How to Clean a Coach Purse or Bag?

Cleaning Coach Bags

So you got a brand new Coach and you are wondering how to clean a Coach purse or bag?

After some time, you’ll probably notice regular use of this bag will slowly raise the need for cleaning it. Some people might say this is a complicated and challenging process and that, if you wash it, it will probably never be the same again. But don’t worry! It’s not that hard, and there are some unique products and tips you can apply so you can do it safely without ruining your precious bag.

The following tips correspond to the kind of material your bag is made of because they are differences in both products and processes. That said, let’s start with…


The best way to clean a fabric bag is with the official Coach fabric cleaner. Apply the cleaner in low quantities in localized areas of your bag using a piece of cloth and rub using circular motions. Repeat as needed in different areas of the bag. Once you finish, use another cloth to dry and wipe the excess of cleaner and then let the bag dry completely before using it again.

Don’t want to use the official cleaner? You can do the job using a sponge with soapy water (and a drop of dish detergent if your bag has a grease stain). Carefully dab, but don’t scrub so you don’t ruin the bag’s textures. Use a damp cloth to wash and a dry cloth to wipe any excess, then let it dry for a while.


How to Clean a Coach Purse or BagThere’s also Coach leather cleaner you can get directly from them. Use and apply it the same way we explained in the last section. But there’s an extra step here.

Leather needs to maintain a little moisture to keep its texture and looks. That’s why you also need to apply some Coach moisturizer to restore the bag’s luster and shine after cleaning it. Just rub the moisturizer using a dry cloth and remove excess with another one.

Don’t want to use the official products? Use a damp cloth to clean your leather bag. Don’t use soap or detergent this time. Just water and small circular motions will do the trick. If you see a dirty spot that needs more attention, use your finger or a q-tip to remove it. Please resist the urge to soak the bag or rub it after this process is complete use a dry cloth to remove any excess water and let it air dry for at least one hour.


Suede is a little trickier, but still possible to do it yourself. Again, there’s an official cleaner for this material you can get directly from Coach. It comes as a bar you need to rub into the stained area of your bag gently. Use a brush to remove any excess of this material and let the bag rest for a bit. It will be as good as new!

Don’t want or have the official cleaning solution? There are unique “suede erasers” in the market you can use, but you can also get a little creative and use vinegar in small portions using a cloth to apply and another one to wipe the excess. Use a brush to finish this process. Be gentle!

How to Clean a Coach Purse or Bag should be easy

We’ve given you alternatives, but we also strongly suggest the use of the official Coach cleaning products since they work great but also keep your warranty intact should you need to make use of it sometimes. Using non-official or homemade solutions may be a problem if you need to return the bag because of a factory defect or a similar issue.

If you follow these directions, the answer to How to Clean a Coach Purse or Bag should be easy – You can also contact Coach, they are always great at helping!

What’s so Great about Coach Bags?

What’s so great about Coach bags

Let’s see why are coach purses so popular?

So, what’s so great about Coach bags? Have you sees the Coach bag of your dreams and are still not sure about if it’s right for you, or if you’re getting enough worth for your money? Wondering what’s so great about Coach bags or if you should look for other brands or designers?

Look no more; we’re giving you a few reasons to get a Coach bag, right here and now.

The brand is continuously improving.

Through the years, Coach has been experimenting with an evolving style that has affected not only its bag models but the brand itself. Today, quality and good taste are two of the essential pillars of the Coach philosophy. And these ideas have made Coach one of the best and most relevant luxury brands in the last few years. Just compare it to other luxury brands and you’ll see!

The materials they use are top quality.

When you touch a leather Coach model, you can feel the softness of its material. It’s very delicate, yet sturdy and firm leather that is specially chosen to look amazing, but also to last.

Sure they’re expensive materials, but are also authentic and made to become an excellent all-around product. Not very smooth, and with the right feel. That’s something not many bags can offer, especially a plastic or pleather model.

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The workmanship is also excellent.

The best materials in the world wouldn’t be enough if the bags themselves weren’t properly made. Coach has a very long story (going back to the 1940s) of excellent quality standards that make every model a real winner that could stick with you for a decade even!

Quality assurance and different kinds of guarantees make every purchase a safe bet, knowing that your bag is not only excellent but also protected in case of some unexpected accident happens. This superb service also extends to their post-purchase support.

Replicas and counterfeits are everywhere.

And this is not a very good thing if you get one by mistake. But Coach having more and more manufacturers trying to replicate its quality and good taste is a clear sign of the excellent quality standards they put into their bags.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The Coach brand would surely know everything about it at this point.

The fit is fantastic.

No matter what kind of bag you’re getting. When you try it on, it feels just as if the design is for you.

