Coach Leather Set – Handbag Moisturizer and Cleaner Price: $48.99 (as of 29/03/2021 07:41 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

This Coach Leather Set includes the famous handbag moisturizer and cleaner. Developed for Coach to use on your Coach leather products. A Must Have!



This Coach Leather Set includes the famous handbag moisturizer and cleaner.

Coach Leather SetDeveloped solely for Coach, we recommend that you use only Coach Leather Cleaner and Moisturizer on your Coach leather products.

Other moisturizers and cleaners may have solvents that can discolor or damage the highly refine Coach leathers.

This set safe for use on almost all Coach leathers – see specifications below.

This Coach Moisturizer and Cleaner set is formulated for Coach to extend the natural life and beauty of your handbag while preserving the leather\’s unique beauty.

Consistent use helps preserve both the leather suppleness and color. Refined leather should be moisturized any time they are cleaned or otherwise show signs of dryness. If you live in heat dry or cold dry climate, moisturize monthly.

This terrific leather handbag set works well on any quality leather products, not just on Coach handbags. I use it for my handmade goat leather courier bag. My messenger bag keeps its softness with great leather flexibility and beautiful color.

It is important to protect your investment, cleaning and moisturizing it regularly with the right product, like this set. I have seen many luxury bags damaged by cheap cleaning solutions or by products meant for vegan leather (synthetic leather).

Coach Leather Set Specifications:

Bottles are plastic, not glass and contain net 4 fl oz each (118ml)

This Coach Moisturizer and Cleaner for handbag may be used on the following leathers:

  • Crossgrain,
  • Glovetanned,
  • Metallic Pebble,
  • Natural Calf,
  • Pebble,
  • Polished and Refined Pebble,
  • Signature Calf,
  • Smooth Calf,
  • Soft Calf,
  • Stamped/Glazed Crocodile,
  • Stamped Snakeskin.

Please DO NOT use this set on any “hairy” based products such as:

  • Sport Calf Leather,
  • Calf Suede,
  • Haircalf.

For other leathers not on this list, test in a hidden spot and let dry for at least one hour to ensure there is no visible reaction before proceeding.

This set works well not only on handbags but also any Coach leather including jackets, blousons, pants, vests, etc.