Where Do Angels Go When They Die

Where Do Angels Go When They Die – Not to be confused with Azazel, the fallen angel, or Azazil, the name of Iblis in Islamic tradition before his fall.

Arabic: عزرايل Romanized: ʿAzrāʾīl or ʿEzrāʾīl) is the angel of death in some Abrahamic religions, namely Islam, Christian popular culture, and some traditions of Judaism.

Where Do Angels Go When They Die

Where Do Angels Go When They Die

Compared to similar representations of such creatures, Azrael has a rather ugly role as God’s Angel of Death; He acts as a psychopomp responsible for transporting the souls of the dead after their death.

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In both Islam and Judaism he is said to have a scroll dealing with the fate of mortals, recording and erasing their names at birth and death.

Depending on the perspective and precepts of the various religions in which it figures, it can also be depicted as a resident of the third Hevi, a division of Hevi in ​​Judaism and Islam.

In Islam, he is one of the four archangels and is identified with the Qur’anic Malak al-Maut (מלק الموت, “Angel of Death”), which corresponds to the Hebrew term Malach ha-Mavet (מלאך המות) in rabbinical literature. . In Hebrew, Azrael translates as “Angel of God” or “God’s Help”.

The name Azrael suggests a Jewish origin, and archaeological evidence found in Jewish settlements in Mesopotamia confirms that it was indeed used in Aramaic incantatory texts from the 7th century.

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However, since the text only lists names, it is impossible to determine whether Azrael was associated with death before the advent of Islam.

After the advent of Islam, the name Azrael became popular in both Jewish and Islamic literature and folklore. The name, spelled Ezrael, appears in the Ethiopic version of the Apocalypse of Peter (dating from the 16th century) as an angel of hell who takes revenge on those who wronged them in their lifetime.

Azrael does not act independently, but is only informed by God when it is time to take a soul.

Where Do Angels Go When They Die

When the unbelievers in Hell cry for help, an angel, also known as Azrael, appears on the horizon and tells them to stay.

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Other verses of the Qur’an refer to the multitude of angels of death. According to exegesis, these verses refer to the lesser angels of death subordinate to Azrael, who assist the archangel in his duties. Tafsir al-Baydawi mentions a large number of angels of death who are subject to Azrael.

Several modern contemporaries such as Wahba al-Zuhaili and scholars from the Islamic University of Madinah, the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Islamic Affairs, and the Masjid al-Haram have compiled a classic explanation of al-Anfali’s chapter 50 of the Qur’anic verse. 8:50 that the angel of death has special duties during the battle of Badr.

According to Muslim tradition, 40 days before a person’s death approaches, God drops a leaf from a tree under a heavy throne, on which Azrael reads the name of the person he is to take.

Al-Qurtubi narrates the classical scholar Ibn Zafar al-Wayzi’s remark that Azrael, who has a shape similar to a blue ram, has many eyes in many places and Ikrima according to Maula Ibn Abbas [id; ar], the scholar Tabiun, Azrael’s size was so great that “if the earth were placed on his shoulder, he would be like a bean in a field.”

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Muqatil Ibn Sulayman recorded his comments in his commentary, al-Suluk, the angel had 70,000 legs.

Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz, the Caliph of the Umayyad dynasty, reported the tradition that the Angel of Death (Malak al-Mawti) was armed with a fiery whip.

Caliph Umar also narrates that the Angel of Death was so large that it dwarfed the Throne Bearers, a group of angels known as the greatest of angels.

Where Do Angels Go When They Die

In the “Islamic Book of the Dead” he is described as having 4 faces, and his entire body consists of eyes and tongues, the number of which corresponds to the number of people living on earth.

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Islam developed additional narratives about the relationship between Azrael and death. Christian Lange noted that according to some scholars, Azrael and Death were one; Other exegetical scholars believe that Azrael and death are different things, with death being a kind of tool that Azrael used to kill life.

One account explains Death and its relationship with Azrael, presenting Death and Azrael as two separate entities before, but when God created Death, God commanded the angels to look at him and they lost their minds for a thousand years. After the angels regained consciousness, Death realized that he had to obey Azrael.