Shoulder bags seem always to have the perfect height and fit your shoulder perfectly and comfortably. Crossbody bags go around your body nicely without any discomfort of deformation going on no matter how heavy you rock it. Handbags seem to have lots of space for all your stuff. We could keep going like this for hours.

So no matter what kind of bag you’re thinking about getting. You’ll get the best perks of each type if you’re choosing a Coach bag over other brands.

There’s a very healthy resale market.

You wouldn’t believe how many people are looking for a second-hand Coach bag in good shape. So if selling your old stuff is something you usually do, then we’re happy to inform you that you’ll get back some of that investment in the future. Who knows? And this is a solid reason also to take care of your bag, so it keeps its amazing looks in case you decide is not for you anymore. Just remember to research a little bit on the price over time so you can price it right.

Are you convinced yet? What other reason to get a Coach bag over other brands can you think of?

What’s so great about Coach bags


4 ways we’re misusing our Coach Designer bags

How not to use our Coach Designer bags

We love our handbags, but sometimes we can’t help but feel like something is wrong with them. We’re just not comfortable or feel like they get too dirty too fast. Something doesn’t click with that new Coach Designer bags. Like it’s not meant for us.

But it’s not always the bag fault! Sometimes we have some habits or wrong ways to use our bags that lead to uncomfortable sensations, pain, or a shorter useful life for our bags. And we’re here to tell you a bit about some of them.

Coach Designer bags

We’re putting too much weight on it.

We always want to carry our stuff around. But sometimes we forget Coach Designer bags are just for the essentials. We put as much as we can get into our bags and bring that extra weight with us all day.

Shoulder bags and crossbody bags are especially uncomfortable when using skinny straps and carrying a lot of weight since all that falls into one side of our bodies. If we have them for a lot of time, we feel the need to switch sides every so often and can get uncomfortable and tired relatively quickly.

Not only that, but the bag itself can suffer from wear and tear, modifying its original shape, damaging the materials, and ultimately contributing to a shorter life.

We’re using backpacks too low.

Backpacks are a thing of beauty. We can put more stuff on it and wear it comfortably on our back without worrying about deformations or tearing. They’re heavy-duty and we love them for that.

But we also forget how to use them properly fairly quickly. For starters, using it too low can distribute the weight on our weaker lower back and also have more stress on our shoulders. Also, want to look cool and use just one strap? Don’t, we just talked about how that is not a very good idea.

We put our bag anywhere.

These days, that’s something you should be aware of. Having our Coach Designer bags collect dust, bacteria, or a virus from a contaminated surface or worse, the floor can be not only bad for the useful life of your bags even beach bags but also dangerous to you and to those around you.

Sure, we can clean and sanitize it every so often. But it’s better to be careful of what and who has been in contact with our bag. There’s no such thing as too cautious these days.

We use the same bag for everything.

Shopping, school, work, the gym… Using the same Coach Designer bags means we put more and more stuff on it and our “essentials” become a big group of objects that may not be useful at all on a given Sunday, for example.

Having multiple bags doesn’t mean moving all our stuff from one to the other every time either. You can have different items ready on different bags being a little bit more organized, moving only things such as your car keys or wallet, and having a healthier weight distributed among all of them.

This is also a great way to give us an excuse to buy more bags with the Coach Signature, right?

Overall we all make mistakes when using our bags because they definitely deteriorate over time. This is normal; we don’t mean to have a perfect bag forever. But we can take better care of it, and our health by changing our habits and lifestyle giving us more reasons to love our favorite bags and ending that sensation of not being really comfortable when using them on a daily basis.

What other bad habits do you think we have when using any kind of bags clutches, shoulder bags tote, or messenger bags? And how many leather bags do you use on a daily basis?

Shop Right: Why Ethical Manufacturing Matters

Many of us try to be ethical in our purchases. According to a recent survey, 96 percent of us think that our own actions such as donating and recycling clothes, or buying ethically, can make a difference. This is great news but there’s still something of a misunderstanding about what is and what isn’t ethical manufacturing.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at why ethical manufacturing is so important to the environment and people around the world. If you’ve been on the fence about paying a premium for ethically-made goods, we hope this article can convince you that it’s worth it.

Ready to learn more about how your choices can impact others around the world? Then read on!

Ethical Manufacturing

Ethical Manufacturing Helps Prevent Worker Exploitation

If you can, take a look at the label on your top right now. What information is there on that little strip? More likely than not, all it says is where it was made, what it’s made of, and how you should wash it.

It’s very easy to ignore the problems of un-ethical manufacturing when we go by the label. There’s no way for us to know what the working conditions are like in the factory or whether children have made your top. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that workers are exploited around the world while making clothes and bags.

