Should You Swim While On Your Period

Should You Swim While On Your Period – Swimming during menstruation is healthy and should not be a reason for menstruating women to stop swimming.

As a girl or woman, if you are planning to get in the water this summer, or to learn or enjoy some water activities, there is a good chance that you will be and your time on the day you plan to swim. . But it allows you to enjoy swimming and sailing, diving, etc. should not prevent you from continuing to enjoy water-based activities as Women tend to avoid getting involved in water during menstruation for fear that they may jump into the pool. one thing. Some women do not know what to do during menstruation or what products to use in the bath.

Should You Swim While On Your Period

Should You Swim While On Your Period

Swim anytime, anywhere. National champion Aditi Dumatkar recalled the time she competed on the first day of the month. “I can’t manage my time and control the day of the competition,” he says. “I have to train my body like that. It’s just a thought implanted in us. “Swimming during my period does not interfere with my mental activity.” Aditi did not miss a single day of training on the pretext of menstruation.

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AUSTSWIM (Swimming and Diving Instructor) from Australia, Ceri Weeks, says: “In Australia, water sports are part of our culture, so something different . Girls use tampons. It’s just about reviving people – men, parents and women. Whether it’s for fun or even swimming in the ocean, it’s the perfect workout when it’s time to swim. If you feel good, go right in. “If you want to swim, nothing can stop you,” Seri says.

Nisha Millet, program director of the Nisha Millet Swim Academy said, “Competitors cannot miss four days of swimming. “Because I always swim, I ride a bicycle.” “Even in his school, they don’t stop menstruating swimming girls.”

Basic hygiene is important before entering the pool. “Wash yourself thoroughly and jump straight into the pool,” says Karishma Sadarangani Shah, national champion and principal of Karishma Aquatic Academy. Aditi agrees and insists on going to the bathroom as soon as she gets out of the pool to clean and dry herself.

You can enter the pool without a tampon, but panties or panties are a no-no. Nisha says: “Initially, we did not use tampons. A menstrual cup or tampon can prevent infection. However, since water stress stops menstruation, the possibility of the latter is small. Tampons don’t come out. If you put them right, it’s stupid. They come in all sizes, so beginners can start with the thin ones and move on to the bigger ones. Don’t forget to use a new tampon or menstrual cup before swimming.

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The only reason to avoid swimming is if you have a lot of sores, aches and pains.

In India, many people believe that women are not allowed to enter the water during menstruation. It is forbidden to even talk about it. Karishma said: “It’s difficult for people to swim during menstruation. Some people don’t understand the concept, while others don’t try and discuss it because they might think they don’t like it. .

These days, there are various academies where parents, teachers, coaches, and swimmers learn how to swim in your spare time. Nisha said, “We can also see instructors and male instructors. The professional and gentle system is the main thing that supports girls and women who want to swim during their time.

Should You Swim While On Your Period

“It’s important to educate people,” says Ceri. She compares swimming during her period to throwing a baby in a pool. He says: “Babies rarely swim in pools. The pressure of the water restricts their bodies. It is difficult for them to jump out of the pool. Likewise, it is almost if a woman is menstruating it is impossible to enter the pool.

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Swimming Matters has tied up with Menstrual Hygiene Day to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene while swimming to ensure that billions of Indians can enjoy healthy swimming.

Previous Post Why India Needs Big Swimming and Water Safety Instructors Next Time to Swim: A Mother’s Thoughts! Tampon ads featuring white women in fields may be a little silly, but they’re right about one thing: you don’t have one. Change your daily activities when you get your period, including swimming. Swimming can be one of the best parts of summer. Don’t let your period stop you from learning to surf or showing off your beautiful bikini.

Whether you swim in the ocean or a pool, swimming during your period is normal, hygienic and completely safe, including from sharks. So take inspiration from this collaborative team that composes seasonally inspired water ballets and take the plunge. Tampon-style sailing is not required.

You may have heard that your period stops with water. There is some truth here. It’s not magic, it’s physics. Water pressure works against gravity and pushes your blood. But if you sneeze, cough, laugh, or even move in any way, blood may still come out, but it will be diluted with water and will not leave blood behind. By the second you get out of the water, your blood will be back to normal. This means that you will want to wear a menstrual style if you are nearing the end of your period and your swelling is not light.

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Menstrual pads are designed to absorb your menstrual blood. But they also absorb water. So it’s not a good idea to wear clothes while swimming. It may even feel like wearing a blanket. Fortunately, you have other options.

Tampons – suitable for wearing while swimming. Just get dressed as usual, put on your swimsuit and jump into the water. You can wear a tampon for four to eight hours, so if you’re at the beach all day, you can change your tampon once or twice. Just bring a few tampons and check where the bathroom is when you arrive.

If you have never worn a tampon before, refer to the instructions on the box or refer to the tutorial. If this is difficult, try a few different positions, such as placing one foot on the edge of the tub or toilet, or sitting with your knees apart.

Should You Swim While On Your Period

Any type of tampon works well for swimming. Some people find tampons with plastic inserts easier to insert. So if you’re new to tampons, try a brand with a plastic insert. But really, any tampon works well for swimming.

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Another easy way to deal with your period while swimming is to wear a menstrual cup. If you haven’t used one before, a menstrual cup is a small silicone cup that you insert into your vagina to collect your menstrual blood. When you remove the cup, you flush the blood down the toilet, wash the cup in the sink, and put it back. Menstrual cups can be worn for up to 12 hours – longer than tampons – and can be reused, so they are environmentally friendly.

If you use a tampon or a cup, it is unlikely that the blood will enter the water. And even if you don’t use products every time, you won’t lose a lot of blood while in the water. Most people lose between 4 and 12 teaspoons of blood during the whole period – and you will have to drink water for a few hours at most. While swimming or the sea makes blood flow less important, pools contain chlorine to prevent the spread of disease.

Pain time! During aerobic exercise like swimming, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins act as pain relievers and help reduce pain.

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Should You Swim While On Your Period

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