Tracking Where An Email Was Sent From

Tracking Where An Email Was Sent From – Maybe you feel like you’ve created the perfect email that includes a catchy subject line, an engaging text message, and a compelling call to action.

So why are you getting no response? Did your email even reach the recipient’s inbox? Did it get lost in the flood of emails from other businesses?

Tracking Where An Email Was Sent From

Tracking Where An Email Was Sent From

By signing up and installing an email tracker, you’ll have access to information that lets you know when your emails were opened, if the recipient clicked on any links in the body of the email, and more.

Find Out If The Email You Sent Was Opened Or Not

In this blog post, we take a deep dive into the world of email trackers. Learn how email tracking works, the benefits of using an email tracker for your business, and the eight best email tracking apps out there.

The image is usually a 1×1 pixel (or tracking pixel) that, when the recipient opens your email, sends data back to the tracking software’s database.

This allows the software provider – and you – to see when the email was opened, how long the recipient spent reading it, and in many cases even where the recipient was when the email was opened.

So the technology allows you to monitor and measure the performance of your campaign without getting in the way or disturbing the recipient.

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With 269 billion emails sent and received every day, it’s more important than ever to make sure your messages reach your target audience. While Email Tracking does not guarantee that your recipients will respond to your message, it does give you a reliable way to see how many of them open and read your email.

You can use this report to improve your reach, for example by removing unresponsive contacts from your list.

Instead of guessing the best time to send an email, you can use an email tracker to match your messages to your audience’s schedule.

Tracking Where An Email Was Sent From

For example, if you find that a particular recipient opens your email in the evening, re-messaging them at that time will increase your chances of keeping their attention.

Open Tracking In Your Email

In the past, marketers had to wait as long as they wanted before calling.

With the email tracker, you wait until you see a notification letting you know that the prospect has opened and read your message.

As mentioned earlier, email trackers also reveal how much time a recipient spends reading a particular email. You can use this insight to improve the relevance of your content. Research shows that relevant emails generate 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.

Let’s say your potential customers don’t spend much time in emails with text information about products, but they are more interested in emails that show your goods through attractive videos and images.

How To Track Email Opens & Clicks In Gmail

If you know their preferences, you can create an automated campaign with the content your prospects expect and send follow-up emails to drive the sale home.

Most commonly used email clients, such as Gmail and Outlook, do not offer email tracking as a feature. However, you can still use a third-party application and take advantage of it. Below is an overview of eight of the best apps you can use to monitor email on the fly.

A quick note: Some of these apps have free and paid versions, so be sure to test some before investing your money.

Tracking Where An Email Was Sent From

Mailtrack is a simple email tracker that tells you if the emails you send have been opened or not.

Tracking Email Opens

The app will add two brands to your Gmail account. A single tick means that the email has been sent, while a double tick means that it has been opened.

In the paid version of Mailtrack, you also get a daily statistical report on the emails you sent the previous day. The application provides data on:

Mailtrack’s email tracking feature is free to use. For daily reports and other advanced features, you will need to sign up for the pro version of the app, which starts at $4.99 per month. The app works through a Chrome extension on desktop and through an add-on on Android phones.

MixMax is another reliable email tracking tool that lets you know when and if someone is reading your email.

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The basic function of the application informs when the email is opened and how often. For group emails, you can also see who exactly opened the email.

With MixMax installed, you can also enable desktop notifications for emails you want to track. When you do this, a pop-up window will appear on your computer when the recipient opens your email.

In addition, you can automatically enable monitoring for all new messages, which means you don’t have to tell the app to monitor individual emails every time.

Tracking Where An Email Was Sent From

The best part? MixMax’s email tracking feature is free to use, while advanced features such as email scheduling and one-click meetings are offered in paid plans. Pricing for paid plans starts at $9 per month. Some of them also offer a free trial.

Of The Best Email Tracking Software Tools

Keep in mind that the free version of MixMax will add a company signature to every email you send, which is a small text that says “Sent by MixMax.” If you don’t mind, then MixMax is one of the best email tracking apps for the money.

MixMax works with Salesforce, Google Inbox and Gmail. The application implements email tracking in all compatible email clients through a Chrome extension.

Cirrus Insight is the leading email tracking software that alerts you when someone opens an email and reveals when they opened it, how often and where they opened it.

The application also allows you to track engagement on your messages and also see how attachments are opened in them. Attachment tracking allows you to see who read your documents, which pages they opened, and who they sent the email to, so you can gauge their interest.

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In addition, Cirrus Insight tracks responses so you can determine which contacts still need follow-up and analyze which patterns are performing better than others. Even better, the email tracker allows you to sync messages with Calendar and Salesforce CRM, making it easy to schedule follow-ups.

However, Cirrus Insight does not have a free plan. To use its email tracking, you need to sign up for one of its monthly plans. Pricing starts at $36 per month, but a 14-day free trial is available.

It keeps you on top of who, what and when for every email opened, attachment viewed and link clicked. Real-time notifications help you respond in a timely manner while maintaining relationships.

Tracking Where An Email Was Sent From

Whether you’re emailing a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF file, you can use the presentation layout to see detailed audience and page engagement.

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And if you want to see the whole history of email tracking, you can check the feed of Yesware activity. It allows you to filter by “Unopened”, “Recent Activity” and “Open/Unanswered” for better priority.

In addition, Yesware gives you the ability to use the tracking icon in your Sent and Inbox folders to see at a glance who is dealing with your messages.

However, email tracking in Yesware can only be accessed with a paid plan. Prices start at $12 per month, but there is a free trial that you can sign up to try the functionality of the app.

If you use Gmail, the application adds an interface to your account that allows you to access the features of the email tracker directly from your Gmail inbox. For other email clients and software, Yesware can be installed through Mozilla Firefox or Chrome browser extensions.

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Streak is a Chrome extension that brings all the email tracking data you need to your Gmail account.

In addition to email tracking, the app gives you a visual history of the email you’ve seen, including the number of unique message views and total views.

You can also schedule messages to be sent later and filter using the “reply pending” filter. This will help you separate emails that require follow-up from those that don’t.

Tracking Where An Email Was Sent From

In addition, you can see details about the device on which the email was viewed, as well as where the recipient opened the email.

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The app even connects to your CRM to help you automatically track and share the history of each follow-up email with your coworkers.

If you’re looking to add a Gmail monitoring app to your web software toolbox, Streak is a good option to consider, especially since email monitoring is available on Streak’s free plan. Paid plans start at $49 per month and include advanced features such as CRM reports and to-do lists.

Gmelius is a free email tracking tool that tells you how many times an email was opened and clicked on. Once someone interacts with your email, the app will send you a notification.

A green tick appears next to the recipient’s name in the opened message. Without requiring any login or action from your recipients, the application allows you to track your arrival as soon as you hit the send button.

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The Email Tracking Report from Gmelius allows you to gauge your prospects’ interests so you can nurture them

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