Is Salmon Safe To Eat During Pregnancy

Is Salmon Safe To Eat During Pregnancy – New US guidelines encourage women to eat more fish during pregnancy than ever before. But many women worry that too much mercury can harm their babies. Here is what you need to know.

When Jennifer Power became pregnant with her first child, she insisted on eating fish. He didn’t really like the food, but he thought it was good for his baby. “My OB/GYN encouraged me to eat fish for omega-3 fats,” she says. But power is also involved in the dangers of mercury, and wonders how it can balance the benefits of health with the very dangers of mercury consumption.

Is Salmon Safe To Eat During Pregnancy

Is Salmon Safe To Eat During Pregnancy

Turns Power, that focus on fish. In July 2019, the US Food & Drug Administration released new guidelines recommending that pregnant women eat eight to 12 ounces of low-mercury fish per week to get essential nutrients for pregnancy, especially an omega-3 fat called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). This is more than recommended in Health Canada’s 2007 guidelines, which recommend five ounces of low-mercury fish per week.

Is Salmon Good For You?

What to eat during pregnancy: Food guide and cheat sheet Bruce Holub, professor emeritus in the department of Human Health and nutritional sciences at the University of Guelph, said that new research shows that pregnant women can benefit from DHA more than previously thought, so Health Canada’s guidelines may be outdated. “Two major international clinical trials found that DHA supplementation of 500 or 800 mg per day during pregnancy reduced preterm labor by at least 50 percent, reducing the need for patients to be in the intensive care unit,” said Holub.

Holub added that getting enough DHA reduces the risk of obesity in children. Additionally, because DHA crosses the placenta, it also helps the long-term neurological development of the baby. “DHA supports the development of the baby’s brain and eyes during pregnancy and after birth,” she said.

Kristin Brown, a registered dietitian specializing in maternal health in Fredericton, New Brunswick, adds that fish is also a great source of vitamin D, selenium, iodine and zinc, which are important nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. A four-ounce serving of fish contains about 25 grams of protein, which equates to the 75 to 100 grams of protein needed each day to support fetal growth.

But Brown said some pregnant customers avoid fish because of concerns about mercury, a dangerous metal that can damage a baby’s brain, nervous system, vision and motor skills.

Second Trimester Diet: Foods To Eat And Avoid

Fish accumulate mercury from contaminated waters, and mercury levels typically increase with fish size, age, and diet. Thus, large fish that eat smaller fish and live longer will accumulate the most mercury. Mercury in water will be converted to highly harmful methylmercury, which is more easily absorbed into the body than inorganic mercury, and crosses the blood-brain and placental barriers. It means that it can affect the early brain development of the child, if the intake of mercury is at a very high level (that is, you often eat the fish listed below).

Pregnant women should avoid large, predatory, high-mercury fish, such as marlin, orange roughy, shark, king lizard, helops, tilefish and some types of fish. You should also check your fish plans for the mercury level before consuming any catch at your local lake.

But you should eat a lot of low mercury and omega-fat, such as salmon, trout, herring, lizard, sardines and char. Other low methylmercury options include cod, eel, pickerel, tilapia, shrimp, lobster and shellfish, but these are not omega-3 fatty acids. Whether you buy wild or farmed fish is a personal choice based on cost, availability and environmental sustainability, because mercury can potentially be found in both.

Is Salmon Safe To Eat During Pregnancy

Potentially, her OB/GYN’s recommendation to eat fish inspired a new habit. “I really loved the ease and convenience of salmon, and I became a full-fledged fish lover with my second child three years later,” she says. “And because I eat fish, I think I’ve inspired my kids to eat fish too.”

Should I Be Eating Fish During Pregnancy ?

Larger species of tuna, such as albacore (“white”) and bigeye, accumulate more methylmercury than smaller species, such as skipjack, tuna or yellowfin (“light”), which are lower in mercury and safer for pregnant women to eat.

But while imported albacore tuna is high in methylmercury, Canada’s North Pacific albacore tuna is not, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

“Look for white albacore tuna labeled ‘Product of Canada,'” advises Toronto dietitian Rosie Schwartz. “They’re smaller and have lower levels of mercury, so pregnant women shouldn’t limit their intake.” Buy Canadian albacore tuna at health food stores, specialty foods, or online.If you order a tuna sandwich at a restaurant, get imported albacore, unless otherwise specified.

St. Joseph Communications uses cookies to manage personalization, online advertising and other uses. Learn more or change your cookie preferences. By continuing to use our services, I agree to our use of cookies. During pregnancy, among other things, diet is very important. Most foods are healthy if consumed in moderation, but some can harm a developing fetus and should therefore be avoided. It’s a good idea to consult your doctor at the beginning of each trimester and come up with a list of foods to “eat” and “avoid” so you know exactly what to eat and stay healthy in the third trimester. Salmon is one of the foods that pregnant women can eat during pregnancy.

I Don’t Eat Fish. How Can I Be Certain I Eat Enough Omega 3 During My Pregnancy? • Montreal Diet Dispensary

Salmon is a fish known for its many health benefits that is on the “can eat” list. Salmon is therefore safe to eat during pregnancy. Read the article to know more.

Seafood lovers beware. Most fish and shellfish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, protein, iron and zinc. However, large fish such as sharks, tilefish and halibut contain high levels of mercury, which can accumulate in the bloodstream over time if you consume them regularly. This can cause major damage to the baby’s brain and nervous system and can also affect vision and hearing.

Therefore it must be said that certain fish are taken in moderation. Food experts and health organizations recommend 12 ounces of seafood a week. Also, impurities in fish are another cause of concern during pregnancy, so it is safer to avoid consuming fresh and thoroughly cleaned fish. Is Salmon Safe to Eat During Pregnancy?

Is Salmon Safe To Eat During Pregnancy

The good news for pregnant women and fish lovers is that salmon is allowed and is actually in the category of one “must have”. It must be taken on a proper basis, because too much intake is more harmful than beneficial.

Pregnancy And Fish: What’s Safe?

Salmon intake is recommended by the American Pregnancy Association because it is low in mercury and a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that help the baby’s neurological and visual development. Not only that, salmon is also known to reduce the risk of premature birth and preeclampsia. Benefits of Eating Salmon During Pregnancy

Salmon is rich in many health benefits. It is sometimes recommended to include in the diet especially pregnant women and nursing mothers. See other health benefits of consuming salmon during pregnancy

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But salmon should be taken in moderation, because eating too much salmon can be harmful to the fetus, because;

Can I Eat Smoked Salmon When Pregnant? ·

Although salmon is safe to consume during pregnancy, it is best to avoid raw preparations such as sushi due to the risk of harmful bacteria it contains. You can include salmon in your pregnancy diet from grilled, raw or baked salmon fillets. It can also be served with brown rice and vegetables for a healthy lunch. You can also put it in a salad or make a salmon burger by mixing the fish with breadcrumbs and whole eggs.

Non-vegetarians cannot avoid food during pregnancy as it is a powerful storehouse of nutrients that ensure a healthy and sane pregnancy, delivery and postpartum health. One option as all food consumed during pregnancy is to stay within limits and be aware of what you are eating and where you are getting it from. If in doubt, it is best to check with your doctor. Pregnancy is a time filled with food cravings that need to be eliminated. Take advantage of this period and stay safe.

Does the diet include salmon during pregnancy? Share your experience with us and also include some healthy recipes in your diet.

Is Salmon Safe To Eat During Pregnancy

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