How To Start A Window Washing Company

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If you are an ambitious entrepreneur looking to start your own business, consider a window cleaning business. There is a demand for window cleaners in the commercial and residential markets. In fact, some estimates show that the window cleaning business is worth over $40 billion a year in the United States alone.

How To Start A Window Washing Company

How To Start A Window Washing Company

In addition, a window cleaning business offers several advantages. First, you become your own boss. You have access to regular customers, after all the windows need regular cleaning. Plus, capital requirements are low to get started, overhead is minimal, and scaling is possible.

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If you want to know how to start your own window cleaning business, keep reading our step by step guide.

What do you need to start a window cleaning business? Below, we detail everything you need to know.

Learning how to start a window cleaning business, like any business, begins with writing a business plan. Your business plan will ensure that you do the right things in the right order when starting your business. Here are some points to get you started:

Whether you want to learn how to start a commercial window cleaning business or how to start a residential window cleaning business is up to you. While you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to one or the other, you do need to make sure that your business needs it, that the market isn’t already saturated, and that you know who your target audience is.

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Conducting a market analysis, a crucial part of your business plan, will help you answer the above questions and set your window cleaning business up for success.

There are several benefits to joining a franchise, such as access to company resources and a trusted brand name. Top window cleaning franchises include:

Franchising, however, often comes with a higher financial barrier to entry than starting your own business. Window Genie, for example, charges an initial franchise fee starting at $33,000. You’ll also need a minimum net worth of $150,000 and at least $75,000 in liquid capital.

How To Start A Window Washing Company

Of course, franchising has several benefits that help offset this cost, such as joining a successful, established business; receive ongoing training and support; and have an integrated customer base.

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Fortunately, the tools and supplies you need to start a window cleaning business won’t break the bank, but you’ll still have to spend some money up front. Here’s a list of start-up expenses and costs you’ll want to include when creating a business budget:

It is common to start a window cleaning business from home. This can save on office rental costs, an attractive advantage for start-up entrepreneurs on a limited budget.

If you decide to scale your business, you may want to rent space to accommodate more employees. For example, you can hire customer service representatives and a dispatch team and have them operate from a centralized location.

Although you can start with a small team of one or two people, this may be a possibility that you will eventually factor into your business budget.

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There are several financial requirements that any savvy business owner must follow. One of them is keeping your personal and business assets separate. Here’s why you shouldn’t mix the two:

One way to separate your personal and business assets is to open a business checking account. Another way is to open a business credit card. Tracking your business expenses is easy when you have a dedicated credit card.

With all of this prep work done, you’re ready to make your business official and legal. Follow these steps when registering your window cleaning business.

How To Start A Window Washing Company

The Small Business Administration has registered 30.7 million small businesses in the United States. This is why a unique business name is essential to distinguish your brand. Once you have chosen a name that best represents your business, confirm its availability with your local office of the Secretary of State and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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Also, an online presence is almost a requirement in today’s digital age. Also, be sure to check if your domain name is available. This will be important when marketing and ranking in local search results. Sites like or GoDaddy can check domain name availability.

Next, you must choose your business entity. This is crucial, as it will affect the way you file your taxes, your level of liability protection, the way you structure your business, and more. Consulting a business attorney can be helpful, but here are the three most common business structures to start with:

As your business grows, you could hire more employees to handle the influx of client jobs. Before you do this, you must register for an Employer Identification Number (EIN), which is used for tax filing. Getting one is a simple process and you can register online with the IRS.

Even if you don’t plan to hire employees, you should consider getting an EIN as it will be used when applying for a business credit card, business financing, etc.

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Research the market and your competitors when deciding the price of your services. You want to attract new customers without losing money on your services. In the window cleaning industry, the standard way to charge is by the hour, by the window, or by the project.

This charging method is simple. You charge for the time it takes to complete the job. Let’s say you charge $40 an hour and it takes you three hours to clean a two-story apartment building. You made $120 just from this project.

Another way to get paid is based on the number of windows you clean. The standard fee is $2 to $7 per panel. Many window cleaners use this rate when billing business customers, especially for work on multi-story buildings. For example, suppose you charge $6 per panel and a building has 50 panels. You can earn $300 with this job.

How To Start A Window Washing Company

Window loading can sometimes be a more efficient way to load, as it encourages speed. If you have skilled employees who can clean windows quickly without sacrificing quality, you can make more money doing more work on a per panel business model.

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Depending on the job, it may make more sense to charge per project. If you’re working on a skyscraper, for example, you’ll want to charge more because you’re exposing yourself to the dangers of using scaffolding. This would require more preparation and training than cleaning a bungalow with a few windows.

When operating a service business, you must obtain certain state licenses and permits. Window cleaning businesses may be required to register for a state business permit, window cleaning license, etc.

The exact documentation you will need will depend on the state and county in which you operate. There is no “general” license or permit to operate a window cleaning business. Be sure to check your state’s business resources and consider working with a business attorney to make sure you’re covered.

As a window cleaning business owner, it pays to invest in business insurance. Workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance will be required if you hire employees.

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General liability insurance is also helpful since you will be working on private and commercial property. If something breaks or is damaged while you’re at work, you can rest easy knowing that some of the costs are covered.

Window cleaning has relatively low startup and overhead costs, but you may need to obtain financing if you rent an office, hire employees, or join a franchise. Here are some ways to get the financing you need:

When applying for a business loan, your first step is usually with your bank. If this is not your first business and you have a good financial history, you may find it easier to get a traditional bank loan. However, if you have little or no experience, lenders can quickly reject your loan application. If this is your situation, you can look into alternative financing options, such as online lenders and SBA microloans aimed at new entrepreneurs.

How To Start A Window Washing Company

If you already have the financial means to start your window cleaning business, you can become self-financing. Also called bootstrapping, this financing method should only be considered by those with financial discipline. After all, you are risking your personal cash reserves.

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However, with a window cleaning business, you can start with just a few thousand dollars. For this amount, you can enjoy full ownership of your business without worrying about paying a loan plus interest rates.

Without a reliable way to secure incoming revenue, you’ll have a hard time keeping your doors open for business. Here are some ways to find customers:

Even though many marketing tactics have moved online, cold calling still has its merits. You can immediately engage with your prospects without waiting for an email response. You can also build relationships.

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