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Welcome, Welcome to Coach Bags!

Not sure how you landed here but you finally arrived 🙂 Did you know that according to Google, there are over 169,000,000 pages about Coach Handbags? We are one of them.

@CoachBags.us, we try to resolve issues related to ordering online from a shop you don’t know – it can feel like walking at midnight during a full moon in a dark alley next to a cemetery while hearing weird noises 🙂

What are the possible risks?

Coach Bags Landing on a phishing site – everything looks legit but security tools see them as very dangerous. chance to get your money back? Zero – and 100% chances to get your credit card used on your behalf.
Coach Handbags Using Fake reviews audit tools, some Coach handbags are not what we expect to be. Even though it is illegal, it is very easy to buy fake reviews for marketplaces.  chances to get a free return and a full refund? Zero
Fake Handbags This consumer complaint describes buying a fake Coach with a huge discount and receiving a fake handbag from a foreign country… chances to get a refund? Zero

It is true that if we used a credit card and we get ripped off, chargebacks are easy to do. But most importantly, it can be a long process that will/may include replacing the credit card(s).

On the other hand, and on the safer side, there are websites known for their consumer protection. According to Lifewire,  Consumer Affairs, PcMag, and many others, Amazon is the best and safest for online shopping.

What to avoid when shopping for Coach Bags

Imagine you found the perfect Coach Handbags on Google and are ready to order. Therefore, it is the first time you buy from us and you are reluctant:

  • Entering personal information (names, address, phone number, etc.)
  • Entering financials (bank account, check numbers, PayPal address, credit or debit cards, etc.)

You would be 100% right! Likewise, I wouldn’t do that, why should I ask you to do it?

Our Coach Bags solution

Meanwhile, many people already have an Amazon account so why ask them to re-enter all that precious information here? Why not use Amazon to checkout?

  • No need to enter personal information
  • No need to enter financial information

Then, we continued to think about it and realized that we are a small company, no one is working 24/7, no “special” contract with shipping companies. no CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to deal with issues. Let’s use Amazon again:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Guaranteed shipping and delivery
  • Backed free return
  • Guaranteed refund
  • Pledged authenticity of handbag received or full refund
  • etc…

In conclusion, for the best and safest shipping experience, you choose your Coach Handbags with us and all the ordering, shipping, customer service is done through Amazon.