What We Can Do To Help The Earth

What We Can Do To Help The Earth – Earth Day is coming up (April 22nd) and there are lots of fun activities to do with your students. Not sure what age-appropriate things you can do to celebrate the day? Here we are with this awesome list of Earth Day Activities for Kindergarten!

Earth Day is a great time to start talking with your students about the environment, plants, recycling and caring for our earth! Sometimes it can be hard to think of what younger students can do at school, so we’ve put together a list of the best activities you can do with your students! Read on for all kinds of ideas.

What We Can Do To Help The Earth

What We Can Do To Help The Earth

Students are always excited when you start a lesson with a video! A good introduction to talking about Earth Day and what it means to all of us. Check out this list to see all the teacher-approved videos we’ve found! One of the favorites on the list is “We’re Going Green” by Harry Kindergarten. This video is LOADED with ways to make better choices for the planet. This is a great video to talk about recycling, recycling and conservation! Check it out here:

Activities To Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day Easy Readers is also a great introduction to making Earth Day activities for Kindergarten! Two very informative books with easy text and good picture support. “Celebrate Earth Day” tells about when and why we celebrate Earth Day. “Earth” refers to what actually happens on Earth, such as people and plants. Click here to get both books now!

Now that you’ve talked to your students about Earth Day, it’s time to start thinking about some activities you can do together! Here are some great ideas you can do in your own school!

Another great activity is to create an interactive Earth Day book with hands-on activities to supplement your teaching! Check it out here:

We hope you enjoy making this Earth Day events list with your students! Do you have other ideas? Share them on our Simply Kinder Teacher Group Facebook page! And don’t forget to tag all the photos you share on Instagram with #Happy 🌎Day!

Save The Earth

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What We Can Do To Help The Earth

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Slogans On Save Earth

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What Can You Also Do To Help Protect The Earth

Earth Day helps raise awareness of environmental issues such as global warming and plastic pollution. It’s really important to get kids involved at a young age so they learn about the challenges our environment faces and how they can help.

In this special Earth Day guide for kids, we explain what Earth Day is and why it’s so important in a way that kids can easily understand.

You’ll also find ideas for activities that your kids (with or without parents) can do to help the world celebrate Earth Day.

What We Can Do To Help The Earth

It is a special day to celebrate our planet and all the wonderful things we have on it.

Happy Earth Day|nine Things To Do To Save The Planet

The first Earth Day was held in April 1970 and was celebrated by people planting trees, cleaning beaches and parks, and holding rallies.

Earth Day is a day to show how much we care for our planet and all the animals and plants on it.

It is important that we take good care of the world so that we can continue to live here and that future generations can enjoy the animals, nature and all that is wonderful about our Earth.

Having a special day helps raise awareness so we can educate other people about what it means to be eco-friendly and how important it is to look after our environment.

Ways To Live Sustainably

Today, children and students all over the world go to school dressed in green or wear green ribbons.

Green is the color of life and nature. We wear green to show our love for the Earth’s plant life.

We try to beautify the world by cleaning up things thrown away or left in parks, planting new trees and being kind to animals and each other.

What We Can Do To Help The Earth

Or we can think of other ways in which we can help the environment by using less or by taking care of the trees, plants and animals near us.

Ways To Save The Earth

There are many simple and small ways to help the environment. Here are just a few:

When we all work together, we can make a big difference in how Earth looks and keep it safe for our future.

There are many ways to celebrate our beautiful planet this Earth Day. Here are some simple, fun activities that anyone can try.

Help keep the world clean by picking up trash near where you live. Get other kids, parents and even your teacher to come too! At the end of Earth Day, you can see how much you have collected and compare it to what other families have collected.

Things You Can Do

You can even design a points system to make it more interesting. Assign a point value to each bin. Get bonus points for plastic bottles or bags – each one you collect means one less to end up in our rivers and oceans!

Plant a seed or small tree on Earth Day. Follow its growth throughout the year and notice how much it has grown since you first planted it.

Trees breathe in carbon dioxide. So they are essential to help us fight climate change, reduce global warming and make the world a healthier place.

What We Can Do To Help The Earth

Give your parents a list of all the ways you can think of to help your family and the environment.

Best Environment Quotes To Inspire You To Save The Planet

Make a schedule of what they need to do each week and make sure they stick to it!

Or how about recycling a banner ad at your school? Get your family involved, then ask your teacher if you can show it in the hall or classroom.

Create recycled art from items you would normally throw away. You can decorate Earth Day by making it something special.

Design a new recycling idea for your community! Use recycled items to make something new or use recycled items in a way that no one has thought of before.

Five Things That We Could Do To Save The Earth

Host an Earth Day party where everyone brings their own recycled items and makes a craft out of it.

Read stories about our environment to learn more facts about Earth Day. Your local library may have books about the natural world for you to browse! Or watch a great video from the list below.

If you’re feeling creative, why not write your own story? We would love to read them and so will your parents and teachers.

What We Can Do To Help The Earth

Create an organic garden in your garden, community garden or school so that you can grow fruit and vegetables for yourself.

What On Earth Can We Do?

It’s healthy for you because you know what’s in them, and it’s good for the environment because you won’t be using pesticides or chemicals. Also, you don’t have to go far to get your food.

See if there are local Earth Day events near you or see what events are happening at your school! Maybe there will be a concert with famous artists, maybe it will be an open-air festival, or

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