How to Wear your New Small Coach Crossbody Purse?

Wearing a small Coach crossbody purse

So you decided to get a new small Coach crossbody purse! Great! Congratulations on a wise and fashionable selection for your everyday life. You see, a crossbody bag by Coach provides amazing functions and a way to revolutionize your look completely. It’s just a matter of knowing what it can do for your look so you can complement it with your favorite clothing and accessories.

And that’s why we’re here today to help you out a bit with some tips on how you can style your new small Coach crossbody purse.

Use it to contrast a dark look

If your crossbody purse is of vibrant color or a shiny finish, you can make it the focal point of your overall look if you use dark clothing and accessories. We know black is always “in,” so black coats of really dark shades of blue on a dress will attract a lot of attention to your bag. An ideal look for any season and a fail-proof way to make people notice your brand new crossbody purse.

Small Coach Crossbody Purse
Sample of Coach New York Patter Design

Improve on your patterns

If you use a lot of pattern clothing, you know it may be difficult for people to really appreciate them as they should. But a chain strap is a very dressy way to make this happen. A chain will make some heads turn but loses impact over time, and that’s where your favorite patterns come in. It’s a great way to attract more attention and look classy as well, so try it out and let us know how it went.

Get a blended look

Not everyone loves a dramatic contrast; we get it. And that’s why choosing a bag of the same colors as your favorite top clothing pieces such as a sweater or coat is perfectly fine. It’s a conservative and subtle look that simply works, makes you look fabulous, and doesn’t make you stand out too much. Just what we look for sometimes, right?

Patterns vs. plains

If you’re ever struggling with choosing the right look for your crossbody purse, remember this thumb rule: patterned bags work with plain looks, and plain bags work with patterned clothing. It’s a natural, comfortable way to contrast both casual and formal looks and also a great way to give every piece of your look a unique role in your overall look. It’s easy to remember and works.

Loose clothing looks even better with a crossbody purse

You can get a different look just by using the crossbody bag across the body. It accentuates your figure and gives your body a different shape with loose clothing such as a dress or oversized t-shirt. It’s a fun way to shake things up a bit.

And talking about your bag’s position, did you know you can get different effects just by tweaking the position of your bag? Wearing it at the level of your waist gives a trendier look. Wearing in front of you is a great way to look nice and move free when you need to rush.

The traditional look involves adjusting the height to your hips level, as it’s the more classical way to wear it. Finally, you can use the bag on your back to fit into small spaces such as your daily commute.

No doubt, crossbody purses give a lot of freedom, both movement, and style. Your look can work around the bag, or you can make the bag work to complement your look. It’s your look and your choice. None of these tips are set in stone. Give it your twist and let us know the way you prefer to use them.