What Age Can You Drive In Ontario

What Age Can You Drive In Ontario – I just read about a Canadian who was jailed in Georgia for driving with an Ontario license. We are going to rent a car when we are in America next month and I am a bit worried right now – do I have to take my passport with me when I drive? Usually, I leave them in the hotel safe so they don’t get stolen when we’re at the beach. – Sharon, Ottawa

In particular, you must have your documents with you whenever you are in the United States – while driving or elsewhere. And these days, special things may be important.

What Age Can You Drive In Ontario

What Age Can You Drive In Ontario

“It’s very late, but there are standards,” said Tim Golden, director of the US practice. for the Toronto immigration law firm Green and Spiegel. “It comes from Section 264 of the Immigration and Nationality Act… you need to bring the evidence you used to enter the United States.”

Ontario Driver’s Licensing ; G2, G1, G

According to this section, if you do not have a passport or other documents used to enter the United States, you can be fined up to $100. and 30 days in jail.

“But really, have we seen it [enforced]? Absolutely not,” said immigration attorney Evan Green, a partner at the firm.

And those laws aren’t why an Ontario woman was arrested by local police in Georgia last month for driving without a license — despite having a valid Ontario license.

Emily Nield, 27, was driving from Florida to Tennessee on I-75 on April 2 when Cook County, Ga., police stopped her. one hour speed limit (112 km/h).

International Driving Permits

“I was driving with an Ontario license plate, the officer looked at the Canadian driver’s license and he just looked at it for a moment and said it’s not valid,” Nield told Globe Drive . “He reached through the window and grabbed me while I was in my car.”

In a statement to CBC News, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office said that due to concerns about identity theft and impersonation, when police found a driver with a foreign driver’s license, they “follow the Georgia [Department of Motor Vehicles] guidelines and request a passport or visa. to verify their identity.” .”

But Nield said he told the officer who arrested him that he had photos of his passport, birth certificate and Nexus card on his phone – the former were in a friend’s safe in Tennessee – but the police didn’t want to see it.

What Age Can You Drive In Ontario

“He kept saying I couldn’t drive with my Canadian license,” said Nield, who completed his master’s degree in geology last fall at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and returned to the United States in February to travel and visit friends. . . “He said it’s normal, I’ll get a ticket and I’m on my way.”

G2 Licence Restrictions In Ontario

Nield said he was terrified and cried when his car was searched and taken to the sheriff’s office in Adel, Ga., where he was fingerprinted and photographed.

“They say I uphold all the Canadian standards of respect,” Nield said. “Because of that, they let me wear an orange suit over my regular clothes.”

Nield said police asked him to post the $880 immediately upon bail – he didn’t have cash so he had to give police his debit card and password – a no will remain in prison until June 12.

“I later learned that I have the right to see a judge before bond,” he said. “As soon as I bailed, [a sergeant] said, ‘I just Googled it legally and your license is valid.'”

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Nield stayed in the United States for another month until the charges were dropped and the arrest record expunged.

Even if this is just a case of local officials not understanding the law, should Canadian drivers in Georgia carry their passports with them?

“Georgia recognizes unexpired driver’s licenses issued and held by residents of other countries as long as the driver’s license has not expired.” from abroad,” said the DDS website. “In the case of a driver’s license issued by the driver’s license authority in a foreign country, the lawyer can contact the passport or the person’s visa confirming the validity of the license, if available.”

What Age Can You Drive In Ontario

So isn’t a Canadian driver’s license valid in all US states? Yes, Canadians can drive “almost anywhere in the US” with their license if it’s valid, says the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

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“In a US state there may be hundreds of police officers – and while all police officers should be aware of state laws, there are very few cases that they don’t know about,” said Kristine D’Arbelles, a spokesperson for the CAA, via email. .

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) said it is not aware of another Ontario driver who has not received a license in the United States.

The United States and Canada are both parties to the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic, an agreement between 98 countries that accepts licensed drivers with an International Driving Permit (IDP).

“In most cases, Ontario licenses are accepted in the United States, but it is up to each state if they require additional information [such as] a passport, birth certificate, or International Driver’s Permit,” he said. MTO spokesman Joshua Henry said in a b. -mail information.

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In 2017, Georgia repealed a law requiring Quebec drivers to carry their Quebec license. In 2013, Florida supported a similar law stemming from cases where French officials did not understand the licenses.

To add to the confusion, you may not have a passport to show the police if they ask for one.

This is because drivers from British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario who have upgraded their licenses can enter the United States by road without a passport. In Ontario, more than 84,000 drivers have upgraded their driver’s license. Quebec eliminated the license enhancement program in 2014.

What Age Can You Drive In Ontario

“As an added piece of security and peace of mind, if you are traveling and driving in the United States, it is a good idea to keep a copy of another document such as a passport or IDP,” said CAA’s D’Arbelles.

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To avoid taking your passport with you, you can also print a copy of your visa and present it when requested by the local police or, if so, an immigration office, said Golden. What are visas? When you cross the border into the United States, you will receive an I-94 visa. They won’t give it to you, but you can look it up online, Golden said.

The Trump administration’s memo gives Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and CBP officers “carte blanche to dictate how and when they use their authority,” it said. Golden. It also caused the national police to be alert in general.

In Nield’s case, he said officials don’t believe his Ontario license is valid on American highways, period. But the policeman also informed him that the driver’s license might be fake.

. Canada is a big place, so let us know where you are so we can get answers for your city and state.

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What Age Can You Drive In Ontario

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