List Of Things You Can Do To Help The Environment

List Of Things You Can Do To Help The Environment – Editor’s note, April 4: Since this story was last updated, the coronavirus pandemic has moved on significantly and some details may no longer apply. For our latest coverage, visit our Coronavirus Center. This is the current CDC public health guidance.

Now is not the time to panic, but to prepare, to prepare for weeks, if not months, as many places are closed. Even if you’re in a place where shops are open, many of us don’t want to enter without thinking about the crowded public places we tend to frequent.

List Of Things You Can Do To Help The Environment

List Of Things You Can Do To Help The Environment

“People should be prepared to push back,” said Dr. Caitlin Rivers of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security. “I don’t think we’re over the problem yet.”

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What do you need How should you think about preparing? While store shelves are much emptier than usual and many items are out of stock, many people still haven’t really thought about what the coming weeks and months will hold, and it’s likely to be something we haven’t seen before. Here’s a guide to the essentials (and a printable version).

Not everyone can afford to stock up on the essentials to cope. For many living on the margins, the virus has already destroyed incomes and livelihoods, and there is more to come. But if you can afford to buy something now to make life easier, you’ll help protect your fellow citizens who can’t afford it.

Each additional person in the store increases the odds of transmission of the coronavirus, and many people may be unknowingly carriers. Staying at home means that people who are sick (including those who don’t realize they are sick) spread the virus to fewer people. If, on average, they spread it to less than one person, then the number of cases would decrease. Even just delaying the rise in the number of cases could save lives by buying us more time to prepare.

Therefore, it is not selfish to prepare for the isolation that you and your family may soon face; it’s a way to help protect those who don’t have the resources to prepare. It allows you to avoid short trips that can make you sick. It also allows problems to be addressed at home rather than being stuck when urgent care centers or emergency rooms can be overwhelmed.

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If you can afford something to avoid social distancing, local supply shocks, school closures and potential illness, then it’s a smart move. That said, don’t panic, buy tons of stuff you don’t need. Making it harder for other people to get these things can put you in greater danger.

Here’s an expanded version of some of the shopping guides above that might make an awkward couple of weeks go a little smoother.

Keeping your home, appliances and surfaces clean is not just a general good practice; is increasingly important as we learn more about how the coronavirus spreads and persists on devices such as mobile phones. But that doesn’t mean you have to soak everything in Lysol; a few basic household products and good practices will go a long way.

List Of Things You Can Do To Help The Environment

“Wash your hands a lot more often than you think you need to,” Dr. Rebecca Katz, director of Georgetown University’s Center for Global Health Security and Science, told me. “It’s not satisfactory because people feel they should be doing more, but at the moment it’s the best advice we can give. Don’t ignore it now that tougher precautions have been added. More importantly, basic measures to protect your health and safety.

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The food supply chain will not be disrupted. Hoarding can cause problems, but risk communication experts Jody Lanard and Peter Sandman write: “People may want to slowly start stockpiling enough non-perishable food to keep families spending weeks of social distancing at home.” Don’t worry about hunger.

Looking at how the coronavirus has played out in other countries, it seems that people need to go to the supermarket less often, and if they are sick, they may not want to shop. Many communities also have the potential to stay indoors for long periods of time, possibly months, so boredom is a real concern as many public activities are restricted. Consider buying:

So get ready to tackle it all at home: Are you rehydrating? bandage? Over the counter drugs? Disinfectant wipes? Cold pack? Things like food poisoning or the stomach flu can be treated safely at home, unless “you can’t keep any fluids down and you’re experiencing symptoms of dehydration,” Dixon-Luinenburg said. Wounds can be treated at home with gauze, polysporins and bandages unless there are “signs of infection (hot, very tender areas, swollen, red or pus) or if the bleeding doesn’t stop,” he told me. .

“For a possible sprain/possible fracture injury, this may push you to wait and treat with ice + rest + pain meds instead of going to the ER right away. (If you can put weight on it, it probably won’t break). Still , if your arm is bent in two, it must be broken and the family can’t handle it.”

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As I told my 3-year-old yesterday, doctors are busy and it’s not a good time to be juggling stairs, and it’s a bad time to be unprepared if your 3-year-old is going to do it anyway.

Many states initially announced closures for weeks. But experts say we should expect the shutdown to last much longer. “I think we’re going to continue to see the spread of the pandemic in the United States,” Rivers told me. “I think we’re going to see a corresponding mitigation as well.” months to get back to normal life. Plan everything you need to entertain you and your family at home.

For about 80 percent of people who contract the coronavirus, symptoms are mild, according to data from China. “Mild” doesn’t mean it’s just a cold, it just means you don’t need to be hospitalized. It can still feel like the worst flu of your life.

List Of Things You Can Do To Help The Environment

Living at home, however, means that hospital beds can be reserved for those who need them. “If you’re good at home, you should be at home,” Rivers told me.

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So, stock up on something that can help you get through severe fevers and intense coughs, among other unpleasant symptoms. This will likely include:

But for me, the oximeter is mainly for anxiety relief; I can put it on my finger and be sure I’m probably not too sick to need a doctor.

If self-care at home isn’t enough, you should call before seeking medical attention so you can take precautions, experts say. “If you start to worry that you’re not doing well at home, you can call your doctor or the emergency room,” Rivers told me. “Call ahead to let them know you’re coming and make sure you’re not sitting in a waiting room.”

We’ll send you a series of ideas and solutions for the world’s biggest challenges and how to do it better.

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Clarification: An earlier version of this article suggested buying ibuprofen as a fever reducer. We have removed it from the list due to uncertainty about whether it could worsen the symptoms of the coronavirus. For now, however, the World Health Organization says it has “found no reports of any adverse effects of ibuprofen other than generally known side effects that limit its use in certain populations.”

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List Of Things You Can Do To Help The Environment

If your partner or kids are with you 24 hours a day right now, you’re probably looking for some ideas on things to do at home, alone or with your loved ones.

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Luckily, one of the things I enjoy doing in silence is making lists upon lists of things.

As I sat in the backyard one night listening to the birds whistle goodnight in the trees, my

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