What Can Doctors Do To Help You Lose Weight

What Can Doctors Do To Help You Lose Weight – Losing a lot of weight—whether through diet and exercise, surgery, or a combination of different approaches—isn’t all bright, smiling “after” pictures. If you’ve lost a lot of weight, loose skin is normal—and very common. Often too? A bit nervous about it.

“This is an important concern that patients have when seeking obesity surgery,” says Vivek Prachand, M.D., a bariatric surgeon and professor of surgery at The University of Chicago Medicine.

What Can Doctors Do To Help You Lose Weight

What Can Doctors Do To Help You Lose Weight

Why does the skin sag after losing weight? Unbelievable (but real) truth: If you used to be in a larger body, excess body fat can stretch your skin. Couple that with the fact that the skin’s collagen and elastin (elastic proteins) decrease with age, and you have a recipe for excess skin, explains Manish Shah, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon in Denver.

Standing For Weight Loss

“The skin may not have enough elasticity to shrink back to your new, smaller body size,” says Constance Chen, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon in a New York City office.

Stretch marks are one of the signs that the skin has gone, well, past the point of no return: Once you see them, “significant weight loss can cause sagging and sagging skin,” says Dr. Chen.

No — it’s inevitable, says Dr. Prachand. But it is also not easy to predict who will experience it, he said. He has several patients who lost 200 pounds in a year after bariatric surgery with very little excess skin. On the other hand, some have lost at least 60 pounds and have more.

“The amount of weight loss doesn’t predict how much skin you’ll gain,” he says. Other factors, such as genetics, smoking (which destroys collagen and elastin), and sun exposure play a role in how red your skin is.

What Is A Bariatrician?

It’s also common to think that rapid weight loss can cause sagging skin, but that’s not necessarily the case. “Sometimes, patients will consider surgery that does not allow them to lose weight quickly because of the fear of excess skin,” said Dr. Prachand. “I understand that concern, but there is no solid evidence that rapid loss plays a role.”

“In general, it can take weeks to months or years,” said Dr. Chen. If the skin is still loose after a year or two, it may not be tight, he says.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. “Non-surgical methods that help to tighten the skin in general are not effective in tightening the amount of loose skin that occurs with significant weight loss,” said Dr. Chen.

What Can Doctors Do To Help You Lose Weight

For example, the stomach can help with back pain but it causes a ton of stress on the skin. A dressing can be worn to keep the excess skin in place, but it will do nothing to make a more permanent difference.

Does Drinking Water Lead To Weight Loss?

Dr. Shah says that if you have loose skin, products like Bodytite and Renuvion, both minimally invasive body-contour technologies, can help. “The best results have come from surgery so far,” he said.

Body contouring surgery often involves a “tummy tuck” to lift the arms, breasts, face, lower body or thighs, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Prachand and Dr. Chen says there are some tips he looks for before recommending skin-removal surgery to a patient:

Oh, and if you’ve had bariatric surgery to lose weight, here’s a surprise: it’s harder to reverse the excess skin surgery.

The Best And Worst Diets For Sustained Weight Loss

“Body care requires more physical healing than bariatric surgery, which is the least invasive procedure,” said Dr. Prachand. It is important not to take away the importance of surgery by thinking that it is “cosmetic”, because it is much more than that.

Indeed, it may take you two to four weeks to recover, with a full recovery six months after surgery, says Dr. Shah. (This means you may not find the product you’re looking for in a good way until it happens.)

“The pain of the surgery is moderate and moderate,” he added. However, you may be too tired to go to work: In the first few weeks, a simpler daily routine must be done, says Dr. Shah.

What Can Doctors Do To Help You Lose Weight

You should also know that you may need touch-up surgery. “The eyelids need to be cleaned, there is loose skin that needs to be tightened again, and there may be asymmetry to be perfect,” he said.

Ep #296: How To Help Your Patients Who Struggle With Their Weight

Found that patients who received body contouring were more likely to maintain the weight they lost, compared to those who underwent bariatric surgery alone.

“After physical manipulation, improving physical and social functioning helps to strengthen healthy lifestyle changes,” said Dr. Prachand.

Jessica Migala is a health writer specializing in general health, fitness, nutrition and skin care, with work published in Women’s Health, Glamour, Health, Men’s Health and more. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago and is a mother of two sons and a small rescue dog.

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You can have your favorite flavor when it comes to the gum you choose – you can go with regular peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, or bubblegum. The flavors are endless, but the fun of chewing doesn’t stop at the flavor you choose.

What Can Doctors Do To Help You Lose Weight

In fact, many people rely on weight loss pills. Some say that it helps them control their lust. For others, it keeps them from eating high-calorie junk food. But the debate over whether chewing gum is a legal (and healthy) weight loss strategy involves more than a “yes” or “no” answer.

Celexa (citalopram) And Weight Gain

“There is mixed data on whether chewing gum can produce weight gain,” says Danielle Staub, MS, RD, CDN, Clinical Dietitian at Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York.

Let’s look at the evidence for—or against—whether chewing gum can help you lose weight.

“Combi can help with weight loss by reducing cravings and subsequent calorie intake, increasing energy expenditure and reducing stress levels,” Staub said.

One of the biggest benefits of chewing gum is its ability to help change behavior when it comes to mindless eating.

Smart Time Management For Doctors

“For some people, this can really help with weight loss if you struggle with binge eating. If you’re drawn to pantry items full of empty calories you, then it’s time to change that behavior with a piece of wax,” says Jessica Crandall Snyder, RDN, nutritionist at Vital RD.

Or if you’re a picky eater (who really craves sweet foods), chewing gum can be a way to curb sugar cravings and get your mouth watering.

“Chewing can be a useful tool for someone who constantly feels the need to eat or eats emotionally frequently. It can be used to distract someone from unintentionally eating outside of a scheduled mealtime.” and may reduce cravings for sweets,” Staub said.

What Can Doctors Do To Help You Lose Weight

“For people who tend to eat when they’re stressed, chewing gum can provide a good (calorie-free) solution,” he added.

Why You Shouldn’t Exercise To Lose Weight, Explained With 60+ Studies

“According to one study, chewing gum can discourage fruit consumption and reduce food quality,” Staub said.

Of course, if you skip meals and hope that chewing gum will provide relief from hunger, this is not a healthy weight loss strategy.

“For some people, chewing gum between meals can help reduce overeating and manage cravings. However, many people benefit from eating snacks planned throughout the day.” as a way to calm energy and prevent cravings,” Staub said. “We have to make sure we don’t trade a snack for a gummy stick because it can affect our weight loss efforts in the long run.”

“For those with digestive complaints such as bloating or gas, chewing gum may not be the best choice. Chewing regularly brings more air into the GI tract,” he says. Staub.

Prescription Weight Loss Pills That Actually Work

Although sugar-free chewing gum is low in calories, the artificial sweeteners found in many are also controversial when it comes to gut health.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

“Most gums contain artificial sweeteners that can disrupt the gut microbiome, and can lead to increased hunger and fat gain,” says Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, RD, LD/N, consultant -nutritionist for RSP Nutrition.

“Additionally, sugar-free chewing gum contains sugar alcohols, which can irritate the GI tract and cause gas, bloating and bowel changes,” says Staub.

What Can Doctors Do To Help You Lose Weight

Although you want to avoid those with artificial sweeteners, those that do

Diet & Weight Loss

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