How To Start An Animal Rescue Shelter

How To Start An Animal Rescue Shelter – If you have a big heart for animals, a passion for rescuing them from neglect, abuse, and disaster, and you’re committed to the business end of the operation, you can become an animal rescue shelter.

You need to clearly define your niche in order to equip yourself with the right facilities, supplies and staff to properly care for your rescued animals during their stay with you.

How To Start An Animal Rescue Shelter

How To Start An Animal Rescue Shelter

It will also be important to exercise good judgment when assessing the suitability of a potential adoptive family and their ability to provide the animals with the TLC they need.

What Makes A Good Shelter

If this sounds like a job description for you, animal rescue may be the right career move for you.

IBIS World reports that statistics from the Humane Society of the United States show that animal rescue shelters save between six and eight million cats and dogs each year. Add to that the rescue of other types of pets and wildlife, and you have a potential market of millions and millions of animals that need a little extra help recovering from injuries, disasters, neglect and abuse. The animal rescue industry has over $600 million in annual revenue and is growing.

There is a growing awareness of the problem of pet overpopulation and opposition to pet euthanasia, leading families to adopt rescues instead of buying new pets. As a result, revenue for animal rescue shelters has increased and is expected to continue to increase in 2019.

Cost Worksheet (page 4) The Humane Society recommends budgeting for 90-100 square feet per dog and 45-50 square feet per cat. If you plan on rescuing larger animals or marine animals, you may need more space depending on your intended capacity. Then multiply the cost per square meter for new construction or renovation of existing facilities. This is estimated to be between $192 and $258, possibly more or less depending on the geographic area. 1.67 This result is multiplied by other related costs. Add in the cost of the land to accommodate the facility, equipment, pens, food, medical supplies, and other supplies to ensure adequate care, and you could easily be making millions to start an animal rescue. Animal welfare grants are available from various organizations to help with funding.

What To Expect During An Animal Shelter Visit

Executive and clerical salaries range from $32,000 to $62,000, and a veterinarian can claim $84,000 a year. According to, hourly wages for workers range from $9.83 to $13.27.

Adoption fees may vary by shelter, animal size, age and breed. For example, the Animal Foundation lists the following guidelines:

Press releases, newspaper articles, active social media presence and networking, professional website, email lists, snail mail lists, brochures, flyers, telephone, calls, participation in local community events such as farmers markets, parades and fairs, online directories and the Yellow Pages.

How To Start An Animal Rescue Shelter

Community fundraising and networking, people skills, animal knowledge, good judgment and insight, animal love, animal safety and health; head of administration, accounting/bookkeeping/payroll, human resources, legal, taxation and insurance.

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Adequate facilities for the safe housing, feeding, training and medical care of the number and type of animals to be rescued; board of directors, veterinarian(s), animal caretakers/educators, office staff, business license, non-profit certification, attorney, policies and standards, budget and accounting/payroll system, volunteers, donors, phone, email, website professional, social media accounts, computer management software and shelter, insurance. Do you want to help shelter animals? Here are some ways you can help the animal shelters and rescues that have done so much for animals, people and your community

Animal shelters and rescues are amazing! Usually with limited resources and very little advertising, they help countless animals and people. Give back in one or more of the ways below to show your appreciation for groups that do so much for animals, people and the community.

If you think it’s time to add a pet to your family, consider adopting from a local shelter or rescue group. Look for cats and dogs at your local shelter or rescue. Make sure you check with the group you’re considering adopting about what their adoption process is like, and if you don’t feel right, move on to another local group.

All animal shelters and rescue organizations have an account and your generous financial donation is gratefully received. Donations can cover the costs of daily operations, supplies, staff training, kennel upgrades, community support programs, animal enrichment and much more.

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Even if you can’t adopt a pet right now, you can help improve the lives of animals in your community by volunteering at your local shelter or rescue organization. Do you have experience as a carpenter or electrician? Are you a marketer or a dog walker? All of these skills are valuable! Or be open to learning something new that is needed, such as trap-neuter-return for unfamiliar cats.

Take a moment to express your gratitude to the people who work at your local shelter or rescue groups. Have you adopted a pet from one of them? Are affordable spay/neuter services provided? They may have helped you reunite with your lost pet or provided behavioral advice that allowed your pet to remain in your home. Tell them on social media, drop off lunch or cookies for staff, and/or tell civic leaders the value they bring to your community.

Like and follow local animal shelters and rescue groups on Facebook, then invite your friends and family to like and follow them too. Get involved by sharing and commenting on posts.

How To Start An Animal Rescue Shelter

Combine fabric, recycled materials, and imagination to bring much-needed fun to local shelters and pets. You can make cage curtains to help cats stay private (and stay healthy), or play games by creating “Adopt-Me” vests that raise awareness of pets available at adoption events at shelters and rescues.

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Shelters and rescue groups are always in need of towels, toys and other supplies. Check their website for wish lists; if not, call them to see what’s available and offer to create an online wish list for them.

The value of education cannot be overestimated. They can save the lives of pets who can’t adjust to shelter life, those who need to be rehomed, and orphaned kittens who need someone to help their mother (or whose needs exceed what the busy shelter staff can often provide can).

Foster homes are the backbone of many rescue groups – without a strong network of foster parents, rescue groups would not be able to take in as many animals. Foster homes can also become adoption ambassadors for friends, family members and colleagues who would otherwise not visit the shelter. If you already have a pet of your own, grooming is often a lot of fun for your pet.

Make it easier for shelters and rescues: Always fit collars and proper identification (microchips and ID tags) to your cats and dogs. Spay or neuter all your pets as soon as you bring them into your family. Keep cats indoors where you can keep them safe (although it’s great to walk them, if they’re comfortable on a leash and leash, give them a gate for safe outdoor enrichment), and keep dogs on a leash when off your property.

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The work carried out by the local shelter can be hindered by an outdated animal protection regulation or, in the case of municipal shelters, insufficient budgets. You can help by enlisting the support of your elected officials and working with shelter and rescue leaders to make the necessary changes. If you see or hear anything at your local shelter that concerns you, please follow our guidelines to best address your concerns. Starting an animal rescue is the dream of many people who love pets and want to make a difference. The reality of animal rescue can be much more overwhelming and difficult than the initial dream, so it’s important to take your time, do your research, and plan the steps to start a rescue.

Some animal rescues take in a variety of pets, while others specialize in a specific breed or species. It’s best to focus narrowly at first and work with animals you really know. Avid rescuers often make the mistake of jumping in and starting rescues when they don’t have much knowledge and history with their chosen breed or breed. Make sure you understand their enrichment and exercise needs, behavior, diet and more before you move forward. In addition to educating yourself about your chosen animal, find other rescues around the country who work with that breed or breed/breeds and ask to talk to them about their experiences. They can give you invaluable advice on things you wish you knew before you started and how to make your own.

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