Child Labor

Around the world, hundreds of millions of children have to work, depriving them of the right to go to school. A large proportion of these children are employed in sweatshops making clothes and textiles. Ethical manufacturing means buying from companies that refuse to employ children.

Health and Safety Violations

Health and safety violations in sweatshops are all too common. In 2013, a textile factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing over 1000 workers. The fast fashion industry demanded that workers go back into a building that was not fit for purpose, leading to these deaths.

Lack of Worker Power

Workers in sweatshops are usually banned from joining unions. This means that they have no collective bargaining power and no way to make their voices heard to management about the poor conditions.

Corporal Punishment and Other Cruel Measures

Due to the lack of collective bargaining power and the need for money in deprived societies, management may use corporal punishment and other cruel measures to keep order in sweatshops.
Ethical Manufacturing and Climate Change

Workers’ rights aren’t the only issue with unethical manufacturing around the world. Another key issue is how unethical manufacturing can contribute to climate change. When weighing up whether a luxury bag is worth it, it’s worth questioning how the fashion industry impacts the world’s climate.

Use of Natural Resources

The fashion industry is growing and it uses a lot of natural resources. According to United Nations figures, 20 percent of the world’s wastewater comes from the fashion clothing manufacturers. It takes a great deal of water to grow cotton.

Synthetic fabrics are also problematic as they are made from oil and other fossil fuels. This means that they are not biodegradable and the manufacturing process can pollute water sources with plastics.

The fashion industry also has a large role in soil depletion around the world. Growing the same crop, such as cotton, over and over again on the same patch of land, leads to soil depletion, where the soil loses nutrients. Heavy use of chemicals in cotton and other crop production can also lead to pollution of the soil and water table.

Transportation Problems

The fashion industry needs to transport goods from the supply chain across the world from where they’re made in Asia and Africa to the west. This transportation often uses cargo planes and cargo ships in vast numbers. This boosts the fashion industry’s carbon footprint even more.

Fast Fashion Does Not Offer High-Quality Products

Fast fashion is focused on offering cheap and disposable clothing that is not well-made and will not last for a long time. Due to this, production must increase as owners throw away old shirts and dresses rather than repairing them. This, in turn, uses more resources than longer-lasting clothing.

How You Can Combat Unethical Manufacturing

While the onus of change rests with the fast fashion industry, we can make an impact. We need to be canny consumers and purchase goods that are kind to workers around the world as well as the climate. What does this look like in real, concrete terms?

Avoiding Replica Fashion

One of the most important changes that you can make is avoiding “replica” pieces. These are pieces that ape more exclusive brands. For example, you may see a replica luxury designer bag that is a fraction of the price of the real thing.

Unfortunately, this lower price often means that the replica piece is made using sweatshop labor and in terrible working conditions. If you want something that is similar too but not as expensive, look for diffusion brands. These are secondary lines that come under the umbrella of larger companies.

For example, Love Moschino is a diffusion brand of Moschino which is ethical manufacturing.

Spend a Little More

We touched on this issue a moment ago but if you want to support ethical fashion, you should be prepared to spend a little more. Ethical fashion puts more effort into where it sources its materials and the factories that it uses than fast fashion does. Therefore, this is reflected in the costs.

Buy High-Quality Clothes

Buying high-quality clothes means that they should last longer and repair will be more worthwhile if they rip or break in another way. This is in contrast to fast fashion, where you would typically throw away a broken item and buy another cheap one. Luxury brands are a great place to look for these types of clothes and accessories.

The Extra Effort Is Worth It

Ethical manufacturing may not be too common in the fashion industry but it’s worth looking for. Next time you’re looking at a fashion accessory you want to buy or some designer bags, ask yourself what you’ll be supporting. Is it ethical?

If you’re interested in browsing luxury brands and eschewing fast fashion, take a look at our shop! We stock a lot of fantastic brands that we’re sure you’ll love and that you can enjoy with a clear heart. If you’ve got any questions, get in touch with us!

Coach Classic Bags our Thoughts

Coach Classic Bags

Coach classic bags are known for their stylish building, ageless style, and also an iconic logo. These ever-popular handbags are a standard accessory for lots of people. For some young ladies, purchasing or obtaining your initial Coach bag is taken into consideration a ceremony of passage.

Coach constantly provides a striking equilibrium of on-trend and timeless styles with their bags, and they’re not worried to get edgy with some layouts. With so many sizes as well as colors to select from, it’s not difficult to say that there’s a Coach bag for everybody. Minimalists, fashionistas, and also bag fanatics all concur: if there’s one bag to have in your collection, it’s a Coach product.

Maintain reviewing our Coach bag purchasing overview to pick one that best suits your style. Our top choice, the Coach Reversible Signature Tote, includes flexibility as well as a large design that are exceptional.

