What Happens If I Get Hit By Someone Without Insurance

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Fighting is never the best. Any self-defense expert will tell you that fights should be avoided if possible. However, there are times when this is not possible. If you struggle and need to protect yourself, it’s important to know how to bounce back. The best way to prepare for this situation is to train in martial arts, self-defense, or any form of martial arts. You can’t expect them to know how to hit you when threatened. Your reaction should be practiced carefully.

What Happens If I Get Hit By Someone Without Insurance

What Happens If I Get Hit By Someone Without Insurance

One of the know-hows he should keep in mind, regardless of his training level, is where to take the car in case of a crash. .Which part of the opponent’s body should I focus on for maximum damage and ‘value for money’?

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The best places to hit people are the most sensitive parts of the body, such as the eyes, ears, nose, and groin. But there are many other places where thick bones do not protect the blood vessels and organs of the body. Knowing many high points like this will help you defend your opponents better. This is because all of these bad points cannot be defended at once.

The following list relates to the above description. Remember, hitting these areas can result in serious injury or death. Use such techniques only if there is a real threat of death or serious bodily harm. Etiquette rules and even basketball rings are thrown out the window when you feel like it. You must be willing to fight “dry” and do what should be done to avoid harming the perpetrator.

1. Base of Skull/Neck – Also known as Rabbit Punch, hitting the base of the skull can cause spinal cord injury. Do not tap this area and use it only as a last resort.

2. Kidneys – Successful injections into the kidneys cause a lot of pain in the back and stomach. Remember to aim your shot down the cage for best results.

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3. Coccyx – The head of the coccyx is a small and sensitive bone. If you hit it with hard or slanted shoes, it will easily break, causing severe pain in the opponent’s limbs, back, and both feet.

4. Jaw Hinge – Knocking someone below their ear can break their jaws and end a fight in an instant.

5. Neck – This classic chop spot isn’t just for kung fu movies. Giving someone an attack on the neck and carotid artery can hit the vagus nerve. Attacks on this nerve can cause severe dizziness and even fainting.

What Happens If I Get Hit By Someone Without Insurance

6. Throat (Trachea) – The trachea is a very delicate part of the body and must be handled with the utmost care. Even a light blow to the trachea can damage the lungs and suffocate a person. Attack this area only as a last resort and know the consequences.

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7. Armpit – A sharp finger punch to the arm can kill a person’s arm and leave them vulnerable to other attacks.

8. Solar Plexus – The solar plexus is the soft spot between the lower sternum and the upper abdomen. A hard kick or punch to the solar plexus will easily blow someone’s wind away.

9. Bladder – Injections into the bladder can be very painful, and when a patient’s bladder is full, they will leak urine.

10. Knee – The ligaments and muscles that hold the knee in place are not strong enough to prevent lateral movement. Kicking someone’s knee sideways can cause lacerations that affect the opponent.

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11. Ankle – If you successfully step on someone’s ankle, especially if you’re wearing heavy shoes, you can easily damage the joints and ligaments that hold the ankle together.

13. Jaw – If you hit someone on the chin, you can pass out as the head suddenly spins violently and explodes the brain.

14. Temple – Like a blow to the jaw, a powerful punch to the temple can cause serious brain damage that can lead to loss of consciousness.

What Happens If I Get Hit By Someone Without Insurance

15. Nose – It doesn’t take long to break your nose. Just £7 is enough. The blood and pain that follows will stop many attackers.Furthermore, broken noses also damage the tear ducts, causing more stress.

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16. Eyes – Hitting or kissing someone in the eye is a last resort. However, even a light gouge can tear the sea and make it difficult to see.

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When someone is hit in the head, the impact causes the brain to hit the skull.

Like a big ball bouncing in a tight space, the brain bounces and hits the outside of the skull. This bouncing back and forth is also a brain twist. Imagine a large ball bouncing around a small non-spherical sphere like a skull with a skeleton face.

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When looking at the effects of punches and falls on the brain, Professor Andrew Kay, head of neurosurgery at Royal His Melbourne Hospital, says to think of the brain as jelly on a plate. Shake the plate enough to start shaking the jelly. shed tears When the brain “clatters” inside the skull, the neurons and cells that make up the brain can be damaged and destroyed.

They may or may not remember. They often have headaches, nausea, dizziness, and tinnitus that they may not remember.

Post-concussion syndrome continues to affect people after injury. The more concussions you have had in the past, the more severe the effects.

What Happens If I Get Hit By Someone Without Insurance

Swinging around and twisting the brain can damage and break the brainstem. The brainstem, a small part of the brain about the size of your thumb, connects the brain to the spinal cord. Among other things, the brainstem is responsible for nervous system functions such as controlling breathing, heart rate, and digestion. Damage to the brain can be life-threatening.

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If the victim loses consciousness and falls, they may hit their head on the ground or furniture. It sounds like two snooker balls colliding.

This causes the skull to explode. When the skull collapses, it pushes part of the broken bone into the brain. Their brains bounce around their skulls over and over, creating further trauma.

Like any other part of the body, the brain swells when injured. A swollen brain can cut off the blood supply by compressing the arteries and veins that supply it.

Consciousness is lost when new blood flow to the brain is stopped for 8 to 10 seconds. After four to six minutes without oxygen, the brain begins to die. After 5 minutes, if this doesn’t lead to death, it will damage the brain.

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As the brain swells, pressure on the skull increases. When the brain bulges larger than the skull that holds it, it is pushed out of the skull into the nasal cavity, out of the ear and out through the skull. may need to be expelled or part of the skull removed.

Trauma to the brain can also cause bleeding, or bleeding into the skull or brain.Like a hematoma or blood clot caused by blood flow, this condition can be fatal if not treated immediately. I have.

The brain has the ability to heal itself. In many cases, the brains of people recovering from brain injury “rewire” and work around the damaged brain to restore function.

What Happens If I Get Hit By Someone Without Insurance

Attack survivors can have life-threatening consequences from brain damage. They may be unable to return to work or school, have ongoing mental health issues, and may need help with simple tasks such as shopping, cooking, drinking, and getting around.

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No matter how big, how big, how strong, even if you have experience fighting someone

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