Coach Leather Cleaner for Handbags 4-oz. Price: $24.99 (as of 28/03/2021 07:42 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

When you invest in a Coach handbag, you want to keep it in great shape, we recommend this Coach Leather Cleaner – A Must have and must use!



When you invest in a Coach handbag, you want to keep it in great shape, we recommend this Coach Leather Cleaner.

Coach Leather CleanerDeveloped solely for Coach, this leather handbag cleaner is a cleaner tested to ensure gentle yet effective cleaning and the optimal care for Coach leather products – in fact, not only handbags. Many use it on shoes, blouson, jackets, raincoats, etc.

When to clean? Not only when your handbag looks dirty, but the manufacturer recommends every three months if you use the bag daily or every 6 months if it’s more for occasional use.

To ensure keeping your handbag beautiful, we recommend using the Coach Moisturizer after cleaning.

Coach Leather Cleaner Specifications

This leather handbag cleaner may be used on the following leathers:

  • Crossgrain,
  • Glovetanned,
  • Metallic Pebble,
  • Natural Calf,
  • Pebble,
  • Polished and Refined Pebble,
  • Signature Calf,
  • Smooth Calf,
  • Soft Calf,
  • Stamped/Glazed Crocodile,
  • Stamped Snakeskin.

Please DO NOT use this cleaner on any “hairy” based products such as:

  • Sport Calf Leather,
  • Calf Suede,
  • Haircalf.

For other leathers not on this list, test in an unnoticeable spot and let dry for at least one hour to ensure there is no visible reaction before proceeding.

This terrific leather handbag cleaner works well on any leather products, not just on Coach products. I personally use it for my handmade goat leather messenger bag. My messenger bag keeps its softness with great leather flexibility.

It is important to protect your investment and cleaning it regularly with the right product, like this one. We have seen many designer bags damaged by cheap cleaning solutions or by products meant for vegan leather – mostly polyurethane.

Follow directions on the bottle for usage or refer to the manufacturer’s website.