How To Treat A House For Termites

How To Treat A House For Termites – Structural fumigation is recommended if you have a hard, extensive, partially inaccessible and/or hard-to-find drywood termite infestation. Light infestations are often treated with termiticides applied directly to the wood or local heat treatment.

Heat treatment uses heat instead of chemical gases to kill termites in your home. Again, the house is completely surrounded by a “tent”, but instead of being filled with insecticide, it is filled with heat that termites cannot tolerate.

How To Treat A House For Termites

How To Treat A House For Termites

Tent fumigation is the only option if the infestation is very severe, especially in a hard-to-reach area. Termites can live in areas we can’t necessarily see, such as walls, beams, and floors.

Top 5 Chemicals That Kills Termites Easily

The gas reaches every area and penetrates deep into the wooden structure where termites live and feed during tent fumigation. If the house is fully ventilated and properly cleaned, it will leave no residue on household items.

The time required for fumigation varies. The fumigation process can take anywhere from six hours to a week. It depends on the size of the house, level and type of infestation, food, temperature and other factors.

The two most important methods outside of fumigation are heat treatment and liquid pesticides. Both are similar to fumigation.

Heat treatments that require camping have been shown to be effective against termite infestations. Heating for at least 35-60 minutes raises the temperature of the wood in the whole house to 120-130 degrees. It is effective in detecting local colonies. It can damage heat-sensitive items (electronics, vinyl, beauty supplies, wires, furniture, etc.) so they must be removed before the process.

Early Detection Of Termite Infestation

Add several holes in damaged areas of floors and walls to inject the termite. The treatment provides a long-lasting effect to protect against future outbreaks. This treatment does not require a tent.

If you notice signs of termites, call a professional pest control company as soon as possible so you can deal with them? If you wait, the entire colony can be taken over and you have no options at that point.

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How To Treat A House For Termites

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The Truth About Termites In Florida And What You Need To Know

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How Long Is A Termite Treatment Good For?

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How To Treat A House For Termites

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Termite Treatment At Home

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Types Of Termites: Areas They Are Found

Buying a home with potential red flags during a home inspection can cause buyer anxiety. But are you buying a home where termite damage is significant? Well, this can be a terrible deal breaker. But with housing in short supply and demand high, many buyers are considering things when building a home that they may not have before — including dealing with termites.

This can be costly. According to the National Pest Control Association, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage each year. What’s more, these costs are usually not covered by home insurance.

But before you completely freak out, know this: termite damage doesn’t have to be a nightmare. What to do if you love the house but hate its termites? First, find out how extensive the damage is, whether it can be repaired, and what the inspector recommends to rid the home of pests. Then see if you can negotiate a solution with the seller. Here are some important things to keep in mind before buying a home with termite damage.

How To Treat A House For Termites

Just because a home has termite damage doesn’t mean you should automatically write it off. Much depends on how extensive the damage is and how much it will cost to repair.

Termite Story Of Your House Infographic

If you live in an area where termites are more likely (such as parts of California, Florida, and Louisiana due to high temperatures and soil conditions), you may want to look for termites in your home. Losses may occur. If the damage is caught early, it can often be repaired with minimal problems.

In fact, termite damage can actually be a bargaining chip. Take Mike Kistner for example. Kistner, a realtor with PMZ Real Estate in Lodi, Calif., bought a home with termite damage that the seller disclosed before Kistner made an offer. The seller agreed to camp the house to fumigate the termites before the home inspection. After that, the inspection report came back clean and Kistner was able to negotiate a $2,500 minor repair with the seller to prevent future infestations.

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