What Is Being Done To Save The African Wild Dog

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What Is Being Done To Save The African Wild Dog

What Is Being Done To Save The African Wild Dog

African elephants are endangered. With their numbers decreasing by a third in just seven years, there are now fewer than 350,000 left in the wild. And their declining numbers aren’t just a concern for nature documentaries – they play an important role in helping plant life thrive, digging for water. holes and improve foraging conditions for other animals.

African Elephant Range Is Just 17% Of What It Could Be

In 2011, poaching levels reached their highest point, with 10% of all elephants on the continent killed in one year. Fortunately, our new research, published in the journal Nature Communications, shows that poaching rates have decreased, reaching around 4% in 2017.

However, this decline is not enough – at current levels of poaching, African elephants could still be on the verge of extinction in a few decades. This is despite efforts made by law enforcement and laws prohibiting the ivory trade. Our results show that if we want to save African elephants, we need to start directing our resources towards less traditional approaches.

The decline in poaching compared to 2011 levels is likely due to reduced demand for ivory in China and Southeast Asia – but the reasons for this decline are unclear. It would be easy to assume that China’s ivory trade ban and an endorsement campaign led by high-profile celebrities are responsible, but the dates do not match – the trade ban was not announced until 2015 and did not take effect until 2017.

The ban may have a positive effect on the number of new poaching and certainly sends the correct political message. But as the recent rise in rhino poaching despite the complete ban shows, history tells us that the illegal introduction of the coveted animal product does not always limit trade.

Elephant Quotes Inspiring Mighty Thoughts

However, it appears that China’s economic slowdown may be the main cause of the decline in poaching. And while subsequent economic pressures may reduce demand for ivory among Asia’s wealthy, poaching could easily rise again if China’s economy turns around.

The most important thing you can do to reduce poaching is to prevent people from poaching in the first place. Law enforcement has traditionally been seen as the bedrock of supply reduction strategies, which has led to the military’s growing anti-poaching operations. But while police explained some of the large variation in poaching rates between locations, a bigger correlate of poaching rates is the level of poverty and corruption in the area.

For many of those involved in poaching in Africa, a single large elephant’s tusk can sell for more than they have a chance to earn in a year. And with elephants regularly raiding crops and killing community members, even those who don’t participate are often ambivalent about fighting poaching.

What Is Being Done To Save The African Wild Dog

Kenyan Rangers have received patrolling and field training from the British Army to combat the growing poaching in the country. Dai Kurokawa/EPA

Both Species Of African Elephants Are Now Officially Endangered

This does not mean we should stop investing in law enforcement. The presence of only a few rangers deters many hunters and is a very useful strategy. But the most professional hunters will only be deterred by large, well-trained and well-equipped field teams, which are simply impractical in locations that cover an area larger than a small European country. Our results show that some of the money spent on these types of operations could be used for interventions related to poverty and corruption.

Of course, reducing poverty and corruption is not easy either. Some conservation organizations have tried to offer financial incentives to the community to take an active role in conservation efforts, but this program has mixed results because the monetary rewards are often small or not shared equally.

Our results show that conservation benefits can come from poverty reduction, not just from development schemes directly linked to biodiversity. Therefore, conservation organizations can seek to invest, for example, to create factories that provide sufficient employment for community members, or to provide support to community members for new business ideas.

An important advantage of this approach is that, in addition to being an effective way to reduce poaching, it will improve the lives of thousands of Africans as a top priority. The welfare of humans and wildlife is not an issue. The plight of all species on this planet is interconnected, and the sooner we act, the better. Unique among conservation NGOs, African Parks directs 100 percent of donor funds to work on the land. “Every penny,” emphasized Prince Harry, “goes to animals, communities and parks.” (Overhead costs are covered by the foundation.) Another appeal, said Lorna Menzies, from the People’s Post Code Lottery UK, the main institutional donor, is “the clarity of the vision of the African Park”. The giving option is also set appropriately. Donors can give unlimited funds or direct them to specific parks (in addition to the three in Malawi, the African Park manages parks in Chad, Central African Republic, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Zambia) or to specific projects or activities (for example. “500 elephants ” or law enforcement.)

Do Not Insult A Crocodile While Your Foot Is Still In The Water. — African Proverb

The ultimate goal is to make each restored park not only a sustainable habitat for wildlife but also an important economic development center for the surrounding community. Tourism is the key. In Majete, African Parks operates the Thawale Tented Lodge (six huts by the waterhole); all profits from the hut go back to the park.

Mvuu Lodge in Liwonde, where we stayed, has a luxury lodge and camp consisting of 18 tented lodges.

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What Is Being Done To Save The African Wild Dog

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According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species, more than 40,000 species are threatened with extinction, approximately 28 percent of all animals, plants and fungi.

On Endangered Species Day, observed every third Friday in May, people around the world learn about conservation issues and take action to protect endangered wild species.

Endangered species are species threatened with extinction due to hunting, environmental change, including climate crisis, overhunting, natural disasters and habitat loss. The African Wildlife Foundation works across Africa to protect endangered species such as the mountain gorilla and Grevy’s zebra.

What Is Being Done To Save The African Wild Dog

We do this in several ways, including the training of rangers and scouts, who are at the forefront of protecting wildlife and wild lands. For example, we equip rangers with various skills, such as handling sniffer dogs and sniffer dogs to detect illegal wildlife trade and other wildlife crimes. In addition, we empower local communities to engage in conservation-oriented activities that improve livelihoods and sustainability. We also work with local, regional and national authorities to prioritize conservation in our development plans.

African Wild Dogs Guide

In celebration of Endangered Species Day this year, there are four endangered African wildlife species whose numbers are stable or increasing due to successful conservation efforts.

In 2018, the IUCN declared the great ape – which is severely affected by poaching, forest degradation and habitat loss due to human intervention – as endangered, an important milestone for the mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei ssp. Beringei), which was once listed. seem to be endangered.. Political instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda and the vulnerability of mountain gorillas to human diseases such as Ebola and influenza are other challenges that have contributed to the decline of the species. Even so, there are more than 1,000 mountain gorillas in the wild today, and thanks to conservation efforts over the years, their population is now growing.

Mountain gorilla conservation began in the 1960s when we supported Dian Fossey’s study of mountain gorillas. Then, together with the World Wildlife Fund and the Fauna Conservation Society, we started the Mountain Gorilla Project, which focuses on training and equipping park rangers with the necessary equipment to preserve the species. The consortium also works to raise awareness among communities near mountain gorilla habitats to understand the need to protect the critically endangered great apes.

We also work with private companies

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