What Not To Say To Someone Suicidal

What Not To Say To Someone Suicidal – Mental Health / September 19, 2019 What do I say to someone who is suicidal? Words by Gracia Chiang Photos by Christina Wong Illustrated by Hiu Li Yeung.

When connecting with someone at risk, the last thing you want is for that person to feel like we’re rejecting them But what if, inadvertently, our words or actions make someone feel more isolated?

What Not To Say To Someone Suicidal

What Not To Say To Someone Suicidal

“Before we try and help others, it’s important to first examine our own values ​​and attitudes toward suicide,” said Han Ya, a social worker with 20 years of experience, at the Church and Mental Wholeness conference in Chu Kang. Chapel on September 14, 2019

What Not To Say To Someone With Depression

We may not think much about it, but our answers to the following questions will affect how we respond to a person or situation. And in the case of suicidal threats, it can mean life or death

Hahn, group director of social services at Montfort Care, tried to address common misconceptions about suicide in her workshop.

It can be difficult for us to ask someone directly: “Are you thinking about killing yourself?” We fear that the question will encourage us to entertain those thoughts

“But by talking about it, the effect on people is that they know you’re willing enough to talk about this scary and taboo subject.”

How To Ask Someone If They Are Thinking About Suicide

“It opens up our relationship with people at risk, so they know if they want to talk about it, you’ll be the person they can go to.”

However, the way we phrase our questions – down to our tone of voice and body language – is just as important Instead of looking at it as judgmental or trivial, what we should show is empathy

Having traveled with people who have attempted suicide, Han said that even with a plan in place, a person can still walk away.

What Not To Say To Someone Suicidal

That’s why each of us has an important role to play in “keeping someone safe – for now”.

How To Help A Suicidal Friend

From his experience, Hahn shared that most of the time, someone who is having suicidal thoughts is not really sure There are two conflicting parts that they struggle with – one part of them wants to die, one part of them wants to live

By being there in the moment to have a different conversation and offer hope, it can create more ambiguity and pull them back from the brink of death.

Professionals can come in to support long-term recovery, but anyone can work to put a person at risk

For immediate situations, anyone who cares can make a difference Moving forward, this will be our consideration for professional support and family support

What Not To Say To Someone Who Is Suicidal

Those who struggle may not feel comfortable sharing, but here are some things to keep in mind

Once you identify a person at risk and the person shares that they are truly thinking about suicide:

If they are already taking steps towards their plans, it is our role to prevent that from happening Move the family member, or in the worst case scenario, hospitalize the person

What Not To Say To Someone Suicidal

Some drugs may increase risk, so it is in the person’s best interest to make them less available Think about what it takes to be safe/unexploited

How To Deal With Suicide, Get Help

For example, you could say: “I’m really worried about you. I know part of you wants to live and part of you is still struggling, but since we’ve had this conversation, you can’t get better unless you find better options, you know.” Are you safe?”

A verbal agreement is important because it involves commitment When the person agrees to it, it’s also a way to feel like they’re taking control of their life

“The reality is that we can’t be there for our friends or family members 24/7,” Hahn said. Being a caregiver can be exhausting, which is why it’s a good idea to offer additional support options to those in danger, such as a 24-hour SOS hotline.

“In the same way, agreeing to keep a suicide plan secret is unwise,” Han said when asked how intelligence would be handled in such an event.

Intervening To Prevent A Suicide In A Public Place: A Qualitative Study Of Effective Interventions By Lay People

Suicide cannot be a secret. “This is a public matter and we need to look at how that information can be shared in a way that doesn’t undermine or violate individuals,” he said.

“After you empathize and listen, take it back to the person and say: ‘I don’t think I can know your secret just because you need help and support. Can you pick at least one other person so we can form a team?'”

In the case of youths under 16, Hahn said he would involve their parents because “safety comes first.”

What Not To Say To Someone Suicidal

He said: “We should not do it alone. We should build a community that can support not only the individual, but also the family member. So the limit will be higher.”

Things To Say To Someone With Depression

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What Not To Say To Someone Suicidal

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What Not To Say To Someone Suicidal

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What Not To Say To Someone Suicidal

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Passively Suicidal: A Warning Sign You Should Never Ignore

A gift in your will is a great way to contribute to the coming year The best way to respond to individuals struggling with depression is through support and openness Depression is an invisible and isolated condition that is misunderstood by the general public, and platitudes and blind solutions can discourage a depressed person. Instead, be open to listening to them, and ask them if they want to help you

Therapy can help

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