Questions To Ask Doctor When Pregnant Second Trimester

Questions To Ask Doctor When Pregnant Second Trimester – Pregnancy is a new and exciting time for any mother, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have questions along the way. Here, we’ll take a look at some important questions to ask your doctor to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth.

During the first trimester, the baby begins to grow rapidly. In the fetus, the brain and spinal cord begin to develop, and the organs begin to form. During the first trimester, the baby’s heart will also start to beat. As a mother, your body produces extra blood and your heart works faster to meet the demands of pregnancy. Here are some of the most important things to ask your doctor about during the first trimester:

Questions To Ask Doctor When Pregnant Second Trimester

Questions To Ask Doctor When Pregnant Second Trimester

You will have regular check-ups during pregnancy, and more often during pregnancy. For example, in the first trimester you may go a few weeks between visits, and in the last month you may have a weekly checkup.

Six Burning Questions About Pregnancy, Nutrition And Labour Pains

Pregnancy means changing your lifestyle during pregnancy to ensure the health of you and your baby. Below we will describe what you should avoid during pregnancy:

There are a few things you can do early in your pregnancy to make sure your baby is as healthy as possible.

Your body goes through many normal changes, but you may feel strange during pregnancy. Talking to your doctor about which signs and symptoms are normal and which are dangerous will help you in the future if you experience them.

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Must Have Questions To Ask Ob Gyn For Every Trimester

As you enter your second trimester, you need to adjust to the lifestyle changes that pregnancy brings. However, many changes will occur and you will need your doctor’s guidance to avoid any unnecessary worry. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most important questions to ask yourself during the second trimester.

It is recommended that women be physically active for at least 30 minutes three times a week during pregnancy. Exercises such as walking, yoga, pilates and swimming are all good options.

Avoid all contact with extreme sports as well as diving. It is also recommended to avoid sleeping on your back for long periods of time, as this position can interfere with blood flow to the uterus.

Questions To Ask Doctor When Pregnant Second Trimester

It’s okay to swim and shower until your water breaks. Hot tubs should be avoided, especially during the first half of pregnancy, due to the risk of miscarriage and birth defects from exposure to high temperatures.

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The third trimester can be a nerve-wracking third trimester. As your due date approaches, you may begin to have more questions for your doctor. Fortunately, you’ll be seeing your doctor regularly during the third trimester, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

There are vaccines that you will need during pregnancy, including the inactivated vaccine and the Tdap vaccine. Some vaccines, such as measles, mumps, and rubella, must be given a month or more before pregnancy.

Air travel is allowed on domestic flights up to the 36th week of pregnancy, but on international flights it can be earlier. Because there is a risk of blood clots in the legs of pregnant women, it is recommended that they wear a support tube and perform leg and ankle exercises during long-haul flights.

Your labor and delivery can be very different depending on where you give birth – whether it’s a hospital, birth center or at home. A nurse or provider will perform regular cervical exams to check for cervical dilation and effacement. Your healthcare provider may also recommend interventions for your health and your baby’s health, including intravenous injections and fetal monitoring, which will be detailed as needed. You’ll also want to research pain management options like an epidural so you can plan the options available to you during the different stages of labor.

Pregnancy Checklist: 15 Things To Do In The Second Trimester

If you wish, you can prepare a birth plan before giving birth to help you familiarize yourself with the process.

You can read more at Baptist Health Maternity Care. If you have more questions about what to expect during pregnancy, talk to your doctor or find a Baptist health professional near you.

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Questions To Ask Doctor When Pregnant Second Trimester

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Pregnancy Is Far More Dangerous Than Abortion

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This article was clinically reviewed by Olivia P. Myrick, MD, clinical assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at NYU Langone.

Our articles are reviewed by medical professionals to provide the most accurate and useful information about your health and wellness. For more information, visit our Medical Review Board.

Changes In Your Body During Pregnancy: Third Trimester

If you are black, your doctor may recommend regular blood pressure checks, as you are at higher risk of pregnancy-induced high blood pressure. JGI/Tom Grill/Getty Images

Every mom-to-be has searched the Internet at some point for answers to common questions like, “Is that glass of wine safe?” and “Can I still have sex?”

But here’s the thing: the internet, while useful, cannot cater to individual needs and therefore offers general advice that may not be appropriate.

Questions To Ask Doctor When Pregnant Second Trimester

That’s why it’s important to talk to your provider about what type of care is right for you and your baby.

Coping With Common Discomforts Of Pregnancy

“Anything you find online, you need to clarify with your providers,” says Kate White, MD, MPH, vice chair of academics in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Boston Medical Center. “It’s always good to do your research, but the internet can’t tell you everything.”

Here are seven questions you might not think to Google an obstetrician for answers to when you’re pregnant:

“When it comes to things that can affect pregnancy, there are things that the average person wouldn’t think would be important, but their doctor might think they have a right to genetic counseling,” White said.

Medical term: Genetic counseling can help determine how genetic conditions, such as sickle cell anemia or Down syndrome, may affect you or your baby.

Confirmation Of Pregnancy: What To Expect

For example, if someone in your family has a history of blood clots, it may mean you have a condition called factor V Leiden thrombophilia, which increases your risk of blood clots, miscarriage, and other pregnancy-related complications, such as preeclampsia.

That’s why it’s best to start this conversation with your gynecologist as soon as you get pregnant or even before you notice any potential risks.

Visits to doctors during pregnancy are more common in rural areas, where access to medical care is limited. They can be a great option for busy moms or those in school who don’t have time to see a doctor or sit in a waiting room, White says.

Questions To Ask Doctor When Pregnant Second Trimester

Most pregnant women, including those with gestational diabetes or high blood pressure, should qualify for telemedicine visits, especially in the first and second trimesters. Ask your provider if you need special equipment at home, such as a scale or blood pressure cuff, says White. If you are unable to record your blood pressure or accurately calculate your weight, you will not be eligible for a telemedicine visit during your pregnancy.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor By Trimester

New research shows that low-dose aspirin reduces the risk of preeclampsia, a complication that can kill 2 to 8% of pregnancies. There is no known cure other than delivery, White says, which can be challenging if your baby is born prematurely.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists now recommends low-dose aspirin (81 mg/day) starting around the 12th week of pregnancy for four people:

What the research means: A 2017 study of women at high risk for developing preeclampsia found a significant reduction in the rate of premature preeclampsia in those who took aspirin compared to a placebo group. Small doses of aspirin are taken daily from 11 to 14 weeks of pregnancy until 36 weeks of pregnancy. Meanwhile, a 2007 review of 59 trials found a 17 percent relative reduction in preeclampsia using low-dose aspirin.

People with hypersensitivity to NSAIDs, asthma, or a history of childbirth, ulcers, or stomach bleeding should not take aspirin during pregnancy.

Am I Pregnant? Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy & When To Test

If you want a more natural, minimally invasive approach to pregnancy and have no serious chronic conditions or pregnancy complications, you may want to consider

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