Not Overweight But Want To Lose Weight

Not Overweight But Want To Lose Weight – It is everyone’s dream to lose weight to zap belly fat but, far from being obvious, there is a reason why excess fat in the belly area can lead to dangerous, especially visceral fat. Fat is stored throughout our body, but how does an enlarged waistline put you at risk for chronic disease?

Your body fat affects your health differently depending on where it is stored. While fat found on other parts of our body (think arms, legs, butt) is considered “subcutaneous fat,” abdominal fat is usually “visceral.”

Not Overweight But Want To Lose Weight

Not Overweight But Want To Lose Weight

“Subcutaneous fat” is pinchable, scaly fat between your skin and muscles that helps keep you warm, cushions you against shock, and stores extra calories. “Visceral fat” stores calories as well, but is not pinchable because it is in and around your body. It is hidden deep in the stomach area, which makes it firm (not squishy) when you press on it.

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Fat doesn’t just store calories – it’s the tissue that can produce and release hormones that affect your body. Because visceral fat is close to our body, it releases these chemicals poorly. Having too much visceral fat can increase your LDL (aka “bad” cholesterol) and blood pressure. Visceral fat can also make you less sensitive to insulin, which puts you at risk for type 2 diabetes.

Even if you’re thin, you can still have visceral fat around the abdominal area – being “skinny” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy. There is no way to distinguish visceral from subcutaneous fat other than an expensive CT scan, but it is important for you to have a rough idea of ​​what your visceral stores are. Here are some tips to find out where your stomach is:

Apples and pears: You may be asking yourself, “What does fruit have to do with it?” These two fruits provide a quick overview of where most of your fat is stored in the body. Pears tend to store fat in the lower extremities (hips, thighs, buttocks) as subcutaneous fat while apples tend to store fat in the upper region (abdomen, chest) as visceral fat. A quick check is required, but this is a poor way to tell the two forces apart.

WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE (WC): Feel your top bone (it is at the same level as the top of your stomach) and circle a tape measure around this point. Remember to relax and don’t pump your stomach (be honest!). Take 2-3 measurements and calculate the average. Men must have WC less than 40 inches (102 cm) and women must have WC less than 35 inches (89 cm).

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WAIST-TO-HIP RATIO: The waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) takes the circumference of your waist (see above) and divides it by the circumference of your hips. To measure your waist, stand in front of a mirror and find the widest part of your butt and measure the circumference. Then use this formula:

Men should have a WHR of less than 1 while women should have a WHR of less than 0.8.

If your parents or siblings have insulin resistance, heart disease, or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, you may be at greater risk for storing visceral fat. Monitoring your visceral fat can be helpful, but knowing what causes this chronic disease is difficult. If in doubt, it’s best to talk to your doctor.

Not Overweight But Want To Lose Weight

If you fall into the normal range for WC and WHR, that’s great! Continue working on your weight goals as you see fit. If you’re not there, don’t despair. Because of its proximity to the liver, visceral fat is often the easiest fat to burn. It is less risky than the subcutaneous fat that tends to be around.

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Unfortunately, you can’t see that reducing the fat around your stomach, no matter how much you do. The next best thing is to live a healthy life:

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Trinh Le, MPH, RD Trinh is a registered dietitian by day, ger at Fearless Food RD by night. She loves helping people develop a relationship with food, which involves a lot of cooking, eating and learning about food. When she’s not whipping up (mostly) healthy pills, you can find Trinh HIIT-ing it at her local gym. For more information, connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

You are in control of your body and health, so take your documents as well. Learn more about your rights and options. Or click here to delete some cookies. You have entered the steps of health and training management, and you have seen the results on the scale. But many women reach their goal weight only to be disappointed that they have lost little or no belly fat. While it seems that our belly fat will decrease when we lose weight, you cannot tell your body where to lose fat, and it is rare to lose weight negatively. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with tips to help you stay strong and lean around.

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First: why is belly fat so stubborn? Everyone’s body is different, so it depends on the person, but there are several reasons. “Fat is often a sign of ‘stress’ or insulin resistance. When you’re stressed, your cortisol levels rise, which can lead to central fat storage,” Amy Shapiro, MS , RD, CDN, and founder of Real Food. , says “Genetics also play a role here, so if your parents tend to carry the weight of their middle, you can do the same.”

In addition to genetics, Cassie Lambert, a certified NASM trainer and strength coach, said your training regimen can play a role. “For example, a low-carb diet will start to lose weight, but this is due to water loss from glycogen in the muscles and not fat,” he explained. Lambert also mentioned a lot of cardio as an example of how to lose weight fast but not belly fat.

Evan Harden, personal trainer and founder of the National Bar League, says losing weight too quickly is a mistake. “When that happens, it’s hard to maintain muscle, let alone grow new muscle,” Harden said. “This leads to weight loss but not body fat and ultimately poor health.” Losing weight gradually is important for maintaining muscle mass, and Harden noted that new research shows that we should not lose more than one to three percent of our body weight in a week. Here’s more information on how quickly you should expect to see results from exercise.

Not Overweight But Want To Lose Weight

Although you can’t forget to lose fat, there are foods and exercises that are effective for losing weight in most ways possible. Shapiro recommends a meal plan that includes high-fiber foods, lean meats, and healthy fats at every meal. “Picture [your] plate and cut it in half. Make sure that half of the plate consists of plants, fruits and vegetables at every meal,” he said. “Then cut the other half into quarters, and make sure one quarter is protein and one quarter is whole grain.”

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And while it’s good to commit to a healthy diet, keep it all in perspective. Don’t beat yourself up if you walk away for a meal or two. “[If] you fall off your plan, go back the next time you eat,” Shapiro says. “Relationship is the movement of the needle, not a mistake.”

Now that we have nutrition, let’s talk about work. Even if you only do an exercise that targets your abdominal muscles, you can’t see the fat. A combination of HIIT cardio exercise and strength training is the best exercise to lose body fat around. Lambert recommends strength training three to five times a week. “[It] improves body composition and metabolic activity, [which] boosts metabolism,” he explains. Lambert suggests incorporating cardio into your routine to keep your calories low.

And while most of us think of exercise as only happening in the gym or on the road, every day there are many opportunities to move – and it makes a difference in the long run. “Exercise more throughout your day to increase energy burn outside of daily exercise,” Lambert said. “Supposedly, you will be able to reduce fat in a sustainable way.”

When we set out to lose weight and body fat, it’s easy to become laser focused on losing weight as quickly as possible. But as Harden emphasized, this is not a healthy or effective way to achieve a healthy body. If we look at good nutrition and regular exercise as a lifestyle, most of us will lose weight – and belly fat – in a healthy way and keep it off. forever.

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