What Happens If You Feed A Dog Raw Meat

What Happens If You Feed A Dog Raw Meat – Raw pet food is becoming increasingly popular. Many people choose to feed raw food because it is more natural and less processed than many pet foods available today. Some feed their pets a raw diet because it makes sense that if they are feeding themselves and their family a wholesome, healthy diet, then it makes sense to feed their pets the same. Some just eat raw because their dogs love it! There are many health benefits associated with feeding pets a raw diet, including:

There is no better way to support bones than bones! Crushed bone is a natural source of calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and bone marrow. All of these ingredients lead to healthy growth in puppies and maintain joint and bone health for your dog throughout their life. (1)

What Happens If You Feed A Dog Raw Meat

What Happens If You Feed A Dog Raw Meat

The immune system is the first line of defense against infection, which is why it’s important to keep it in tip-top shape. Providing a complete and balanced diet is important to help our dogs’ immune systems thrive and a diet with natural ingredients has the added benefit of improving your dog’s digestion. Some examples of natural ingredients to boost the immune system may include:

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Meat – is the basic component of a dog’s diet, and raw muscle meat provides high-quality and easily digestible protein – a building block for good health and immunity. Also, you can find a variety of essential fats, vitamins and minerals in raw meat proteins, unlike highly processed sources of meat products, they are not reduced in the cooking process. Giving your pup a variety of fresh meat proteins also ensures he has access to a variety of micronutrients, which benefit his overall health.

Fruits and vegetables – a variety of fruits and vegetables contain a complete and naturally balanced package of vitamins and minerals. (2) In addition, green fruits and vegetables that have not been damaged by the cooking process contain a lot of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and enzymes that are all beneficial to the health of our animals. For example, citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, carrots are a source of vitamin A and leafy greens contain high amounts of vitamin K.

Superfoods – Superfoods such as wheatgrass (3), algae (4) and garlic (5) also have a positive effect on your baby’s nutrition. Full of amino acids, enzymes and vitamins, these superfoods can help rid your dog of any nasties that may find their way into the digestive system, and improve overall immunity.

Green food contains many ingredients that support healthy skin and coat, one of the best and most researched is omega 3. Healthy omega fats play a big role in supporting healthy skin and soft fur, as well as providing anti-aging benefits. for dogs with allergies or inflammatory skin conditions.

Want To Put Your Dog On A Raw Meat Diet? It Could Be Dangerous For Both Of You

Ingredients that provide essential omega-3 fatty acids may include salmon (6), chia seeds (7), and flax seeds (8).

Poor dental hygiene can, in some cases, be caused by eating the wrong foods, especially those that are highly processed or high in carbohydrates. Raw, fleshy bones are known as our pups’ natural toothbrush, helping to get into tight spaces between teeth and help remove plaque (9). For fresh breath, foods rich in healthy natural ingredients like celery (10) and sometimes peppermint can be used to freshen your dogs breath.

The result of a diet made up of easily digestible ingredients for your pet is that most of the nutrients are absorbed and little is used up. Our puppies’ digestive system is designed to extract as many good nutrients from their food as possible. Carbohydrates and starches such as soy, potatoes, corn and rice take longer to digest and are not fully absorbed by your dog. These ingredients act as bulking agents and can bulk up your dog’s stools and lead to large amounts of foul-smelling poop. Since most raw diets have no fillers and are low in carbohydrates (11), this often results in smaller stools because less waste is passed through.

What Happens If You Feed A Dog Raw Meat

In a 2009 study, working with Queensland guide dogs, we looked at the effects of a 100% raw food diet on their numbers. Meanwhile, Guide Dogs Australia reported litter numbers, healthy puppies and increased health in pedigree dogs and puppies.

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Although formal clinical studies have yet to be done on food and odor, this is something we hear a lot from our customers and the raw food community at large.

Hank was on store bought dry food for the first 8 months of his life. We always wanted to have Hank at work with us, but we found it much more difficult to manage than we originally thought because he was very smelly and often left offensive and watery “accidents” in the workplace. We had a friend talk about the effects of Big Dog on their dog’s poop so we switched Hank to a Big Dog raw food diet. We couldn’t believe the change and he never left another accident in the office. We thought that it was possible that his stomach hurt so often from the way he ate before that he could not control his food properly. Hank is now 3.5 years old, hasn’t had an indoor accident since and is lucky to get a bath every few months as his coat and skin are in good condition and he doesn’t smell like a dog, it’s amazing!

These are just some of the benefits that we are fortunate to hear about every day from pet parents and pet owners. If you have any questions about the health benefits of raw food, are interested in switching to a raw food diet or have any questions in between, feel free to contact us at: [email protected] and we will answer them as best we can.

If you’re interested in getting started with a raw food diet, you can prepare with our transition guide here.

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Raw dog food poses a threat to public health by spreading drug-resistant bacteria, researchers say. The expert explains.

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What Happens If You Feed A Dog Raw Meat

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Raw Meat Dog Food: Can Puppies Be On A Raw Meat Diet?

Pet owners want the best for their pets, which includes feeding them the best nutrition. In recent years, many pet parents have begun to turn to new foods that include home-grown foods—or, in some cases, completely raw foods. Some say that a raw diet leads to shinier coats, healthier teeth and better health in dogs.

Raw food is uncooked food, mostly meat, and can be made at home by pet owners or store bought frozen. However, a recent study from Portugal found that while commercial dog food of all kinds may contain bad bacteria, raw dog food poses a greater risk of spreading bacteria that cannot be treated with medication, which can harm pets and vulnerable people, while adding to the larger population. chronic health problem. Of the 14 commercial brands of raw frozen dog food tested in the study, all 14 tested positive for drug-resistant enterococcus.

While dogs obviously enjoy eating raw meat (if only we could ask), many experts advise against it because of the bacteria found in raw food. The American Veterinary Medical Association “discourages” pet owners to eat meat from animals that have not “been subject to a sterilization process” such as cooking or pasteurization, citing the risk of food-borne illnesses that can spread and affect animals and humans, especially children, the elderly, and humans. the disabled.

Dr. Camille Torres, veterinarian and head of the small animal nutrition service at Colorado State University says: “This is a real public health concern.” we’ve known about it for years. “

Reasons To Feed Your Dog Raw Dog Food

To learn more about the risks and potential benefits of raw food, we spoke with Torres about feeding your pets raw food.

The idea of ​​raw food for dogs took off after Australian veterinarian Dr. Ian Billinghurst published a book about how dogs would thrive on a flexible diet that they kept before they were domesticated, which included mostly raw meat, organs, and bones. and vegetables.

Torres sympathizes with pet owners considering raw food

What Happens If You Feed A Dog Raw Meat

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