How To Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Without Losing Data

How To Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Without Losing Data – It is a really frustrating situation when you cannot bypass the lock screen of your Android phone after several attempts and access the data stored on the device. In such cases, you must try to remove the Android lock screen to bypass the Android phone lock screen. Additionally, you can use the Forgotten Pattern feature, the ADB command to delete password files, Google’s Find My Device, etc. to bypass password on android.

Many users have experienced and reported that they have forgotten their phone’s PIN/pattern or password. So, to get you out of this situation, I have compiled the 8 best methods to bypass the Android lock screen so that you can easily access your Android phone again without losing any data.

How To Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Without Losing Data

How To Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Without Losing Data

Note: All solutions below work differently on different Android devices. But it works for most Android phones and tablets like Samsung, HTC, LG, Panasonic, Gionee, Google Phone, Redmi, Motorola, Sony, Vivo, Oppo etc.

Universal Unlock Pattern For Android Without Losing Data

This effective tool can remove PIN, pattern, password and fingerprint lock screen quite easily. Now bypass the Android lock screen in just 3 easy steps:

The answer to this question is yes, it is definitely possible to unlock a locked Android phone by applying some effective solutions.

Unlocking your phone’s lock screen is not a difficult task if you have the right solution with you. There are many ways available by which you can successfully bypass Android unlock pin/password. Therefore, in the next section, I will show you how to bypass password on Android phones manually and automatically.

Android Lock Screen Removal is one of the most popular and convenient Android screen unlock software that effectively removes screen lock from Android devices.

How To Unlock Your Android Phone Screen Without The Power Button

This phone unlock software allows you to bypass pattern locks, PINs and passwords. It is a legal, safe and secure method to unlock screen lock on Android phones/tablets. Remove/disable screen lock without data loss on Android.

This tool works as a universal pin unlocker for Android because it unlocks all types of Android phones. This is the best way for those users who want to know how to unlock Android phone password without factory reset. So simply download Android Unlock Tool and bypass the lock screen on your Android phone.

The process is very easy and simple and in a few steps you can remove the screen lock and access your phone and its data.

How To Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Without Losing Data

Steps to Unlock/Bypass/Hack/Remove Android Screen Lock PIN, Pattern, Password or Fingerprint Part 1 – Unlock Phone Screen Without Losing Data

How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock If Forgotten? Solved Fixes!

Step 1 – Connect your locked Android phone to the computer. Run the Android unlock tool on your computer and then select the “Screen Unlock” option among the various tools.

Step 2 – Choose an unlock method. Here we will provide you 2 ways to bypass screen lock from almost all Android devices. Select “Remove without losing data” to unlock part of your LG/Samsung device without losing data.

Well, it is important to choose the right brand of the device to unlock the screen. There you can see a list of all supported Android device models.

Step 3 – Enter Download Mode. Follow the steps below to put your Android mobile into download mode.

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Step 4 – Download the recovery package When your device enters download mode, it will start downloading the recovery package. You have to wait until the process is complete.

Step 5 – Unlock Android screen lock without losing data. After you finish the process of downloading the recovery package, click on “Remove Now”. This will not corrupt the data stored on your device.

Once all the progress is completed, you can now access your phone without entering a PIN or password.

How To Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Without Losing Data

In the device list, if you can’t find your phone model in the device list, please select the “100% remove screen lock” option to unlock your Android phone. Like this:

Don’t Rely On An Unlock Pattern To Secure Your Android Phone

Step 1 – Select the “Open Android Screen” option Here you will see 2 options but you have to select the “Open Android Screen” option.

Step 2 – Choose an unlock method Now, here you also get two options to bypass the screen lock of your Android device for most brands, such as Nokia, LG, Samsung, OPPO, Vivo, Motorola, etc. Then click on ‘100 Option % Remove screen lock.

Step 3 – Enter recovery mode. Follow the steps in the app to put your phone into recovery mode. Now let’s take an example of a Samsung phone (processes may vary by brand/model):

Step 4 – Steps to wipe the cache partition Once recovery mode is booted, follow the on-screen instructions to wipe all device settings.

Unlock Any Xiaomi / Redmi / Mi / Poco Pattern Lock Without Data Loss

This option is available by default on Android devices and hence you can unlock your phone using Google account or Forgotten Pattern feature.

Note: This only works when you’ve signed in with a Google account before your phone is locked.

Note: This solution requires internet access to reset the pattern lock, otherwise you won’t be able to sign in to your Google account.

How To Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Without Losing Data

If you are a Samsung user, this is one of the most effective solutions you must follow to unlock your forgotten password, PIN, fingerprint or pattern lock.

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Within a minute or two, this will replace your existing PIN with the new PIN you entered, which you can use to unlock your device without a Google account.

This service works amazingly for Samsung devices like S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8 and so on. The steps are easy and simple.

If you can’t unlock the lock screen using Google Account/Forgot Pattern or Samsung Find My Mobile (for Samsung users), you can always use the above Android screen unlock software.

However, you can also reset your phone to get rid of the lock screen problem. To do this, you need to enter Recovery Mode.

Lock Patterns Are Not Safe: Learn How To Better Protect Your Phone

Note: Performing a hard factory reset will erase/delete all data stored on the phone. You also need to find the correct key sequence to perform a hard reset as different phones have different specific sequences. So it is better to find the right key sequence for your Android device.

Find out below how to factory reset an Android device (we took a Samsung Galaxy phone as an example):

Note: When you do a factory reset, your data is deleted, but you can still use Android Data Recovery software to recover data after a reset.

How To Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Without Losing Data

It is one very easy and quick way to get rid of the lock screen. But it is effective if the lock screen is a third-party app and not a lock.

Ways To Bypass Android’s Secured Lock Screen « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Press the power button on your smartphone and long press on the power off option. This will ask if you want to reboot into safe mode. Press “OK” to restart the phone.

This will temporarily disable the lock screen, which is locked by third-party apps. It will wipe the data or remove the lock screen app and come back from safe mode by rebooting.

Note: This is only enabled to bypass a lock screen that is locked using a third-party app lock screen, not a stock lock.

This will only work if you have already enabled USB debugging before your phone is actually locked. You also need to connect the phone to the computer and allow the computer to connect via ADB.

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The command line is then run in the ADB installation directory. Now type this command feature: ADB shell rm /data/sistem/gesture.kei and press ENTER as shown in the image below:

Then restart your phone and the lock screen will disappear. This is temporary, so you must set a new password, PIN, pattern or fingerprint lock immediately before restarting.

Note: This is a very effective method to unlock a locked device, but it will only work if USB debugging is already enabled on the phone.

How To Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Without Losing Data

This solution involves crashing the lock screen UI to access other interface features so you can bypass the lock screen.

What To Do If You Forget Your Android Phone’s Pin, Pattern, Or Password

These steps are useful for those users who want to know how to bypass Android lock screen with camera.

Note: This is a very simple method and you don’t need any third party app or service. This only works for devices running Android 5.0-5.11. And that’s not the right way to turn off the lock screen.

For Android phone users, there is another option called Find My Device which can help you wipe your device with the help of your Google account. This will only work when you sign in to your Google account and if you follow this link you will have access to your phone.

Several users reported that this method doesn’t work on Android 8.0 and above, so if your phone is running on Android 7.0 or above, this is the best trick.

Android Phones Let Anyone Bypass Your Lock Screen

This process is done through PC/Laptop so after logging into the same account click on Lock option. If you don’t get this option, renew once. Once your phone is authenticated, it will display device information with its name.

When you tap on the lock option, you will be asked to enter a new password and this

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