How To Start Your Own Shoe Line

How To Start Your Own Shoe Line – Over the past half-decade, our landmark partnership with adidas has boosted environmental innovation at every level of the supply chain and created a global ocean movement through the power of sport. As we enter an important decade for the planet, here’s a look at what we’ve achieved – and what’s next

On Earth Day 2015, we first announced our partnership with adidas. In the five years since, the brand has fulfilled its promise to take big, bold steps toward building a better future for the oceans — not just by eliminating single-use plastics and microbeads, but also by to launch an entire product line and new collaborations. to build a better future. for our oceans and planet. They are not just supporters, but true collaborators and partners.

How To Start Your Own Shoe Line

How To Start Your Own Shoe Line

Together, we are bringing to a global audience some of the biggest and most visible threats facing the marine environment, while demonstrating the role we can and must all play in the solution. Through the power of sport, community, education and activism, we make the ocean a truly global movement that transcends borders, involving people of all ages and backgrounds through events like Ocean School, 747 Warehouse St and Run for the Oceans.

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To launch our partnership and showcase our shared vision of collaboration, adidas unveiled a concept shoe made from recycled marine plastic waste at the United Nations in 2015. The Ultra Boost prototype featured in a top made from threads and filaments reclaimed and recycled from marine debris and illegal deep-sea trawl nets. The fishery was once used by harvesting operations that exploited vulnerable species of toothfish in the Southern Ocean. Sea Shepherd partner hauled in more than 72km of illegal gillnet and fishing line during Operation Icefish, a record-breaking campaign to stop “Bandit 6” poaching boats from marauding remote seas . The nets were abandoned by the notorious fishing vessel Thunder, which was later deliberately sunk by its captain off the coast of West Africa after a 110-day chase by the Sea Shepherd vessels, M/V Bob Barker and M/Y Sam Simon.

Missing and discarded gills, known as ghost nets, are estimated to be responsible for more than 100,000 marine mammal deaths each year. They are the silent killers of the sea, destroying underwater habitats and disrupting the delicate balance within the ecosystems that sustain this planet. It took the crew aboard the Sam Simon four weeks to retrieve the net from the Southern Ocean. In doing so, they return thousands of toothfish and other by-catch to the sea. Captain Siddarth Chakravarty shares the incredible story of UN x. He later took the stage with adidas x collaborators to present a way that these nets can find new life on earth.

The adidas x concept shoes were created in just six days in close collaboration with Sea Shepherd with the support of environmental chemist John Warner and designer Alexander Taylor. The shoe prototype illustrates our shared commitment to protecting and preserving the oceans and offers a glimpse of things to come.

With more than 8 million tonnes of plastic entering the planet’s oceans every year, adidas both understand the true scale of the problem we face – and recognize that only a big change can make a big difference. We started by identifying immediate solutions and investing in R&D to bring concept shoes and recycled plastics into adidas’ global supply chain to a level with real impact. The adidas Group moved quickly to stop using plastic bags in its retail stores at the end of the first quarter of 2016. Together with its partner COTY, adidas also stopped using plastic microbeads in all licensed packaging products. -body care and stopped using plastic bottles in all meetings at its headquarters.

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, on the other hand, worked to develop the world’s first supply chain for recycled marine waste and created Ocean Plastic® as a powerful symbol of change. Initially from the islands of the Maldives, we have expanded our collection network to include the Dominican Republic and Sri Lanka, creating a constant demand for plastic waste that would otherwise end up in the Indian Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

This expansion in turn allows adidas to speed up production and increase the number of products made using our recycled materials. In addition to apparel such as shirts, socks and other performance apparel, adidas produced 1 million pairs of shoes with Ocean Plastic® in 2017, then 5 million in 2018, 11 million in 2019, and now plans to produce around 15 million by 2020. That means less clean plastic, reduced CO2 emissions and greater awareness of the problem – with each product produced serving as a wearable symbol of change which sparks questions, debates and ideas to create further progress.

Using a wide global network covering science, sports, fashion, ocean conservation and more, adidas x collaborations, limited edition products and sponsorships have attracted a large global audience. From a permanent product line created with Stella McCartney to Ocean Plastic® kits for some of the biggest sports teams on the planet, our collaboration has brought oceans of new audiences that if no never participated, acted and participated in the movement.

How To Start Your Own Shoe Line

Highlights so far include updated kits for Manchester United, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, AC Milan and other Premier League soccer clubs, team jerseys for Major League Soccer and the National Hockey League, and an ongoing collaboration with the University of Miami that has expanded to ocean education for local youth, tennis apparel and a unique ocean tennis match at the Australian Open and cooperation with the famous which is the New Zealand rugby team the All Blacks.

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Combining sport, ocean and education, Ocean School meetings in the Maldives, Australia, New York and Los Angeles host adidas staff and luminaries from Manchester United and Real Madrid players to the national rugby union team. New Zealand team. A-listers and C-suite leaders themselves learn about threats to the marine environment from experts and scientists – becoming powerful ambassadors and spokespeople for the need to reduce plastic and protect our oceans.

Millions of runners. A reason. In 2017 adidas and teamed up for the inaugural Run For The Oceans – a global movement to engage people from all walks of life through sport, running and community. With initial events in New York and South Korea, the following year saw expansion from Shanghai to São Paulo, Toronto to Tokyo, Barcelona to Berlin… with nearly a million people raising money for ocean and education programs. That year, participants walked more than 12 million kilometers for the ocean, and in 2019 the movement has grown significantly, with 2.2 million joining to raise funds for the Ocean School and our new youth platform, Ocean Uprise.

With one-off events like 747 Warehouse St bringing ocean realities, threats and solutions to the public through performances and interactive exhibits, Run for the Oceans events now share the many new viewers in LA, Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Berlin, London. , Shanghai, Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​Milan, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Toronto, Chengdu and even steamy Dubai. In Mumbai, 3000 unique people came together to run and help clean Versova Beach. Meanwhile, through the apps Runtastic and Joyrun, individual runners in remote urban centers log their miles – tracking runs through cities, deserts, mountains and remote beaches. Everyone has a role in the movement, and everyone who participates becomes an ambassador for the blue ecosystem of our planet.

And adidas share a vision to inspire a new generation of youth to care for the oceans and the global environment through education and activism – and give youth a voice all over the world. Together, we are working to expand Ocean School to countries around the world and to underserved communities in our countries. Through our global Ocean Uprise program, we’re empowering a new generation of ocean activists with hands-on ocean learning in hotspots like the Hawaiian Islands chain and connecting them to continuing the action at home.

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At the same time, we share the belief that new, ecologically innovative products and systems can truly end the toxic age we live in today. Adidas sees the key to stopping plastic pollution and other threats to the planet not in recycling, but in redesigning and replacing harmful materials, methods, systems and thinking. Plastic, fossil fuel and other toxic pollution must be eliminated. Together we are working with new partners and calling for a material revolution to save our oceans and our planet – calling on all members of the creative industries to join the AIR Strategy: Prevention. Interception. Redesign. For Kids Printable Crafts Design Your Own Coloring Shoes March 17, 2020 | Via [email protected] | Tags: coloring book, coloring book, shoes

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How To Start Your Own Shoe Line

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