What Should We Do To Stop Deforestation

What Should We Do To Stop Deforestation – 2 What is deforestation?  Deforestation refers to the clearing, clearing, and clearing of rainforests or related ecosystems in various rare ecosystems such as pastures, croplands, or plantations.

3 What are the reasons for deforestation? I. Login II. Mining III. Extraction of oil and gas IV. Cattle Breeding V. Agriculture: Straw Farming VI. Local, national and international factors: development, land ownership, government subsidies to attract companies to developing countries, trade agreements.

What Should We Do To Stop Deforestation

What Should We Do To Stop Deforestation

5 Largest rainforests worldwide  Amazon Basin of South America  Congo River Basin of Central Africa  S.E. Asia  New Guinea  Madagascar Photo: Rhett Butler

Deforestation. What Is Deforestation? Deforestation Refers To The Cutting, Clearing, And Removal Of Rainforest Or Related Ecosystems Into Less Bio Diverse.

6 Global Deforestation  Between the 1960s and 1990s, most deforestation occurred worldwide, with an increasing trend every decade. Currently, Brazil has the highest percentage of forests. Brazil’s Atlantic coast has lost 90-95 percent of its rainforest. Central America is 50% rainforest. 70% of South America has rainforests.

8 statistics on Global Rates of Rainforest Destruction  2.4 hectares per second: the equivalent of two US football fields  149 hectares per minute  214,000 hectares per day: an area larger than New York City  78 million hectares per year: an area bigger than Poland.  On average, 137 species disappear every day, or 50,000 species every year!

9 What are the consequences of deforestation?  Environmental impact:  Extinction (loss of biodiversity of microbes (bacteria), plants, insects, animals, indigenous people, etc.  Fragmentation of habitats. This destroys the habitat of animals and can force them into habitats that are already occupied .can cause many problems, such as state disputes, domestication (loss of habitat), food shortages, migratory diseases, etc.  Coastal effects can change the microclimate (small climate) which affects endemic species (native species that can only be found in live in special environmental and environmental conditions)  Climate change (more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, increasing the effects of global warming.  Warming of land, water and air from oil production and production chemicals.

10 Social Effects  Loss of culture. People living in rainforests depend on the natural environment for food, shelter, food, clothing. If the forest is cleared or the habitat is polluted due to oil and mining, they are forced to migrate or risk starvation and disease.  Displacement of people (loss of agricultural land, forest resources).  Conflicts and social conflicts over land and natural resources.  Disputes over racial and ethnic rights.  Poisoning from oil and mining waste.

India Can Stop Palm Oil Deforestation In Southeast Asia

11 What we can do to STOP deforestation Recycle paper, cans, glass and plastic. Buy a paper product made from recycled paper. Buy organic fruits and vegetables Encourage people to drive efficient cars with good gas mileage. Conserve water by turning off the faucet when not in use. Register with an organization that helps with this cause.

13 Works Cited  http://www.worldwildlife.org/threats/deforestation http://www.worldwildlife.org/threats/deforestation  Kricher, J. (1997). The Neotropical Companion: An Introduction to Tropical Animals, Plants and Ecosystems of the New World. New Jersey: Princeton University Press.  http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/global- warming/deforestation-overview/ http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/global- warming/deforestation-overview/

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What Should We Do To Stop Deforestation

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Golden Opportunity To Stop Deforestation Caused By Eu Consumption

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Ways Brazil Is Saving The Amazon

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What Should We Do To Stop Deforestation

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Steps To Help Stop Deforestation

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WHY WE NEED TO BE SUSTAINABLE Deforestation is the permanent removal of trees to make room for something other than a forest. This could be clearing land for farming or grazing, or using wood for fuel, construction or construction. The 2017 Philippine Forestry Statistics of the Bureau of Forestry Management estimates the country’s total forest area at about 7.014 million or 23.38% of the country’s total area of ​​about 30 million hectares. Although the percentage of forests has stabilized and even reversed in some areas, the forest cover is much lower than the 1934 figure of 17.8 million hectares. Deforestation affects national interests in the production of ecosystem goods and services, and is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. At the national level, the Philippines has committed to climate adaptation of its forest policy through the collaboration of many actors through the Philippine National REDD-Plus Strategy (PRNRPS), which has become an integral part. part of the Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016 and the National Climate Change Action Plan 2011-2028. Causes of Deforestation in the Philippines: • Urbanization – Forests are cleared to make way for the expansion of urban areas, including urban settlements, commercial facilities, roads, bridges, power plants, and others that greatly affect forest life. As a result, the forest area is lost and m…

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Ways You Can Help The Amazon Rainforest

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What Should We Do To Stop Deforestation

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What Is Nestlé Doing To Ensure Zero Deforestation?

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