Trying To Get Pregnant But Not Working

Trying To Get Pregnant But Not Working – According to the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction, infertility affects around 10-14% of the Indian population.

Radha Jain (27) and her husband Raghavan Jain (29) had been trying to conceive for some time and wondered what could be the reason for not getting pregnant when everything was normal.

Trying To Get Pregnant But Not Working

Trying To Get Pregnant But Not Working

After several months of negative pregnancy results, the couple slowly lost hope. Having been trying for 8 months, it became difficult for them to visit their friends who had children.

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On the recommendation of close friends, the couple decided to approach Dr. Preeti Arora Damiya, an infertility specialist at Sitaram Bhartia Hospital in South Delhi.

Dr. Preeti listened to their plight and took a detailed medical history. She also asked them about their lifestyle, working hours and whether they can spend enough time with each other.

After answering the questions, Radha asked the doctor: “Why am I not pregnant? Is it normal that I am not pregnant right away?”

The doctor calmed her down and replied, “Even a healthy couple can take up to a year to conceive, so don’t let your failed attempts discourage you.”

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“Conceiving depends on many factors such as age, general fitness, reproductive health and how long you have been trying to conceive.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), here are some situations in which you should have an infertility evaluation:

Radha’s menstrual cycle was regular, both partners were young, eager and had been trying regularly for the past 8 months to conceive without any coital dysfunction. They felt much more relaxed when they learned that there was nothing to worry about.

Trying To Get Pregnant But Not Working

Radha was still curious about the possible reasons for not getting pregnant when everything was normal and asked the doctor about the same.

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Dr. Preeti explained, “Unhealthy lifestyle, weight problems, high stress and confusion about the fertile period can be possible reasons for not getting pregnant.”

The doctor emphasizes: “If you have a disturbed sleep pattern, unhealthy eating habits or if you have no way to manage stress, it can affect your chances of conceiving.”

Radha always knew that she and her husband didn’t lead the healthiest lifestyle, but she knew that calling her could affect her chances of getting pregnant.

She continues: “It is ideal for women to be within the ideal BMI range and maintain the correct waist-to-hip ratio. “Men should also be at a healthy weight because it also affects their sperm quality.”

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Try to exercise for 30 minutes at least 3-4 times a week to maintain a healthy weight.

Levels of stress, anxiety and depression affect your fertility and your menstrual cycle. And in men, stress is known to be a major contributing factor to low sperm count or poor sperm motility.

Dr. Preeti says, “De-stressing like high stress can have a negative impact on your sex drive and fertility levels. Try activities such as couples spa and massage, deep breathing exercises, meditation and yoga.”

Trying To Get Pregnant But Not Working

After hearing this, Radha’s determination to sign them up for couples yoga became even stronger. She was determined to book their sessions as soon as they left the hospital.

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Dr. Preeti also explains to the couple, “Ovulation is the time when your mature egg is released into the fallopian tubes for possible fertilization. Make sure you calculate your ovulation period correctly and try accordingly as this is a crucial step when trying to conceive.

Ask your doctor to help you calculate your ovulation period based on your average menstrual cycle or get an ovulation test kit.

You can also find out how to calculate ovulation here: How to get pregnant: How to have a baby in 5 quick steps

Lubricants can negatively affect the motility and quality of male sperm and therefore hinder the fertilization process. It is recommended to set up ways or try those that are not harmful to fertility.

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The couple was advised to keep trying for another 6 months of their young age and to ignore any obvious signs or concerns.

Unfortunately, they were still unable to conceive and decided to follow up with Dr. Preeti. During the consultation, she went over the possible causes and explained that they can only determine the causes by doing a basic fertility evaluation.

During the consultation, Dr. Preeti discussed the most common reasons for not getting pregnant after trying for a while.

Trying To Get Pregnant But Not Working

Dr. Preeti explains, “A woman may experience impaired ovulation due to a disturbed hormonal environment or poor ovarian reserve. This may or may not lead to subtle menstrual irregularities. It can affect the normal development of the egg or its rupture.”

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“To understand the process of egg formation in your body, your doctor may recommend an ultrasound to monitor the follicles, which occurs on different days of your menstrual cycle.

The infertility specialist noted, “There can be subtle abnormalities in the sperm such as low sperm count and/or motility that can lead to conception failure.”

The doctor continues: “In women who have undergone pelvic surgery or an appendectomy, there may be a silent blockage of the tubes. Cases like In order to get pregnant, the tubes have to be open and functional.”

Tests such as a hysterosalpingogram (HSG), which is an OPD procedure, may be recommended to assess the health of the tubals and uterus.

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Sometimes there can be some defects in the uterine cavity of the woman that can affect the ability of the embryo to implant and grow.

Dr Prithi explains, “Abnormalities in the uterine cavity such as scar tissue, the presence of micro polyps or even the shape of the cavity can affect conception. Sometimes, there can be irregularities in the formation and shedding of the inner lining during the menstrual cycle, which can harm a smooth conception.”

A pelvic ultrasound may be needed to detect conditions, and a minor routine care procedure called a hysteroscopy may be needed to treat some of these structural problems of the uterus.

Trying To Get Pregnant But Not Working

Endometriosis can sometimes be an unknown medical condition, which may appear later in life or be seen as “normal”.

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Dr. Preeti emphasizes, “In these cases, women may experience severe pain before or during the menstrual cycle, which may worsen overtime. This may be a sign of underlying endometriosis and requires appropriate treatment.”

When the test results were found to be normal, Radha and Raghavan were advised only slightly more advanced tests. Further fertility evaluation revealed no cause for concern and a case of unexplained infertility was suspected.

“Sometimes, couples may have unknown fertility problems, and a few times there may be no specific reason behind it.

Dr Prithi replied, “When there are no obvious reasons for a couple to be able to conceive, it is called unexplained infertility. Tests to assess a couple’s fertility are usually in that situation.”

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The doctor recommended a conservative procedure called IUI, which improves the number or quality of available eggs with prescribed medication and uses purified sperm that can help solve some problems.

As she waits for her appointment, Radha says, “I’m not going to lie – it wasn’t easy, but having my husband and I and the two of us together made us stronger than ever! We didn’t lose hope thanks to the team of doctors who were so supportive and accommodating.”

Towards the end, Raghavan said, “We just had to be more patient and persevere despite the many obstacles.”

Trying To Get Pregnant But Not Working

This article was written with input from Dr. Priti Arora Damia, who has over 16 years of experience as a fertility specialist and obstetrician-gynecologist. She received training from the Fertility Society of India in assisted reproductive technologies and laparoscopy for fertility enhancement.

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MBBS, Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi (1999); MD, Lady Hardinge Medical College (2004); DNB Obstetrics and Gynecology (2004); Diploma in Pelvic Endoscopy, Kiel, Germany (2014)

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If you’re anything like me, you had a pretty clear idea of ​​what you thought was going to happen when you decided to start trying for a baby. You’ve thought about this a lot, after all, you’ve talked about it, prayed about it, read books and blogs and listened to podcasts about it. You’ve spent more time than you care to admit entering different dates into your due date calendar, “If we start trying this month and get pregnant this month, the baby will be born this month!” etc. You’ve relearned all the things you were supposed to learn about your reproductive system in health class, and you’re doing all the right things, the right way, at the right time…things that seem to work for everyone else in the entire world, but still. .. you are not pregnant.

If you’re anything like me, the plan you made so carefully to start your family isn’t going the way you thought it would, and it’s so hard.

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It’s so hard and we can’t do it alone. That’s why I knew we should start talking more about this on Girls’ Night and why I knew I wanted to introduce my new friend

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