The identification of “Death” and the angel Azrael as one is explained in a hadith that deals with the fate of “Death” itself after the Day of Judgment, where the classical Hanafi scholar Badr al-Din al-Ain explains in the collection of Sahih Bukhari that death would take the form of a ram, which is placed between heaven and hell and will eventually kill God himself, causing death to cease to exist, followed by God announcing to people in both heaven and hell that eternity has begun and their condition will never end d.

Lange pointed out that according to some scholars, the ram in the narration of this hadith is nothing more than the angel of death itself, while others argue that it is a form of death in the afterlife.

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Another narration from Muqatil ibn Sulaiman states that Azrael and death are one because he says that the angel has the number of faces and hands equal to the number of living beings on his body, with each of these faces and hands connected. To the life of every soul in the living world.

In addition, the related interpretation of several groups of the Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University of Yemen and Mauritania, which derives its interpretation from Ibn Kathir regarding verse 61 of the Qur’an al-Tawwi. Annam and Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah and Ibn Abbas that the Angel of Death had helper angels who helped him in taking souls.

The eighth Umayyad caliph Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz once reported a remark about Azrael in the Qur’an chapter As-Sajdah 11 Qur’an 32:11 that the lives of many people are too easy for an angel. Khalifa: “From the point of view of Malak al-Mauti (the angel of death), the tire of mankind on earth is only like a dish on a plate.”

Where Do Angels Go When They Die

Meanwhile, Al-Qurtubi reported on the authority of Mujahid Ibn Jabri that the world found between the hands of the Angel of Death “is like a vessel between the hands of a man; He takes from every place where He wills’, where Mujahid describes that Azrael can hold many souls at once because God has shrunk the earth for him until it appears as if it were a vessel between his hands.

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Azrael has retained its importance in everyday life. According to the Sufi teacher al-Jil, Azrael appears to the soul in the form provided by its most powerful metaphors. Common belief holds that lesser angels of death are for ordinary people, while saints and prophets meet the archangel of death himself.

Great prophets like Moses and Muhammad were politely invited by him, but saints also meet Azrael in beautiful forms. According to legend, when Rumi was about to die, he was lying in his bed and met Azrael in human form.

The belief that Azrael appeared to the saints before his death to prepare him for death is also attested by Nasir Khusro’s will, in which he claimed to have met Azrael in a dream and informed him of his impending death.

According to another famous account recorded by Ibn Kathir in his Kishash al-Anbiya (History of the Prophets), God once commanded Gabriel, Michael, Israfil and Azrael to collect dust from the earth from which Adam was supposedly created. Only Azrael succeeded, after which he was destined to become an angel who ruled over the life and death of mankind.

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The Islamic concept of Azrael, including some narrations such as the Tale of Solomon, the hadith of Shahr ibn Haushab,

Some Western adaptations have expanded on Azrael’s physical description, as poet Lee Hunt depicted Azrael in a black hooded cloak. Although he lacks the thinning hair, his portrait still looks like the Grim Reaper.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow mentions Azrael in The Reaper and the Flowers as an angel of death, but he is not identified with Samael, the angel of death in Jewish lore, who instead appears as the angel of the fall and evil.

Where Do Angels Go When They Die

Azrael also appears in GK Chesterton’s poem “Lepanto” as one of the Islamic spirits commanded by “Mahound” (Muhammad) against the Crusade of Don John of Austria. In The Smurfs, the evil wizard Gargamel’s cat is called Azrael. In the Hebrew Bible, the Destroying Angel (Hebrew: מַלְאָך מַלְאָך, mal -hamaam), also known as Mashit (מַשְׁחִ mašīṯ, ‘destroyer’; plural: מַשְׁחִ, mašḥījīmy, ‘plural’); “a force repeatedly raised up by Yahweh to kill the enemies of the Jews .

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, that is, the angel of the Lord. The latter occurs in Job 33:22 as well as in Proverbs 16:14 in the plural, “messengers of death.” Mashchith is also used as an alternative name for one of the seven chambers of Gehenna.

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