What To Eat Before A 10k Run

What To Eat Before A 10k Run – A 10K run is often a new runner’s first attempt at putting a number on himself and competing against others on a Sunday morning. But whether it’s your first time around the 10k village or you’re pushing for a PB for a bigger race, taking care of your nutrition before, during, and after can make it more enjoyable.

Your main goal here is to stay as comfortable as possible and finish the race with the satisfaction that you did everything right. Here are SiS sports nutritionist Emma Barraclough’s top tips on what to eat before a 10k:

What To Eat Before A 10k Run

What To Eat Before A 10k Run

1. Be sure to drink water the night before, using the color of your urine as a guide. It should be straw colored. Avoid alcohol, which can dehydrate and deplete muscle glycogen.

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2. Have a carbohydrate based meal in the evening. It can be pasta, rice, potato or grain based. Some protein is good to include, but try to avoid very heavy items like cheese sauces, pastries, and creams that can be heavy and slow to pass through your intestines.

3. Have breakfast 2-3 hours before the race. In addition, it should be a source of carbohydrate that is somewhat low glycemic friendly. Good examples include cereal, oatmeal and jam/honey, bread and jam, or cereal bars with yogurt and fruit. It helps to increase muscle glycogen levels, which is the energy stored in the muscles and liver.

4. Aim to drink at least 500ml of water from the time you wake up to the start of your run. Beverages containing sodium are best retained by the body; Electric sights like the SiS GO Hydro are one option for this. If you fuel your body the evening and morning before the event, your body should have enough energy to run your 10K and not need to refuel during the event.

5. If you’re an experienced 10K runner and want to push for a PB, it might be worth considering drinking caffeine before you run. Some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others, so you should be a regular caffeine drinker (coffee or tea drinker) and try it a few times in the first training session. A dose of around 150mg an hour before is a good level to start, up to 300mg as a whole day.

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If you’re running a 10K in training you still need to think about when and what to eat around it.

If you want to run at a decent pace, meaning your heart rate is above 65% of your max, you’ll need some carbohydrates in your system initially. No matter what time of day you run, try and have a carbohydrate snack two hours before your run if you want to perform at your best.

If you run at lunch, make sure you’re well prepared for work in the morning. Always make sure you start your run and have a proper lunch afterwards to help you recover. It should be a combination of carbohydrates and lean protein, such as a wrapped chicken salad, tuna pasta salad or potatoes with cheese. Also, make sure you rest well afterwards. Importantly, it’s easy to forget how important it is to prepare your body by determining what you’ll eat the night before.

What To Eat Before A 10k Run

Runners should treat long runs as activities leading up to the big day, especially during training weeks. it’s a long haul

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The way we burn off the night before has a huge impact on our performance the next day, so why not do our bit to eat what makes us feel good and perform at our best?

Because of the many low-carb, or even no-carb diets out there today like the ketogenic diet.

I can say from personal experience that these low carb diets reduce your body fat significantly, and yes, they definitely help most people lose weight. But these are two goals that might not be on most of our lists as runners-up.

For runners, eating a specialized runner’s diet is important to achieving these goals. Don’t neglect carbohydrates if you want to perform at your best. If we keep running on a calorie deficit, we can’t expect to feel good and run well.

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I won’t bore you with the technical details, but you quickly figure out what’s what.

Carbohydrates, specifically glucose, fuel our bodies with the energy we need to work hard or run for long periods of time, or both.

Glucose is stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver and is called upon when we need it. In other words, “glycogen is the way the body stores carbohydrates for energy at the muscle level.”

What To Eat Before A 10k Run

When performing intense or moderate exercise, glycogen is the primary source of energy, and fat comes in as a secondary source of energy.

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So whether you’re running a marathon and focusing on endurance or bulking up a 3k overall, carbs will be essential to get maximum results.

For endurance athletes, glycogen helps maintain energy balance and helps prevent the athlete from hitting the wall. This helps stronger runners withstand higher speeds for longer periods of time.

Any effort level above 60% of your VO2 max will first start calling on glycogen stores for energy. If they’re stored properly, you’ll have a better chance of enjoying and running well.

Increasing carbohydrate intake before a marathon, or for our long-term goals, during that time will help prevent injury and fatigue. It can improve not only our performance but also our speed and recovery.

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In contrast, low-carbohydrate foods show a decrease in performance as the body tries to function with less glycogen.

Let’s say you’re a runner who runs for hours and hours and miles and miles every week. In this case, it is recommended to eat a high carbohydrate diet if you want to get maximum results. We need to store glycogen stores to have enough energy for each day ahead.

Now we know we need to eat carbohydrates, but what should we eat the night before a long run? relief? Complex? Let’s see.

What To Eat Before A 10k Run

For your health and nutrition, complex carbohydrates are a good way to go, but the night before a long trip, all the rules change.

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Simple carbohydrates are easier to digest than complex carbohydrates, which take longer to break down. So simple carbs can give you the energy you need to function properly.

To make sure we choose the right ones for our pre-race carb meals, I’ve provided a list of examples of each type of carbohydrate.

I want to share some examples of things that have worked for me over the years as dinner parties. Because I run volumes, I prepare these meals regularly. Some weeks I may need to eat 2-3 high carb meals in the evenings to ensure optimal performance in my races.

Seeing a sports nutritionist can help determine the amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to include in your daily diet and long-distance running and carb-racing diets.

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That’s why I haven’t included specific portion sizes in the recipe ideas below. It’s still important to estimate the amount of each food you need to prepare.

This is my all-time favorite meal that I always eat before a race and usually the night before a long run. It is high carb, low in protein and low in dairy, easy to digest and very tasty.

Of course, you can substitute the lemony sauce for the base sauce, too. However, I would avoid sour cream because too much dairy can hurt your stomach.

What To Eat Before A 10k Run

Some of you may find it weird, but it definitely works for me. If you’re lactose intolerant, you’ll want to make sure you use lactose-free cheese or avoid it altogether. The last thing we want during our long journey is a GI issue.

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However, I prefer to make homemade pizza instead of ordering it. That way, I know every last little thing about it and can tailor it to my specific needs and preferences.

When adding toppings, use whatever your stomach is used to handling. This is where you can add some protein if you want, but the main event is the low-carb crust.

I like to mix couscous with a variety of things, but to carb load before a long day, I keep it simple. To make a delicious carb-filled skillet, I threw in some shrimp, parsley, and Parmesan cheese. You can add whatever you want!

This might sound a little strange for dinner, but I’m talking about a delicious sandwich. Not just your average PB&J.

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My favorite is a slice of prosciutto and manchego cheese, with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

The great thing about this mix is ‚Äč‚Äčthat it tastes so strong, you only need a little filling, keep most of your meal focused on delicious fresh bread, carbs!

I was a kid when my parents said we were having breakfast for dinner. well guess what? it is working

What To Eat Before A 10k Run

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