Walking 5 Miles A Day Weight Loss

Walking 5 Miles A Day Weight Loss – Wanting to take on a physical challenge to stave off boredom in isolation, YouTube Dr. Mike Diamonds recently stepped up his cardio training and set himself the goal of walking at least 12,000 steps on the treadmill every day for 30 days. The extra exercise he was already getting by walking his dog.

For 30 days, he alternated between high-intensity interval training (HIIT) running and low-intensity steady-state (LISS) cardio, according to a California State University study, where people who ran 10-minute miles did 190. Calories Burned While those who walked for 19 minutes, they still burned 111 calories.

Walking 5 Miles A Day Weight Loss

Walking 5 Miles A Day Weight Loss

Diamond’s diet for this period consisted of 2,650 calories per day, including 200 grams of protein, 350 grams of carbohydrates, and 50 grams of fat. In addition to her cardio work, she also continued regular resistance training throughout the month-long challenge, including dumbbell incline presses, squats, and leg extensions.

Walk 7 Miles A Day To Stay Healthy

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After 30 days and more than 460,000 steps, Hearn was significantly thinner and had lost 10.8 pounds. He also found that there were additional mental benefits that could come in handy during the stress of studying in quarantine.

“Overall, I’m happy,” he said. “I’m in a better mood and as I prepare for my final exams, which will hopefully be next month, given our current situation, I’ll do a lot better in terms of remembering and doing a lot more.” has helped. The job I needed”.

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Check Out These Important Early Access Sales 10 Best Exercise Bikes for Your Home Gym 30 Best Exercises for Your Biceps 12 Best Fitness Watches for All Kinds of Exercise Before the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, Monday through Friday Was going to CrossFit and yoga every week. I went out of my way to work six days a week with no motivation to do anything. I was so worried about everything and I forced myself to practice at home, I had to. That, along with cooking and making breakfast for my kids all day and having time for elaborate vegan meals and decadent desserts (hello, stress baking!) every day, has made me gain a little weight. I know it’s normal and I wasn’t worried about it – I just didn’t feel like it. My energy was low and I just felt drained and tired, not my usual lively, strong and confident self. So to get back on track, to feel a little more like myself, I set a goal.

Walking 5 Miles A Day Weight Loss

It’s been six weeks of social distancing where I live, the kids are out of school and I’m trying to juggle homeschooling while working from home – a lot! Emotionally, it was really overwhelming, so for the first two weeks I didn’t do much in terms of movement. By weeks three and four, I still didn’t feel like pushing myself to do burpees or push-ups, but I had a goal of walking three miles a day, which is about 7,000 steps.

The Pros And Cons Of Walking 10,000 Steps A Day

In the last couple of weeks I am finally feeling more inspired to exercise at home. Exercising three to four times a week, which I felt ready for, and as walking felt good, I decided to walk six miles a day. It was something I knew I could do every day because I attached an old treadmill to my standing desk. Apart from that, I went for a day or two with my family.

Six miles, which is about 15,000 steps, took me about two to three hours, depending on how I broke it up. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve put in a few miles on some days that have taken less time, but I’m mostly getting the distance through the day. When I wake up early in the morning for work, I make it a goal to walk about 1.5-2 miles on my treadmill. I was typing very slowly, so it took me about an hour. I go for a 30-minute walk with the kids in the late morning, then work harder in the afternoon to get in a few miles. If I didn’t make six miles before dinner, I’d go out for a walk in the neighborhood before going to bed with the family.

I was encouraged to take on this little challenge! I used my FitBit Versa 2 to track my distance and tracking my daily miles was the little push I needed to stay active.

It felt really good to slow down and do my very intense CrossFit workouts. I can just focus on breathing, enjoying the company of my family, and shaking hands with my neighbors (at least six feet away!). I went outside a few times with my dogs and the solitude of listening to inspiring podcasts or having long conversations with friends lifted my spirits. It never feels like a chore, but a gift you can give yourself. Some days I feel inspired to do more than six miles!

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It’s only been two weeks, but I already feel thinner after losing a few pounds. But most importantly, I feel stronger, more energetic and more like myself. I found that I used food as a way to cope when I was feeling stressed, nervous or anxious, and going for a brisk walk outside actually felt better than a handful of nuts or a square of dark chocolate. Fresh air, body movement and deep breathing helped to settle my emotions. Spending time walking with the kids, spotting signs of spring and seeing sweet surprises left by neighbors was especially rewarding and hopeful—my favorite benefit from walking.

Setting that goal and sticking to it made me mentally stronger. Instead of worrying that my life has been turned upside down, I appreciate the opportunity to slow down and focus on the important things in life. I have more patience and compassion with my children when they refuse to do their homework or insist too much on mine. Overall, I feel less reactive, more in control of my emotions, and happier.

Yes! I love my daily walk and appreciate all the rewards it offers. The knee and plantar fasciitis pain I’ve had for the past year is almost gone. I also feel calmer, sleep better and love the motivation this daily challenge brings to my life. I think it’s okay if I don’t want to do an intense, sweaty CrossFit workout at home. But instead of doing nothing and feeling unfulfilled, I always just go for a walk and feel like I did something positive for myself.

Walking 5 Miles A Day Weight Loss

Walking is one of the simplest things I can do that keeps me healthy, mentally and physically. Coming from a running background, I never thought that running would be so expensive. But after reaping all the benefits of walking six miles a day for two weeks, I can’t help but be inspired to keep going.

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Walking 5 Miles A Day Weight Loss

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