Things To Get You In The Christmas Mood

Things To Get You In The Christmas Mood – It’s almost Christmas time, which means that gifts need to be bought and nothing creates the holiday spirit like cookies, trees, bonfires, wooden pigs and festive decorations. These seem to be some of Malaysia’s favorite things to do.

, domestic brands are doing their best to spread Christmas cheer as we approach the third year of the pandemic. Check out the list of local gifts below:

Things To Get You In The Christmas Mood

Things To Get You In The Christmas Mood

Local scented candle supplier Lilin+Co has launched a Christmas set (RM125) in collaboration with local influencer Jenn Chia aka So I’m Jenn. The three new scents are called “Butter Cookies”, “Grandma’s Closet” and “Old Books”, perfect if you want your loved one’s home to smell like a fresh Christmas.

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Another set for those who want to safely recreate a small bonfire at home is the Santa’s Treehouse Set (RM150) by Penang-based brand Nudecco. The four item set includes a 200g jar of scented candles available in four festive flavours, one bonfire, a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar and a pack of smores.

Forget the ugly Christmas sweater trend. Batik, a type of dye-dipped wax-resistant fabric native to Indonesia, can be a festive AF. Local batik brand Nyonya Kain released a collection of Christmas-themed kimonos (from RM99) and palazzo pants (from RM75) this week. When bought together, the batik kimono and palazzo pants set costs between RM165 and RM205, depending on the design. These festive batik products are available for purchase by direct messaging the brand on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Batik Boutique from KL has a kit (RM89) just for those who want to try batik painting. The Holiday Print Pack includes a hand drawn design in a wooden embroidery hoop. The colors in the set are primary colors red, blue and yellow. It also comes with a brush and palette for an artistic touch. The text scratched on the fabric says “Merry Christmas Lah”, which is essentially a greeting card sprinkled with a bit of Malaysian slang.

No space for a big Christmas tree in your home? No problem. Flower from Malaysia This has a small Christmas tree (RM209) filled with pine leaves, pine cones, cotton blossoms and red carnations that will add a warm festive feel to your space or that of your loved ones.

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For something a little more fairytale-like, check out the Mini Bell Jar Christmas Tree (RM185) from Petaling Jaya florist Scentales. It is slightly reminiscent of the legendary rose of

Move over, Chanel. Malaysian beauty brand Root Remedies and jewelery brand Minimalist Lab have teamed up to create a 12-day advent calendar (RM698) filled with best-selling gems, face oils and other beauty products.

Malaysian luxury cosmetics retailer Ken’s Apothecary has also put together an advent calendar (RM499) featuring 12 miniatures of their best sellers, including Diptyque’s Paris candle, fragrances and beauty products from in-store brands such as French perfumer Frederic Malle, and Hungarian skincare label Omorovicza .

Things To Get You In The Christmas Mood

Malaysian soap brand Claire Organics has a gift collection (RM124) with six items including four handmade Christmas soaps, a soap bag to keep them dry after each use and a balm to hydrate and soothe irritated skin. They come in a red box, decorated with pictures of Christmas icons such as Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeer, gingerbread men and penguins.

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For something cheaper but just as sweet, Manja Skin has also created four festive soaps (RM50), shaped and painted with deer, snowflake, decorated pine and poinsettia flower.

Want to spread Christmas cheer through snacks? Jaya Petaling Bakery Elevete Patisserie has a very festive Christmas Platter (RM82) with cheesecakes, log cake, cookies and macaroons. It is decorated with small snowflakes, a Christmas tree, Santa Claus and reindeer.

Local chocolate brand Cocoraw also has a chocolate truffle and cookie set (RM95) for chocolate lovers. The set includes two boxes of 24 pieces of their signature soft chocolate in flavors that the customer can choose from such as mint, milk, salty.

Decorate that Christmas tree with an ornament that doubles as a gift. Local brand Handmade Heroes has packaged their delicious Coconut Sorbet Lip Scrub together with their Sleeping Lip Mask in a festive package (RM79.80). An online review says the lip mask “works wonders.”

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One of Queen Elizabeth’s must-haves at Christmas is festive crackers. For fans of this Christmas tradition, Malaysian bath product brand Wunderbath has a Nutcracker Bubble Bath Bar (RM34.90) which is also shaped like a cracker. The scent of mistletoe in the bubble bath is described as “a wonderful woody scent of fresh pine reminiscent of Christmas mornings with a hint of delicious ripe cranberries.”

Subscribe to the WTF is Up in Southeast Asia + Hong Kong podcast for our take on the latest news and pop culture from the region every Thursday! Hello December – finally! Which means the countdown to Christmas can officially begin. This is my favorite time of the year. I’m not a Christian, but I’ve always loved Christmas. There’s something about this time of year that makes me feel really good – several reasons, to be honest. For me, the spirit of Christmas is joy, love, kindness and giving. Here are 7 things that are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit – they work for me every year. If you’ve already read enough, you might want to read one of my health posts.

Christmas music really is the best. If joy had a voice, I think Christmas music would be one of its forms. It makes everything cheerful and fits perfectly anywhere – your home, workplace, malls (malls for you Americans :), in the car, and even hospitals. There’s a shape for everyone, from the traditional (like ‘Jingle Bells’) to the modern (think Michael Buble). Some of them are great works of art that have stood the test of time, simply because of the joy that Christmas music brings to people. If you need a good dose of Christmas spirit, turn on the Christmas music – you’ll have humming, singing and spinning anytime – anywhere.

Things To Get You In The Christmas Mood

What is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Christmas? I’m sure Christmas decorations are one of them. For me, these are the best holiday decorations of the year (sorry, not sorry Halloween!). Putting up the Christmas tree and decorations will definitely help you get into the holiday spirit. Be creative and play with new themes and colours, without using the same decorations from 10 years ago – Christmas can also be pink and purple if that makes you happy. It’s also a great activity to get the family involved – turn on some Christmas music for extra impact!

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Anyone else as crazy about gift wrapping as I am? Presents are a very normal part of Christmas. In fact, gift shopping is another great way to celebrate and have fun. But things should not end there. Don’t get a random person at the gift wrapping counter to sort things out for you – please! Gifts are not complete without your love and care in how they are wrapped and presented. And believe me, if you really get into it, wrapping presents can be therapeutic. I like to choose my wrapping paper carefully, get out my gift wrapping box and settle in for some gift wrapping. You-Tube or Pinterest ideas on how to up your wrapping game – have fun with it. Complete packaging with bows and charms for gifts. Your Christmas spirit will shine as you look at the loving gifts under the pine tree.

Looking at this picture of Christmas food makes me smile! When you’re a foodie like me, Christmas is heaven for great food. If you enjoy cooking, you will get into the spirit of things when baking a fruit cake, making trifles or baking a roast. If cooking isn’t for you, that’s okay. All you need is a whiff of the delicious smell of what’s cooking, or the sight of a beautifully laid table full of Christmas food, to get you in the holiday spirit.

Holidays are always better when shared with friends and family. Christmas wouldn’t be good without it. If you need a burst of Christmas spirit, make sure you get together with family and friends for a celebration. Life is too short to spend the holidays working. Take a break, drink some wine and laugh with your loved ones.

Christmas is about giving. We pile presents for family and friends under the Christmas tree, which is great. But that’s not all. For me, nothing brings the Christmas spirit like spreading love to those who need it. It doesn’t take much, just do what you can. It’s thought and effort that counts. I love donating to toy drives or making a small basket or two for a family in need. A random act of kindness can go a long way, and the benefits are immediate. It gives you

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