Coach Bags coming Fall 2020 some are here already!

Coach Bag circle

The timing of the Coach Bags 2020 fashion weeks doesn’t match what we wanted as we couldn’t be there – no thanks to the virus – and most of us want to buy now what is on the runway 🙂

A long time ago, a Fashion Week was mostly a display of what could be – like prototypes maybe – or fashion that only very rich people could afford. Things changed quite a lot.

Coach has evolved into a new path. The Coach bags you saw on the runway can be purchased immediately thanks to Stuart Vevers. In fact, we can do that for a few years now.

This year, just after the NYC Fashion Week, Coach released its Fall 2020 collection, meaning we could buy the beautiful Coach bags while the models were still on the runway!

I agree, not all the bags were in stock yet but many of them were. Coach released a handful available for purchase, some went out of stock quickly though 😐

New Coach Bags

Coach Bags circleThis Circle Coach Bags Crossbody is one of the Pride Collection. An homage to balance and diversity. We saw models wearing dresses jeans walking the runway with this bag.

The bag is made of canvas and soft leather.  It’s minimalist yet, decorated with an adjustable strap and a Coach colorful tag. Beautiful as diversity is.

Why these big changes? Easy to imagine.

We watch a terrific fashion show and fall in love with a beautiful handbag but we can’t buy one until… months later. What are the chances to fall again for another bag?

Selling during or just after a runway show allows brands like Coach to fulfill our needs on the stop thus selling without any paid advertisement. Creating a nice ROI (Return On Investment) based on the Fashion Week audience – Smart! More and more registered trademarks act this way.

Several of the beautiful Coach bags we saw are already available and the one I show off here goes out of stock quickly. As I write, only 9 were in stock while my favorite online reseller had only one.

Is selling hot from the runway a good idea, it is. I had a conversation with the owner of My Small Store and he said that they couldn’t put the Coach Bags online until the end of the Fashion Show but as soon as their newsletter was received, 90% of their new arrivals stock was sold out. Selling off the runway is a terrific idea not only for the designer but also for its resellers.

For us, it’s also a terrific opportunity – imagine wearing a new handbag days after it was displayed during the New York Fashion Week 2020… a real head turner! Unfortunately, I couldn’t put my hands on one… I was too slow 🙁

I see some rolling a vegan eye on me because Coach bags, even the canvas ones are made of genuine leather and even sometimes made of calf leather 😐 We need to remember that Coach started in 1941 as a leatherware shop and it is a tradition attached with the company and its designers. Coach already got rid of using real fur and certainly one day the designer will use polyurethane instead of cowhide.

Waiting for that, let’s enjoy the beauty of this new collection while I continue to manage my contact list to get a pass for next February NYC Fashion Week 🙂

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