How To Share Company Page On Linkedin

How To Share Company Page On Linkedin – We’ve dealt with all kinds of password quirks and account issues, but we never realized just how difficult the challenge of owning a LinkedIn company page can be.

If you’ve just started using LinkedIn, you’ve probably noticed that your company has its own page. You didn’t create the page, but of course you want to control it. As a company page administrator, you are responsible for maintaining business information and sharing relevant company links.

How To Share Company Page On Linkedin

How To Share Company Page On Linkedin

If you have created your personal profile, you cannot immediately take ownership of a page. This is especially true if the company page already exists.

Getting Started With Linkedin Part 3

Next, visit your company’s LinkedIn page. If someone has already claimed the page, you should see a message at the top of the page like this:

Well, other issues may arise here. Is this responsible person no longer an employee of your company? Not sure how they bought the property in the first place?

Important things first. You must connect to this administrator. If they accept you as a link, you’ll need to send them a message to transfer ownership of the page to you. You may want to share LinkedIn’s instructions for adding a company administrator.

You will be notified from there once you have been successfully added as an admin of the site.

Steps To Create Your First Linkedin Company Page

Let’s say the current company page admin is a former employee and doesn’t accept your connection request – you have alternative options. In such cases, it is best to contact LinkedIn support. Go to the LinkedIn contact page and fill out the form.

We did this for a client who was in a similar situation. A former employee who rarely logged into his LinkedIn profile had administrative control over a client’s company page. After sending a quick message to LinkedIn, we received a response within hours. Our client was immediately added as a company administrator and can now edit the page.

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How To Share Company Page On Linkedin

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What Makes A Good Linkedin Company Page?

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How To Share Company Page On Linkedin

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How To Share Company Page On Linkedin

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