What We Can Do To Reduce Pollution

What We Can Do To Reduce Pollution – One of the most critical issues that our world faces every day is pollution. Over the past few decades, pollution has always been seen as destruction that is slowly destroying the planet we live on. Some people notice, some don’t, and some don’t care.

We all know that natural sources such as volcanic eruptions, forest fires or dust storms are also among the causes of pollution, but we cannot blame them because we humans have no control over them. What we need to be aware of are our activities that we do every day, because these activities are responsible for pollution: to the burning of fossil fuels, to construction and demolition, to deforestation or to mismanagement of waste, we can say that almost every person to being this earth has at least contributed to the pollution we experience to this day. Overpopulation is also a factor affecting pollution. According to research, the world population is increasing by 1.1% per year. This overpopulation is also a big problem affecting pollution, because as the number of people increases, the greater the chances of building a person who is not disciplined enough to know what to do and what to avoid around the earth to help, to help the environment.

What We Can Do To Reduce Pollution

What We Can Do To Reduce Pollution

The pollution of the earth is so appalling that even today 2.4 billion people still do not have access to clean water sources, as people constantly pollute essential resources, such as air, water and soil, which require a hundred to one dose. to fix it again. That being said, as a concerned young person of this generation, I will share a number of ways that young people like us can do to be an agent of change that will have a great impact on our environment for the rest of our lives.

What We Can Do As An Individual

Even at home, everyone should learn to save energy, because even if it is not obvious, there is an absolute connection between energy consumption and the environment. This is due to the fact that the energy consumed is directly proportional to the amount of toxins released. It also reduces our monthly electricity bill, which can help reduce air pollution, as many countries still depend on non-renewable energy sources such as gas and coal that release air pollution into the air. This means that if we use less energy, we also reduce the amount of toxic fumes emitted by power plants, while protecting the earth’s natural resources and ecosystems from destruction.

Everyone in our world already knows these golden rules, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Reduction also applies to our tip number 1, but adding, reducing and recycling our waste helps us maintain our waste regularly keep it from adding mountains and mountains of waste to collection centers Reduction and recycling also allow us to reuse our stuff from before, but with a different use in the present.

We need to maintain our vehicles and get into the habit of keeping the engines properly tuned and the tires properly inflated. This control and maintenance of our vehicles must be carried out regularly because a vehicle in poor condition consumes more fuel, which causes more pollution.

Burning leaves, wood and garbage, as well as smoking cigarettes produce carbon monoxide which is harmful to our environment. The smoke from it also releases irritant and carcinogenic compounds that can cause breathing problems and other health issues. It not only harms the environment, but also the living creatures in it.

How To Reduce Air Pollution?

If traveling by private vehicle is not necessary or your destination is close, try walking, cycling or using public transport. This will reduce our carbon footprint and save energy as well as fuel consumption when traveling by private vehicle.

Plastic products are one of the major problems we face every year. Plastic is often not disposed of properly, which can block drainage systems. A lot of plastic ends up in oceans and rivers, destroying the ecosystem. Since most plastics are made from petroleum products, the release of toxic emissions from these products when mined here on our earth causes pollution and also destroys our environment.

The solar panel is a lifelong investment that a person or a family can make. Not only does it improve home efficiency and reduce monthly electricity bills, but it also helps reduce water pollution produced by coal-fired power plants and the amount of harmful and radioactive waste produced by nuclear power plants.

What We Can Do To Reduce Pollution

There is always a possible alternative to everything. Instead of using plastic bags, just use eco-friendly or reusable bags. For plant lovers or in Filipino terms, “Plantitas” and “Plantitos”, plants are also a great help in reducing pollution because plants and trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen which acts as a sink for carbon.

Plastic Pollution Campaign

As we move forward into the 21st century, people are constantly changing the world in abnormal ways. Despite everything we face, we must always choose to be different, to be an agent of change. We must always choose to do better. We must always choose to think green. We must always choose to save the earth. A development economist, Lory conducted research projects on energy and pollution control topics for a national research agency in the Philippines.

This entire planet is our home. We are the only species that systematically destroys its own habitat. — Marianne Williamson Pollution is our problem

Pollution prevention is a major global concern because of its harmful effects on human health and the environment. Because we are all inhabitants of the Earth, everyone is a stakeholder and each person has something to contribute to the promotion of effective pollution prevention and awareness. Caring for the environment is a natural extension of caring for ourselves, loving our children and ensuring a sustainable future for future generations.

We must therefore all take personal responsibility for the success of our local environmental protection programs by actively participating in cleaning up our atmosphere. And, while we can each help tackle pollution in our immediate environment, we can do more by working to change legislation and policy on a larger scale.

Solutions To Combat Water Pollution

Preventing the appearance of pollution in any area, whether in the air, in the water or on land, can be the simplest preventive solution. If there is no pollution, there will be no pollution. And yet that is easier said than done. Some bad habits are entrenched, and industrial development as we know it seems to imply an expectation of pollution. Even the simplest preventative approaches are often quite complicated, expensive and difficult for a small business to implement.

Still, there are small changes we can make on an individual level that make a difference, both short and long term.

NASA reports that the earth will warm by four degrees over the next ten months. Glaciers are melting at a rapid rate. Our climate is changing dramatically and getting worse. Ways to prevent pollution

What We Can Do To Reduce Pollution

Every action or inaction of a person has an effect on the environment, be it good, neutral or negative. By becoming aware and doing the right thing, we choose to be part of the solution. Here are some things you can do:

Best Ways To Reduce Air Pollution & Live With Clean Air

We have a moral and spiritual connection with the planet that God made the source of all living things on which our survival depends. Many city dwellers have lost their spiritual connection to the land when they lose a connection to the natural environment. They may also lose their inner peace. — Father Shay Cullen

A single person cannot save the planet’s biodiversity, but everyone’s effort to promote the richness of nature should not be underestimated. — United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

Rather than a problem to be solved, the world is a joyful mystery to be contemplated with joy and praise. — Pope Francis in Laudato Stopping pollution does not have to be overwhelming

The good news is that there is hope. The seeming insurmountability of the situation does not prevent conservationists from pursuing their goals for a pollution-free earth. Congratulations to Greenpeace and similar organizations around the world who are carrying the torch.

How You And Your Government Can Tackle Air Pollution

The colossal scale of the problem shouldn’t stop you either. Everyone can help by educating themselves and doing what they can to adopt good and healthy practices, starting with the items on this list. It is also important that we share and help spread what we know.

The pollution of the planet is only the outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals do not take control of their inner space. […] Are you polluting the world or cleaning up the mess? You are responsible for your interior space; no one else is, just as you are responsible for the planet. As in, so out. If people eliminate indoor pollution, they will also stop creating outdoor pollution. —Eckhart Tolle

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What We Can Do To Reduce Pollution

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