s easy to be fooled.

In my 30 years as a nutritionist, almost all of my clients have been confused by the thought of finding a package of cereal with phrases like “many grains,” “real fruit!” or “low sugar” means they choose grains that are friendly to weight loss. However, when I put the nutritional aspects of cold cereal into perspective for them, it usually is

If you’re like many people I’ve worked with, grains can be very confusing because even though they contain healthy content (like fiber or protein), they often contain less healthy foods like sugar. So there is rarely a strict good or bad choice.

Is Honey Smacks Cereal Healthy? Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

I’ve broken down the nutritional information for the top cereal brands to make it easier for you to navigate cereal, especially if you’re interested in cutting back.

Best health. If your goal is to lose weight—or even just want to keep your sugar intake down—this scoop in a popular box might be enlightening.

Read on to learn the truth about popular “healthy” grains and what they actually do for your weight loss goals. And for more on the foods that might make you think, read The 1 Worst Drink for Your Liver, New Study Says.

Which Is The Healthiest Cereal To Eat

A rule of thumb to understand how much sugar is in your cereal is to know that four grams equals one teaspoon. One cup of Fruity Pebbles contains 12 grams of sugar, which is equivalent to pouring three teaspoons of sugar into a bowl.

We Found The Cereals That Kids, Parents And Nutrition Experts Agree On

When you think like this, you might think twice before buying those sweets.

Carbohydrates can come from any source: added sugars,

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