What Should I Feed My Nursing Dog

What Should I Feed My Nursing Dog – One of the most important aspects is the diet of the pregnant dog. But what to feed a pregnant dog and then what to feed a nursing dog?

Knowing this and what foods to include in your diet during pregnancy and postpartum will help you provide your dog with a full and healthy litter.

What Should I Feed My Nursing Dog

What Should I Feed My Nursing Dog

Finally, if you want to breed your female dog, it is important to evaluate her body condition beforehand.

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The physical demands associated with pregnancy and nursing can be difficult for dogs who are not in perfect, or at least healthy, health.

Underweight dogs may have trouble eating enough food to meet the nutritional needs of their puppies and themselves at the same time.

A diet for pregnant dogs should be rich in nutrients, and feeding your dog the right diet during pregnancy can help prevent problems like eclampsia (low calcium in the blood) or even smaller births and a higher risk of puppy death.

The gestation period for dogs is 9 weeks and during this period the dog’s diet should be changed according to the weeks it is in.

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A commercial brand dog food will do just fine, but make sure it’s a high-quality diet.

Make sure he eats foods high in soluble carbohydrates. Your dog’s food must provide adequate nutrition to prevent blood sugar from falling too low during pregnancy.

In the first 4 weeks, you can feed your dog as usual without increasing the amount of food.

What Should I Feed My Nursing Dog

After that, in the 5th week, the amount of food in the diet of a pregnant dog should be increased by 20-30%.

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She needs to consume enough calories to maintain an adequate energy intake for both your mother and her puppies.

Three times a day should be the minimum, but you can do it 4-5 times a day. However, you should continue to gradually increase the amount of food given.

It will be needed in the coming weeks as the dog’s weight needs to be maintained as it will reduce its food intake in the following week.

In the last week of pregnancy due to childbirth, she begins to refuse food and eat less.

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Some dogs eat about 25% less than the previous week and in the last two days most of them stop eating altogether.

You should always keep in mind what to feed your pregnant dog and the specific formulas or recipes you use. If you feed your pet commercial dog food during pregnancy, look for highly digestible foods or even dog foods that are sensitive to the stomach.

High-quality dog ​​food is especially good for dogs in the last three weeks of pregnancy and postpartum.

What Should I Feed My Nursing Dog

He’ll use up the nutrients you’ve fed him, so the next few weeks of feeding weak puppies will go smoothly.

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Depending on the size of the litter, nursing dogs may need 2-3 times the normal food requirement to support their puppies.

Also, make sure your dog always has water available and that he drinks plenty, as this will help him produce more milk to feed his litter.

It’s a good idea to discuss what you should feed your dog with your vet before going on a diet.

But remember that your dog will need different amounts of food at different stages of pregnancy. nutrient requirements vary slightly.

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If you’re making your own homemade dog food instead of using commercial bottles, focus on foods that your dog wants to continue to eat enough of.

Protein is an important source of amino acids for your dog, and it is important to support the healthy development of his puppies.

The best source of protein for dogs is meat, so focus on chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, and fish (unless they’re allergic to any of these ingredients).

What Should I Feed My Nursing Dog

A higher caloric demand can be met by increasing your dog’s fat intake. This should be done especially before the 6th week of pregnancy.

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Until then, you should increase your consumption of high-fat red meat and reduce lean meat or white meat.

Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for your dog because they help the development of the brain and nerves of the fetus.

The best sources of omega-3 acids are fish like salmon, but you can add fish oil supplements to your dog’s diet.

Important vitamins for a pregnant dog include vitamin C, vitamin D, and folate, also known as vitamin B9. Vitamin C helps your dog absorb iron into his system, but it also helps build tissue and supports the immune system. Most fruits, vegetables and organ meats are high in vitamin C.

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Vitamin D helps in the proper absorption of calcium. Some foods rich in vitamin D are salmon and canned mackerel, as well as dairy products and eggs.

Pork, poultry, and liver are good sources of folate, but be careful with liver because it is also rich in vitamin A, which can harm the fetus in high doses.

Large dogs should get no more than 5,000 mg of vitamin A per day, medium dogs should get no more than 2,000 mg, and small dogs should get no more than 1,000 mg.

What Should I Feed My Nursing Dog

Although all minerals are important, calcium, iron and phosphorus are most important for dogs during pregnancy and lactation.

Caring For A Pregnant Dog

Iron can help make red blood cells and prevent anemia, which is common during pregnancy in dogs.

Meat products such as beef and pork, as well as organ meats such as heart, liver and kidney, are the best sources of iron.

Calcium is necessary for the development of teeth and bones of the fetus. Calcium is even more important for lactating dogs to produce more milk.

The best sources of calcium are meat bones. However, you should avoid feeding your dog bones after the 7th week before giving birth, as this can lead to certain health problems such as uterine inactivity.

Homemade Food For Nursing Dog [healthy Diet For Mother Dogs]

Phosphorus can also support bone growth in puppies and prevent bone health problems in a pregnant dog because the body will get calcium from its bones if it is not available from food sources.

Planning what pregnant dogs should eat and what they need to produce more milk is no different than planning your dog’s regular diet.

The diet of a pregnant and nursing dog should be well balanced, the amount of food will increase and the feeding time may need to be changed.

What Should I Feed My Nursing Dog

During pregnancy, you can feed your dog raw meat on the bone or mince with bones.

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Eggs are an excellent source of protein and minerals, so you should include eggs in every meal of homemade dog food you prepare.

A spoonful of yogurt will make your dog’s food tasty and provide some probiotics for good digestion.

Add healthy grains to your dog’s diet as they are an excellent source of folate, fiber and iron, which are important for pregnant and nursing dogs.

Fatty fish such as salmon, as well as fish oil in general, should be included in your dog’s diet because they are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids.

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It also helps with milk production during lactation, so try to include it in your dog’s diet.

Although omega-3 and fish oil are good, cod liver oil should be avoided because it is very high in vitamin A.

Watch the amount of vitamin A you give your pregnant dog from other foods, such as fish, eggs, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

What Should I Feed My Nursing Dog

Additionally, be sure to limit your dog’s calcium intake during the last 3 weeks of pregnancy.

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Most of the other foods you normally feed your dog are perfectly fine and should be included, as variety is important in a pregnant and nursing dog’s diet. Loss of appetite may soon become a problem.

If you know what to feed a pregnant or nursing dog to help her produce more milk, you don’t have to stick to commercial dog brands all the time.

If you have consulted with your vet and know how to make homemade food regularly, this can be an excellent diet for pregnant and nursing dogs.

This recipe is high in calories, but it’s packed with other healthy nutrients and your dog will love the taste.

How To Feed A Pregnant Or Nursing Dog A Natural Diet (raw Dog Food)

Remember, these are snacks and you shouldn’t give your dog more than three a day.

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What Should I Feed My Nursing Dog

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