Transfer Of Negative Energy From One Person To Another

Transfer Of Negative Energy From One Person To Another – I observed how to remove negative energy from others when I was growing up in old Slovakia (officially Czechoslovakia) many times.

Although we live in the relatively large city of Košice, the rest of our family lives in small villages scattered along the eastern border with Ukraine.

Transfer Of Negative Energy From One Person To Another

Transfer Of Negative Energy From One Person To Another

Many traditions, old ways of healing and protection from negativity come from small villages located in the forests and hills of beautiful Eastern European countries.

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These simple cures have been passed down from generation to generation, and even today you see young mothers using their grandmother’s advice to protect the newborn from negative people, remove negative energy from problems caused by neighbors or even the ill wishes of family members.

So when I often visit my grandmother and other family members, I can observe how to protect myself from bad energy and how to remove negative energy from others.

For example, if you have family and friends visiting you and your newborn, you will sit down and talk and laugh a few times.

But when he leaves, your baby starts to cry and cry for no apparent reason and even has a low-grade fever or becomes restless.

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They do the Tiny Coals Cure and the baby stops crying and calms down in 5-10 minutes. He also cleans the whole house with sage. Then he blesses by repeating with pure intention, “Bless this house with pure love and light.” Everything then returned to normal.

Recognizing the negative energy you absorb from others and clearing it immediately is just a normal way of life.

Why do you need to know how to remove the negative energy you absorb from others and do it regularly?

Transfer Of Negative Energy From One Person To Another

My grandmother always said that elderly people who get sick easily and newborns are especially susceptible to the negative energy of the environment.

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Today, healthy, healthy babies who will suddenly cry for a long time are often referred by doctors for mysterious reasons – such as colic, gas or indigestion. And without real help or medicine, elderly people spend many sleepless nights, feeling sad and helpless.

Some know that these babies can be relieved by clearing the negative energy absorbed from certain people when they visit the house or outside. Learn this simple technique to remove negative energy and keep your child charged and protected.

Of course, this can happen to anyone anywhere, like at work, on the bus, at school, in a restaurant… and sometimes someone doesn’t mean anything to you.

This usually happens when you come into contact with one or more people who are full of negative thoughts, emotions, mental tension and “Why me?” victim mentality.

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If this low emotion is directed at you, it will translate into a certain energy or vibration that will lower the energy/vibration, making you feel weak and not alone.

If negative people focus on you – you may not even know it.

“If someone gives you an ugly look, it’s very bad”! he spoke.

Transfer Of Negative Energy From One Person To Another

For example, you leave home happy and healthy, but after attending an event, you return with a severe headache, nausea, or feeling weak and emotional. Or you experience outbursts of anger, fear or anxiety. Everything falls out of your hands.

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You can sense that something is wrong! And you’re right. Low energy people who talk and see you at an event have a negative effect on you.

As I said before, some people usually have high stress, fear or worry, complain or internal tension and nervousness can cause problems for others even without bad intention.

So learn to remove negativity and don’t hesitate to use it regularly if you suspect you need it.

The strongest curse is the family curse. If a mother, father, or other family member says something bad to a child or young adult in a fit of anger, it affects both children as well as the person who said it as hate.

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My grandmother always reminded me that words have a powerful power and we should be careful how we use them.

Hurtful words cannot be taken back. It is very important that you first calm down and think before you speak.

The more we care about others or the deeper our relationship with them, the more damage we can do. Therefore, a lot of negative energy can be transferred during violent family arguments or even during family events.

Transfer Of Negative Energy From One Person To Another

Make sure any disputes with family members are cleared up and resolved before major life events such as weddings, birthdays, christenings or funerals, as this is where the family comes together, not beyond. And memories stay forever, they make people good.

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These events always bring a lot of energy. Everyone’s energy and emotions are charged and stronger, so you can easily be affected by the positive or negative influences of the moment. The day before, bless the event, church, building, waiter, cook, etc. and bring that feeling during the event, bless everyone and everything.

If you cannot solve your problem and decide not to invite family members who disagree, you must forgive and bless them in your heart. Otherwise, you will remain hostage to your negative thoughts and energy.

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On the other hand, my grandmother would not eat food prepared by her mother or her husband after they had an argument. Why? Have you ever been sick after eating and your friends were fine?

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If the cook thinks about a fight or a bad argument in the morning while preparing your food, which makes him tired, angry and hateful, he will unknowingly transfer a lot of toxic energy into the food.

This food changed your vibration and made you nauseous. Just don’t be paranoid, it doesn’t happen often. But remember and do not eat if someone makes you after a disagreement or family quarrel. On the other hand, if possible, you can always bless the food before eating to change the vibrations.

In the past, people instinctively blessed food with their loved ones every day to set up a positive attitude and energy before eating with their loved ones.

Transfer Of Negative Energy From One Person To Another

As you can see, the greatest blessing is to be surrounded by people who want, are balanced and love. A person who naturally gives love, support and kindness.

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I am sure you have met someone like this and know what it feels like to be surrounded by a loving energy field. This positive energy is contagious, making you feel strong, happy and powerful. Your life will be blessed if the people around you are positive people, praying for you and wanting only the best.

On the other hand, it will benefit you in every way to cut ties and avoid anyone who cuts you down or knocks you down. If you can’t control your environment and who you meet – make sure you know how to remove negative energy and use it often to rebalance with Indulgence Medicine or Small Coal Antidote. It may sound unbelievable, but many scientists believe that the total energy of the universe is zero. Therefore, there is no energy to be “created” when the universe exists.

While it is clear that there is a lot of energy and radiation in the particles that spreads through space, this energy can be balanced by the negative energy caused by the gravitational attraction between the particles. As Stephen Hawking explained, when you pull two objects together, you have to expend energy to overcome the gravity that binds them together. Since separation requires positive energy, gravity must be negative energy.

If the theory is correct, then there is no need to create energy or matter – they cancel each other out. This means that the big bang may have started as a simple statistical blip.

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It also means that it’s also possible to create our own big bang: just push the vacuum in the right direction and bingo, new universe, no energy required.

Energy can be transferred between different warehouses. Energy and matter are the same thing, so for example nuclear energy starts out as matter. When one takes inventory of all the matter and energy in the universe, it is zero, which seems counterintuitive to say the least.

The zero-energy universe hypothesis is the simplest explanation, as described in 1973 by Edward Tryon, who first hypothesized that our universe is the result of quantum matter.

Transfer Of Negative Energy From One Person To Another

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