What Gift Do You Give To Someone Who Has Everything

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What? Want to get a crafty person who loves to give handmade gifts on your list? Our cricket holiday gift guide has ideas that are sure to impress

What Gift Do You Give To Someone Who Has Everything

What Gift Do You Give To Someone Who Has Everything

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What do you get someone who likes to give handmade gifts? Amazing tools and materials to craft them all year long! Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be a challenge, so I’m here to help make your Christmas shopping a breeze!

I love craftsmanship and nothing makes me happier than giving a handmade gift and opening the recipient’s face. I think giving “crafty” gifts to “crafty” people can be scary, especially when you know that person is going to give you something handmade. I’ve got to tell you, some of my favorite things to receive as gifts are fun new craft supplies that I’ve never used before!

My cricket is my favorite craft item in my entire craft room I use it several times a week (sometimes daily). This is a great gift for someone who loves to give handmade gifts! I’ll be sharing with you my favorite cricket gift ideas for handmade gift giving in this cricket holiday gift guide! Enjoy!

Cricket Maker is the ultimate cutting machine! Because of its repair tool system, it can cut over 300 materials including leather, basswood, metal on, vinyl, chipboard and fabric! This package comes with a cute tote so the recipient can safely bring their machine wherever they go (like a craft night with you!!!) Use the VIP Code Generator to save an additional $75 off!

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The Cricut Explorer Air 2 on Raspberry creates stunning Instagram-worthy photos This machine can cut over 100 materials and although it doesn’t work with ToolFix System tools, it’s a fantastic cutting machine for less than the creator. Plus the pink is so pretty!!! With the Vambua Air 2 you can cut metal, vinyl, paper, and a ton of other specialty materials. Think of all the amazing shirts, mugs, and other handmade gifts you’ll receive in the future if you donate this machine to your favorite crafter!

Subscriptions always make a fun gift, and this is the mother of all industry subscriptions! Cricut Access gives users access to over 100,000 images and 400+ fonts that customers can use for all their project needs. As a bonus, Cricut Access customers save 10% on all Cricut.com purchases including sale items!!! The world of crafting is your oyster with Cricket Access

Cricut EasyPress 2 is a must for anyone who wants to make wooden signs using shirts, or iron ons! The EasyPress 2 has full temperature control, a timer and a hot plate that you just don’t get with a traditional iron. It’s a heat press in a more compact form so it doesn’t take up a ton of space in the craft room! The Cricket EasyPress 2 comes in 4 different sizes, ranging from the EasyPress Mini with a 3-inch heat plate to the 12-inch EasyPress 10. I love all the different sizes but the 9X9 has to be my favorite and comes with a great selection of “extras” to create with this pack.

What Gift Do You Give To Someone Who Has Everything

These Cricket Maker repair tools are what make Cricket Maker so special and enable you to cut over 300 different materials! My favorites for cutting fabric are a knife for cutting chipboard and basswood and a carving tip for jewelry making!

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Making leather projects with Cricket Maker or Cricket Explorer Air 2 is so much fun! My favorite things to make with leather are key chains, rings, bracelets and cord protectors! There are a ton of handmade gifts you can make with this amazing material!

Speaking of leather, this blade is a must for cutting all the beautiful decorative and leather creations you want to create! I like that it comes with a black housing so it’s easy to remember which blade is inside so you don’t mix up which blade you’re cutting with.

What? You know who loves glitter? This girl! I can seriously make everything shine! This beautiful metallic glitter kit comes with beautiful colors at a very discounted price! Perfect for decorating shirts, tote bags, pillows and more!

Vinylize everything and make it last with this beautiful durable vinyl strip I love sample packs because they allow you to get so many colors in one layer! I especially love durable vinyl for decorating mugs, wine glasses and more!

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This essential tool kit is packed with everything you need to make your cricket crafting life easier. A paper cutter is not only good for paper, but also for cutting metal and vinyl A scraper tool is essential for transferring vinyl to your project Weeding is made much easier with the weeding tool, and when you pick it up with a spatula, your paper projects will thank you for not bending! I also love marker pens and use them all the time for cards, envelope markers, and other paper projects.

I can’t tell you when Cricket added basswood to their product offering! This wooden cricket maker and chisel blade cut like a dream and are so much fun to use in home decor projects!

Chipboard is another material I use all the time to make home decor items along with my cricket maker and knife blades. A project that has been on my bucket list for a long time is making a picture puzzle! I think they would make great handmade gifts!

What Gift Do You Give To Someone Who Has Everything

This is one of my favorite crafts that I rarely hear people talk about I love it and use it all the time with print and cut files I use it to make planner stickers and labels For my nephew’s birthday I decorated a drink dispenser with circus performers and animals!

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Every crafter has seen 12X12 cardstock before, but 12X24 inch cardstock is hard to find! This template is filled with large sized colored card so you have plenty of room to cut out all the items! Perfect for handmade calendars, cards, envelopes, paper sculptures and other paper crafts!

Which smart guy is your favorite to keep all their cool cricket gear? Why About Cricket Rolling Tote! This amazing box on wheels is the perfect size to fit paper, vinyl, leather, cardboard, chipboard, weeding tools and all your other craft supplies! It makes your mobile craft life! Put your cricket in machine order and it’s on!

It was really hard to pick my favorites from the cricket website for this cricket holiday gift guide Honestly, anything you buy from Cricut would make a great gift idea for someone who loves to give handmade gifts!

Tell me… which item on this list would you like to find under the Christmas tree? What product would you like to give and who would you give it to?

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Thanks to Cricket for working with us on this post All thoughts and opinions are 100% ours, as with every article on the Hello Creative Family, we only share what we love and we’re sure people love our crickets!

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What Gift Do You Give To Someone Who Has Everything

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