How To Start A App Development Company

How To Start A App Development Company – This series of articles describes the 7 critical stages of the mobile app development process in 2022 from a business perspective. This is an essential guide for current and future app owners.

What are the steps in the application development process? What is the mobile app development process like? How do I start my app development process? If you’re thinking about building an app, these are the questions you’re probably asking yourself right now. This article is a guide for current and future app owners who want to know, step by step, how their product will be built.

How To Start A App Development Company

How To Start A App Development Company

Even the best team cannot deliver a successful product without proper guidance. If you have a digital product, our eBook will be a perfect resource for mastering the basics of successful product delivery.

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Decide whether you want to build your app in-house or outsource its development. This article can help you: In-house or outsourced software development. If you decide to develop your own product, you need to know how to choose the right app development company for your project. How to check if any company you want to choose is reliable? We recommend that:

In this article – The Mobile App Development Process – Step 1. Choosing a Partner – you will find examples of contractual clauses that should be included in your contract. Also Read: Time and Materials vs. Fixed Price: A Comparison for App Owners

Before starting the mobile app development process, you need to clarify the vision of your app – we call this step product discovery. This is key to the success of your application. The basis of product discovery is continuous testing of solutions and ideas, as well as learning to adapt to user needs. It also ensures that you not only understand the needs of the end users, but that your development team understands your goals and is able to deliver your ideas.

You can answer the questions yourself, with your team, or during a product design workshop organized by an external application development company; It’s your choice.

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Recommended tools that can help you clarify the idea of ​​your app are Product Canvas (PDF Print), Personas (PDF Print), Event Storm, User Journey Mapping and Priority Chart (PDF Print). You can find details of all these tools in this article: Mobile App Development Process – Step 2. Product Discovery.

If you already know the answers and your vision is clear, that’s great! However, simply having them on top is not enough. Write them down and face others: talk to your team, employees or just your friends. They should know what it is all about.

How about starting development without clarifying your vision? Product discovery is an optional process, but does it make sense to start expensive development without thorough research? In quality management theory, we have the “1:10:100 principle”, which states that prevention is cheaper than correction and correction is cheaper than failure. Product discovery costs nothing compared to launching a useless app.

How To Start A App Development Company

In short, product discovery is the stage of application development where we focus on building the right things rather than building the right things.

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Let’s start with an explanation, what is meant by UX and UI. To put it simply: UX (User Experience) is how an app works. UI (User Interface) is what it looks like. Well-designed UX and UI are very important from the point of view of abuse. At the end of the day, they affect retention rates. If the user experience of your apps is pleasant and flawless, and the design of the app will create a positive impression on users, they will like it and use it.

You (alone or with your development team) create a user journey map. This is a visualization of the flow of users through your app. Tell a user experience story. At Droids On Roids, the user journey map takes the form of a diagram painted on the wall (we wrote about it here ), or we draw it with Figma. This is usually part of project discovery, but we present it here to show you how important it is for creating wireframes and user interfaces.

Designers create wireframes – digital, simple visual concepts of future applications. They show the structure, hierarchy and relationship between the elements that make up the product. This is a kind of backbone of the application.

Designers then use wireframes to create a clickable prototype—a dynamic, interactive model of your app. Simulates a real-world product. An example of a clickable prototype:

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Designers work on your app’s visual language, style guide, user interface, and animation design. Get mockups that show the final look of your app and videos that show the motion design (animations and screen transitions) in your app.

In short, even if your app idea is great, but its interface and UX design will be of low quality, you will not succeed. Ensure that the UX and UI design processes are executed thoughtfully. Be involved in every stage of your product design, so the team can shape the final designs according to your wishes. And last but not least, remember to keep your app users at the center of your thinking.

The start of application development has a significant impact on successful collaboration with your software partner. In short, it’s time to define your role as a product owner and clarify all team roles. In addition, the project kick-off also means setting the rules you want to follow and planning the next steps. Kick offs can take different forms, at Droids On Roids we arrange a kick off session with each client (remote or face to face), this takes around 2 hours. An example of what a startup might look like:

How To Start A App Development Company

When the application development release is complete, the first sprint begins. This is also when developers organize your project.

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These 6 elements are specific to mobile app development, but in the case of web apps, they look the same (except for the third point).

This is the stage where developers start writing code and producing your product. How do they do it? Mobile app development is an iterative process. You may have heard the term sprint or scrum. Basically, it means that you break all the development tasks into small steps and develop your mobile app in several stages. Each cycle will include refinement, planning, development, testing, revision and revision.

Sprint refinement (product backlog refinement) is the process of keeping the backlog fresh, clean, and organized. A backlog is an ordered list of everything that is known to be needed in a product. Development should be a continuous process. However, it is useful to plan a meeting for correction.

For example, at Droids On Roids, we comment on functions from the top of the product packaging, make sure their acceptance criteria are clear and love them. Then, during the planning session, revisions are minimal and planning is easy.

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Only the first sprint starts with refinement: we have to prepare the backlog before the first planning. Later, each sprint will start with a planning meeting.

Sprint planning is very high. 2-hour session (for a 1-week sprint). Its purpose is to decide which tasks should be included in the next sprint. The team talks about the things that need to be done, making sure that the acceptance criteria for each task are clear and accepted by everyone. The Product Owner (you) participates in this meeting (e.g. on Skype) to actively participate in planning the next iteration.

Developers write code and implement features planned for the sprint, QA engineers write automated tests. It’s good when developers practice code reviews. Code review is not necessary to create a bug-free app, but it is a good practice if you want your app to have clearly and transparently written code, so that other developers can easily improve the app in the future. And continue working on the code. .

How To Start A App Development Company

During development, we use a platform called AppCenter. This allows us to privately and securely distribute development versions of the application to testers, customers, and other developers. The platform automatically notifies users of new builds (so everyone tests the latest version), provides bug reporting, and ensures that only approved testers have access to your app.

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Quality assurance (or simply QA) is a way of preventing errors in developing applications and avoiding problems during delivery to users. It is integrated in all stages of development. Here is an example of how quality assurance can be integrated into the application development process:

Below is a list of QA best practices that we recommend you keep in mind when working with an outsourced development team:

During the Sprint Review, the Scrum Team and stakeholders collaborate on what was accomplished in the Sprint. A sprint review is done at the end of the sprint to check the progress (all tasks completed during the sprint). This can take up to 1 hour in the case of a 1 week sprint. A great exercise

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