Ways To Make Money In Real Estate With No Money

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Making money in real estate does not have to be difficult. No and there are so many different ways to do it!

Ways To Make Money In Real Estate With No Money

Ways To Make Money In Real Estate With No Money

In fact, we’ve found 55 different ways you can make money in real estate. You just have to choose a method and commit.

How To Make Money In Real Estate With Little Efforts?

Quick note: with so many financiers to cover, we can’t do a deep dive on each one in this article. But don’t worry. Many of them are self-explanatory, and for those that aren’t, we’ll link to other resources so you can get more information.

To add some order to this huge list, we’re going to divide the ways to make money into 5 categories:

We will start by establishing how to make money in real estate through traditional methods. Many of these are “day jobs” in the real estate industry. And the rest is a classic real estate side income.

When you think of making money in real estate, you think of real estate agents, right? So of course it’s at the top of our list.

How Much Money Do Real Estate Agents Make?

Is a dealer moving out of the country? Show them to other agents! Most agents pay a referral fee of between 20 and 35%. It pays great to take a few minutes to connect people!

Some real estate companies offer residuals to agents who refer other agents. If you bring another agent to your company, you will take a small cut of all the business that the new agent brings to the company. Again, you get paid to connect people. Even better, you get paid to help other agents succeed.

Want to get a cut of every sale from an entire office full of real estate agents? Do you like the business side of real estate more than the sales side? Maybe you should open your own brokerage.

Ways To Make Money In Real Estate With No Money

If you find a way to succeed as a real estate agent, you can share your knowledge with other real estate agents by becoming a real estate coach. Think Tom Ferry or Brian Buffini.

Why Real Estate Is One Of The Best Ways To Make Money

Do you really like paperwork and to-do lists to close deals? How about specializing as a trade coordinator? Many agents want to focus on interpersonal relationships with clients rather than good transactional work. So they happily pay a trade coordinator to handle it for them.

Instead of helping buyers find a new home, you get paid to help renters find a new home. Property managers lease rental properties, rent screens, handle maintenance issues, and ensure rent is collected. It only takes a little organization to stay on top of your portfolio, so make sure you invest in cheap, yet effective, property management software.

Similarly, you can go into commercial property management to do the same for commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores, and even entire shopping centers.

If you love real estate sales, but struggle with inconsistent income and evening hours, consider renting an apartment. Rental agents typically work a 9-5 schedule (although weekends are usually required) in large apartment communities. They focus on unit marketing, opportunities to travel through the community, and tenant screening.

How To Make Money In Real Estate And Get Rich In 2022?

The money can be good as there is usually a base salary and rental commission. I can make over $70K a year renting in Los Angeles.

Managing vacation rentals is quite similar to real estate management, but more labor intensive due to high turnover. Instead of moving to a tenant for 6 months to a year, vacation rentals can only be booked for one night.

Airbnb owners are finding that managing the short-term vacation rental process is more time-consuming than anticipated. So they are looking for a manager to handle reservations, business, and general customer service.

Ways To Make Money In Real Estate With No Money

If you have project management experience, you may be able to manage fix-and-flips for out-of-area investors. In hot markets, there are often investors from outside your area who want to get a piece of the local action, but it’s not practical for them to personally manage the flip. So you can organize projects for them. Order all materials, coordinate all vendors, make sure everything runs on time and budget.

How To Make Money In Real Estate, Even If You’re Not In The Real Estate Business

Many people are not familiar with the concept of an executive office suite. This is basically a shared office space. Executive suite companies will rent out an entire floor (or 2) of the upper level, and divide those floors into individual offices, which are then rented out to small businesses and individuals. Each tenant on the floor shares facilities, such as a conference room, kitchen and reception.

As a manager, you will be responsible for finding and booking office suite tenants and keeping your tenants happy.

If you enjoy inspecting physical structures, and have an eye for detail, you could make a great real estate inspector. It requires qualifications, but you can make good money working during normal business hours.

And if you’re a numbers person, who’s happier completing a CMA than showing a house, appraisals can be the best way to make money in real estate. Certified Appraisers are in demand in all market conditions. In a hot market, you appraise properties for new loans, and in a recession, you regularly appraise REOs.

Unique Ways To Make Money From Home (updated)

The great thing about making money through online content is that you can be doing the hard part for free. It only takes a few steps to turn your hard work into income.

As a real estate agent, you should be blogging, podcasting, and/or broadcasting on your YouTube channel. The main objectives of creating online content are:

So you need to create online content, even if it’s just to promote your real estate business. Now, what if you could monetize that content? Does that content become a passive income stream in itself? Are you interested?

Ways To Make Money In Real Estate With No Money

Affiliate links are simply links on your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel that direct your audience to a useful product or service. Think of them as automatic referrals.

Ways To Make Money In Real Estate

I love affiliate links for real estate blogs because they are so versatile. Amazon is one of the easiest affiliate programs to join, and has almost everything your audience could possibly have or want.

Writing a post about keeping a house for sale? Include links to Amazon household items that will help. Writing a post for first-time homeowners? Include links to quality tool kits because you know they need them!

And this connection is win, win, win. Your audience will have easy access to useful products, you will earn commissions, and sellers will sell. Everyone wins!

We use advertising on this site because we provide 99% of our content for free, and advertising generates enough money to allow us to provide content – for free.

Easy Ways To Make Money In Real Estate

But be careful using ads in your real estate content. If the main goal of your content is to drive new leads, let your audience focus on that, and don’t distract them with ads. But if you’re posting a piece of content that’s only helpful (helpful homeowner tips or information about local events, for example), an ad might qualify.

You can use Google Ads (the fastest and easiest way I’ve found to add ads to your site), and get paid every time someone clicks on your ad. Or you can sell advertising space to local businesses for a flat fee.

You see this a lot on food blogs. In the recipe, the blogger will recommend a specific brand of BBQ sauce, orange juice, refrigerating dough, or whatever. They will explain why that brand works better in recipes than other brands, and tell you where to buy that brand. Most likely, the brand paid for the post (although smart bloggers only accept sponsored content that they truly believe in because doing otherwise will lead to backlash from your district!).

Ways To Make Money In Real Estate With No Money

If you’re creating a video for homeowners on how to replace a light bulb, your favorite electrician might want to sponsor that post. They’ll pay you to talk about how “So-and-So Electrical is just a phone call away if you have a problem.”

Ways You Could Be Making Money In Real Estatekey Real Estate Resources

The price for sponsored posts depends a lot on how many viewers your posts usually get. If you are very new, $20 is a good starting point. Once you have a large following, you can easily command hundreds of sponsored posts. And everything for the post you want to publish will only help your audience and improve your online presence!

With a subscription content model, your members pay a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription fee to access a library of information. This model is popular in the health and fitness sector where readers pay a monthly fee for new meal and exercise plans. It is suitable for the business.

DRIP and Prime Real Estate Resources, are examples of subscription content. With DRIP, you get access to new social media articles and newsletters, ready to share with your social media followers and customer base. Here’s an easy, affordable way to stay ahead of your field,

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