Where To See Saved Posts On Linkedin

Where To See Saved Posts On Linkedin – First: Good luck with your job search on LinkedIn. I assure you that you are well on your way to getting the perfect job for you. 🥰 Link to LinkedIn storage services: it’s here. 🖖

As you search for that special someone on LinkedIn, I’ll show you how to find the right job for you, how to save your job search on LinkedIn and how to view your saved job on LinkedIn.

Where To See Saved Posts On Linkedin

Where To See Saved Posts On Linkedin

LinkedIn can be better than other job search websites while looking for a job online. Ninety percent of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn to find the perfect job candidates.

Powerful Linkedin Features You Didn’t Know About

Aha, sometimes LinkedIn can be confusing and it’s not easy to know where in your settings they put the saved jobs.

For each post in the available jobs section, you will find 3 icons, if you click on them you will have 4 options:

We know how stressful and time-consuming the job search can be, but we’re sure, with the perfect job search strategies, you’ll find it in no time.

Think of LinkedIn as a career website. Your profile needs to be professional. Job seekers need to know what your skills, qualifications and work experience are.

How To Save And Find Saved Posts On Linkedin To Read Later

Asking for opportunities on LinkedIn is great. With the “apply only” option, some companies just look at your LinkedIn profile without asking you for a resume and send them a cover letter. Your LinkedIn profile is the first door to your new job.

There are many job seekers out there and you want to be the most effective and fastest to stack the odds in your favor and land that important job interview.

Your resume is the ultimate tool that will get you in the recruiting door. Uploading your resume to LinkedIn is fine, but that doesn’t mean you have to send the same resume to every recruiter. In fact, it’s like a cover letter, it changes with each ad.

Where To See Saved Posts On Linkedin

What I am telling you is that if you have communication and management skills but it is a communication assistant position, focus on graphic tools and creative services, not the other way around.

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Since the recruiter does not have time to read all the corrections, we read diagonally and find the subjects! 🏃♀️🏃♀️

Also, if you talk about management while applying for an assistant position, you run the risk of intimidating the recipient. They will wonder if you are ready to manage.

So, uploading your CV is good, but updating it is even better = marking or omitting certain skills depending on the situation would be a plus.

Ideally, you have already saved your resume and a presentation, and they are automatically sent with a link to your LinkedIn profile. So recruiters spend time looking at your profile to make a selection.

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Then you choose the offer you want and then just answer two or three questions (address, number…).

Finally, LinkedIn will ask you if you want to upload another resume or use the one you’ve saved on LinkedIn, and you’re the boss there. 🤓

It’s a bit like the real estate market, for the nice apartments there are only 200 potential customers, and the rotten apartments don’t find buyers for months before Valerie Damidot comes to paint the wall the.

Where To See Saved Posts On Linkedin

What kind of job do you want? What standards do you not want to talk about? (telecommuting, salary, flexible hours, different assignments…)

Where Did My Linkedin Posts Go?

Once you know what you want, but more importantly what you don’t want, you can create alerts. 🤓

You quickly get confused with every job post, and if you have too many, you stop reading them and you miss some opportunities. 😱

Remember to check the list of new jobs on LinkedIn at least once a day in any case, the tool is incomplete, you may have forgotten to enter your dream job in the list.

Once you are in your account and click on the “jobs” tab, refine your job search using filters.

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Finding a job with multiple offers is often more complicated than you think. But thanks to LinkedIn Organization, it becomes easier.

You can choose the type of offer you are interested in: permanent, fixed term, internship offers. For example, if an internship offer is what you are looking for, you just need to check that in the filters, then fill it out.

You can also specify your professional experience, if it is your first job or professional exposure, for example, then you can check the corresponding box on the tab.

Where To See Saved Posts On Linkedin

You can also filter by publication date of job offers. As mentioned earlier, the first applications will be looked at more by the hiring managers. 👀

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You wonder if your employer or other job seekers can see your saved jobs. I understand. Most of us don’t want our co-workers or bosses to know that we want to fly to new places. 🐣

Like LinkedIn, it’s not visible to your network connections, your employer, or even recruiters. It is completely private.

There you go, now you know how to find jobs saved on LinkedIn and increase your chances of success! 🚀How do you see saved LinkedIn posts? This is where you can find saved LinkedIn posts and articles available via Desktop, Android, and iPhone.

LinkedIn is a place for people to find great networks, more professional friends, and countless valuable content. And that is why there is a ‘Posts section’ or feed on LinkedIn.

How To See Saved Posts On Linkedin? • Techbriefly

LinkedIn posts are basically status updates. One way to get the most out of LinkedIn is to find useful links, articles, content, or posts worth reading from professionals on LinkedIn.

But honestly, we’ve all gone through the phase where we scroll through our LinkedIn homepage feed to find articles we want to read and think we’ll read about it later, and often we can’t find it again. So annoying!

The good news is that—in addition to searching—you can also save the posts you see for later reading. LinkedIn listens to feedback sometimes, and they have created an option to save posts so you can easily find them later.

Where To See Saved Posts On Linkedin

LinkedIn has also done a good job of making this feature useful for users who want to use their computers instead of phones to read long articles for a long time online.

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You can save interesting posts and articles you find in your homepage feed from your desktop or LinkedIn mobile app. To save content:

After the content has been saved, a banner will appear at the bottom of the screen, with a link to show all the saved content.

It is a fast, easy process and works well on mobile and desktop devices. This feature has been around for a long time, and now you have a tool to easily find saved LinkedIn posts and articles.

Viewing and opening posts saved on the desktop is very easy. You just need to click on the saved items icon on the left rail of your LinkedIn homepage.

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The way to do this on Android and iPhone is the same. To view and open saved content:

If a problem occurs, you can try opening https://www.linkedin.com/feed/saved/. The link will take you to the same site page.

Now, it doesn’t seem to be easy to configure and there are no hidden filters, so you can just scroll to find what you are looking for.

Where To See Saved Posts On Linkedin

Tips: You’ll probably use this feature more as a short-term storage location rather than a long-term one. Recently, LinkedIn has improved in the development of this feature, but you can search for posts that have been saved but cannot find them. So please remember to use or save the content elsewhere.

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Using the archived post feature is an easy way to ensure that you build a compelling archive of posts or a “Reading List” that you can revisit later. There are several ways to use this feature effectively, including:

Each post has its own uniqueness. Building a strong LinkedIn network by finding the right content takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. The turtle made it to the water… Finally, I had the chance to ‘see things stored on the desktop’

Has enabled this feature to be used in the mobile app. But, it is not accessible by desktop users.

Now! I was surprised to see a link for ‘view saved items’, on the RHS sidebar of my desktop and the same save icon.

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Currently, this feature is reserved for articles published on and News/blog/web links shared through your desktop and mobile app links.

By the way, are you able to save/view the saved items on the desktop? Have you seen this new feature on your desktop? Or am I just a little lucky?

You can find this new version on desktop and mobile app as well, To download mobile app click here >> Android | iOS

Where To See Saved Posts On Linkedin

The process for mobile and desktop is the same. So, follow steps #1, #2 & #3 as shown below

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Open your app/website and find any article, news or link shared by your network. Press the tape button as shown in the screenshots:

Tape button is an icon in web/mobile application to save articles, link posts or news

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