How To Unlock A Locked Phone Without Password

How To Unlock A Locked Phone Without Password – Mobile phone has been our trusted and necessary companion for a long time, so losing access to it or having your data locked is a pure nightmare. And while Android phones aren’t protected with layers of complexity like iOS, unlocking it without a password isn’t an easy task. But in some cases, it can be a very important thing, because it’s easy for you to forget your password or lock pattern, for example. Or maybe you’ve got an old locked phone and need to set it up on your own. Fortunately, there are some easy solutions to all such Android woes.

This method only works if you have previously enabled “Find My Device” on your Android phone. And it will erase all the content of your phone along with the screen lock.

How To Unlock A Locked Phone Without Password

How To Unlock A Locked Phone Without Password

On the left side of your computer screen. After you finish the wipe, your phone will boot into recovery mode and initiate a factory reset. Please note that this process cannot be stopped once started. Once the whole process is completed the screen lock will be removed.

If You Forgot Your Iphone Passcode

If you’re not a techie or the above 2 methods don’t work for you, then iMobie’s DroidKit might be the best solution for you. With DroidKit you don’t really need any additional technical skills and it’s very easy to use and accessible to anyone. For example, let’s see how easy it is to unlock a Samsung phone.

DroidKit supports removing all types of Android screen locks, PINs, passwords, patterns, fingerprint IDs or face recognition. It also works on over 20,000 Android phone models from all manufacturers, with some notable exceptions like OnePlus devices. But manufacturers are also working hard to add them. To unlock your phone, you don’t need to root the device, just a few simple clicks in the software tool. But all the data and content on the unlocked phone will be deleted in the process. Above all, DroidKit is for personal and legal use only. Check below how to use DroidKit to unlock Android phone without password.

Step 1. Download and open DroidKit, then connect your Android device to your computer with a USB cable. Select Unlock Screen in the top right corner of the home page.

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How To Bypass A Forgotten Passcode On Iphone Or Ipad: Legal Tips

Step 5. Follow the instructions on the screen you see and after few minutes your screen lock will be removed. Your Android phone will restart and then you can now regain access to your phone.

But that’s only part of its magic. DroidKit is designed to be the ultimate one-stop solution to common Android problems and can easily handle most of them. Such as recovering lost data or extracting them from faulty system, bypassing Samsung FRP lock, fixing system problems or reinstalling/upgrading Samsung devices. Finally, clean and optimize your system for best performance.

DroidKit is available for Mac and Windows platforms and you can download a completely free trial version. But to unlock its full potential and features, you need to enable it. Luckily, they’re currently offering some great discounts and the full package of DroidKit is included in a 1-year plan for 5 devices and 1 computer. And for a very affordable price, because you’re getting a universal solution to a wide range of Android problems. So check it out.

How To Unlock A Locked Phone Without Password

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How To Unlock A Locked Computer Without Password

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Forgot Your Passcode? 4 Ways To Factory Reset Locked Iphones

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Recently, there has been a trend of finding ways to unlock your phone while wearing a mask, the obvious method being to enter your PIN code.

How To Unlock A Locked Phone Without Password

In the current situation, it is very difficult to unlock your iPhone to view important information. This is especially true if you use PPE at all or don’t want to spread germs to your phone screen.

Unlock Mi Account Locked Device

We recently covered a method on how to unlock your phone while wearing a mask.

Recently there has been a viral trend of videos claiming that apps like Tik Tok and Instagram have a method to unlock any iPhone without using a PIN or Face ID.

Although there are many methods. They all seem to follow the same trend of importing your phone or computer camera from the control panel.

If you try it, you will find that it unlocks your device and takes you to the home page. However, this is not just a deceptive illusion.

How To Unlock An Iphone Without A Passcode In 2022

Even if you cover your camera early in the process, turning off all these pointless settings, the camera still has plenty of time to authenticate your face and unlock the phone, so when you log into the computer, your phone is unlocked.

All steps are taken to distract you from the fact that your phone is already unlocked with your face. This deadly attack is nothing but a viral hoax.

If you came here looking for a real new method to unlock your device and got disappointed then don’t worry we have a real new method for you. It requires a bit of setup but is worth the effort.

How To Unlock A Locked Phone Without Password

This is really helpful if you find that you can’t easily enter your passcode or your device can’t read your Face ID.

How To Unlock Forgotten Iphone Passcode Without Restore

Another note is that if you find yourself locked out of your iPhone, we have a guide for that as well. Furthermore, we also have information available if you have problems with your Face ID or Touch ID.

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Despite the importance of screen lock for your phone, whenever you forget your PIN to unlock your device it leads to many problems. Unfortunately, forgetting your PIN means you can’t access your data and you can’t use your device again.

However, you don’t need to worry too much about this as there are proven ways to unlock your Android phone even if you forget your PIN. So, dive into the article and learn how to unlock your Android phone without PIN.

Easy Ways To Unlock Iphone Without Passcode

No, a factory reset does not remove PINs. Because after factory reset you will be prompted to confirm your PIN. Basically, after the factory reset is done, you will receive a notification on your device saying “Your phone has been factory reset”. Enter your PIN to unlock”. This means you’ll be stuck at this point, because you’ve forgotten your PIN. Therefore, you must consider one of the other solutions described below.

As explained above, your phone will ask you to confirm your PIN after a factory reset. It will then prompt you to enter your Google account to unlock the device (as shown in the image above). For this

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