What to look for when picking a Coach classic bags

Coach Classic Bags

Different Styles

Crossbody: These handbags have a single strap that is generally flexible with a buckle. They look like carrier bags, envelopes, or little versions of larger Coach bags.

Pouch: This catch-all term describes several Coach styles that have some structure and also include zippers and also multiple compartments. They typically resemble mini suitcases and stand up by themselves.

Lug: These bags usually have a huge main area without any actual zipper or closure and resemble beach bags. They are normally midsized, large, or oversized.

Different Sizes

Tiny Coach bags will certainly hold the bare fundamentals, including your phone, and also a couple of other products. These handbags are perfect for minimalists or if you’re taking a trip and also do not require to bring too much with you.

Midsize Coach bags are very popular, as they’re typically preferred for everyday usage. These best styles hold the basics, in addition to small make-up e-readers, bags, or treats.

Large Coach bags typically have compartments huge enough to fit folders, note pads, and even some small laptop computers. They’re excellent for specialists that wish to combine their purse and also job bag into a single elegant carry.


Train bags are made of natural leather, PVC plastic, and canvas. Canvas bags are made with costs fabric blends and, depending on their design, can be hefty or bulky.

Lug design

Train bags are normally offered in 3 main lug designs. Some bags have crossbody bands or dual straps, whereas others have enhanced deals with to grip or slip over your wrist.

Logo design style

One-dimensional: Some Coach bags include a stamped Coach logo design, particularly PVC designs. Leather Coach bags occasionally have actually embossed logos for a simpler, discrete appearance.

Plate design: Coach bags with engraved logos come in gold or silver. This feature tends to drive up the cost.

Iconic “C” print: Coach additionally includes its legendary “C” print in a few of its textile designs, including PVC, canvas, and also natural leather. Also when the print is existing, among the above logo styles is still included on the bag.

Attributes of Coach Classic Bags


Coach bags have different levels of company using areas. The average design has 2 or 3 primary areas and also occasionally, a couple of smaller sized ones. There are likewise dump bag as well as lug styles that consist of one big compartment.

Carry flexibility

Your Coach bag could have 2 or even more bring designs that you can select from depending upon your preference or present demands. As an example, many smaller sized Coach bags have detachable crossbody straps that additionally enable you to lug them as a clutch.

Handbag costs

Train bags range in cost in between $90 and $500. At the reduced end of the range, anticipate either tiny bags or those made with leather options, such as canvas or PVC. Much more costly Coach bags are typically special, on-trend designs made from top-shelf leather.


  • Q. Why do some Coach bags have little metal feet on their bases?
  • A. Besides being an attractive embellishment, they create an even base for the bottom of your bag. The materials of your bag might throw the facility of gravity off. With steel feet stabilizing it, the bag stays upright.
  • Q. Does the dimension of the Coach bag influence its price?
  • A. Not constantly. Cost is based on a mix of materials, cellular lining, style, and also building. Often a smaller sized leather Coach bag will set you back significantly greater than a midsize PVC Coach bag.

Coach Classic bags we suggest

Cream of the crop: Coach Reversible Signature Tote

Our take: Enjoy the adaptability of two layouts or colors with high-quality building and construction at an unbelievable value.

What we like: Besides being relatively easy to fix, it comes with a matching wristlet. Constructed from waterproof PVC material, it’s lighter than Coach’s other leather bags.

What we dislike: There isn’t much supplied in the way of company, as there’s only one significant compartment.

Finest bang for your buck: Coach Signature File Crossbody Bag

Our take: A budget-friendly Coach classic bags with an ultra-practical design. It’s light-weight, polished, and also comfortable to bring.

What we such as Simple, straightforward area departments create an organized bag. Offered in over 10 colors, so you can select on-trend or neutral colors as well as prints.

What we do not like: Could be a little bit much heavier than anticipated given the small size. Some concerns regarding authenticity and also building and construction were increased by customers.

Option 3: Coach Signature Sierra Satchel

Our take: Features the organized style and upper-class appearance that Coach is known for.

What we such as: Carry these coach classic bags with deals with or on a crossbody band. A rigid and also unique shape makes it a classy addition to an expert outfit.

What we dislike: Despite its high-end silhouette, it’s not made of natural leather. Some customers felt the shapes and sizes were awkward for lugging their things.

Train bags are understood for their classy building, classic design, and also famous logo design. Coach continually supplies a striking equilibrium of on-trend and also traditional designs with their bags, and they’re not terrified to get edgy with some styles. Train bags are made of leather, PVC plastic, and also canvas. A lot more costly Coach bags are commonly distinct, on-trend styles made of high-grade natural leather.

In some cases, a smaller sized leather Coach bag will cost significantly even more than midsize PVC Coach classic bags.