How To Send Luggage To Another State

How To Send Luggage To Another State – A great way to travel light and easy in Japan is to use their overnight luggage delivery services (takkubin). You carry nothing but a light bag!

Every time we board the Shinkansen (axle train) or Narita Express (N’EX), we are amazed at the amount of luggage tourists bring to Japan. Check out this group of tourists waiting to board the Shinkansen in Kyoto:

How To Send Luggage To Another State

How To Send Luggage To Another State

Here’s what people look like when they board the train. Doesn’t this sound interesting? And when the trunks are full, you have to put big bags where your feet can go, so you have to take some kind of yoga pose to adjust to your asana.

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Aside from the tedious task of lugging too much luggage around Japan, the main problem with lugging your large suitcases across the country is the lack of luggage space on most Japanese trains. Here is a picture of the overhead bin on the Shinkansen. There is plenty of room for a small package to fit in an airplane’s overhead bin.

There is enough space for three or four suitcases behind the last seat of each Shinkansen car. But these fill up quickly.

You must be thinking: There has to be a better way! And guess what? There is a much better way.

If you look closely at Japanese people traveling by train, you will notice that some of them are carrying large bags. Usually there is a briefcase, bag or purse. So where are their big bags? Here’s the secret: they deliver their big bags to their destination through Japan’s best overnight delivery services. These are called takubin (宅急便) in Japan. The most famous of them is Yamato Kyubin, but there are many more and they are all the same. Here’s one of the Yamato trucks:

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Japan’s express delivery services are one of the wonders of the modern world: they are incredibly fast, efficient, reliable and incredibly cheap. And they don’t break anything. In short, they are the exact opposite of so-called “express” delivery services elsewhere in the world. In most cases, they can deliver your bag overnight to your next destination, but for places like Hokkaido or Okinawa it may take up to two days.

After a long flight to Japan, do you want to put your big suitcase on the train or bus to get to your hotel? Of course not! So here’s what you do: Look for the check-in counters, which are usually about 100 meters from the entrance to the customs hall to the arrivals hall. Here are the Takkubin counters at Tokyo’s Narita Airport:

The people at the counter usually speak English. Tell them the name of your hotel and they will do the paperwork and take your payment. In most cases, your bag will arrive at your hotel the next day. So you need a day bag to store essentials like travel documents, medicine, toiletries, your phone and a change of clothes. Check out this article for some ideas on how to pack your main bag and daypack to make the most of this service. Once you’ve given them your main suitcase, you can waltz into the city lights like fruit on your train or bus. I recently flew to Narita and used Takubain to send my bag to my hotel in Kyoto (I spent a night in a Tokyo hotel to run some errands). Here’s what I saw when I boarded the Shinkansen to Kyoto:

How To Send Luggage To Another State

My bag is waiting for me in my hotel room in Kyoto. I don’t have to take her to my room. Most hotels bring your bag to your room before you check in. Which is more convenient?

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Of course, Takubain is great for transporting luggage from one hotel to another. It allows free and easy travel from one place to another. If you take your bag to the front desk of your hotel before noon, they can deliver it to your next hotel the next day. So again, you need a day bag to carry your essentials until your main bag arrives. Hotels in Japan are very used to this. They will do all the formalities and fill the documents for you.

You don’t have to stay at a hotel to use this service: you can send your luggage via Takkubin from any store in Japan. You can also pick up your bags at the store in Japan. Cash desk staff assist with paperwork. Try to go when they are busy, otherwise you will end up in a really long line.

Taqubin charges depend on weight, distance to destination and bag size. As a rough person, sending a standard suitcase from Tokyo to Kyoto costs about Y2,000 (a little less than US$20). Here is the receipt from Narita for sending my bag to my hotel in Kyoto:

To get the most out of your Takkubin, you need a main suitcase/bag for your heavy and bulky items like clothes etc. And, you need a small day bag (backpack, shoulder bag, etc.) to carry your travel documents, toiletries. , a change of underwear or clothes, your phone and chargers. Here’s the setup I used when I visited Japan:

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Note that the bag I use for my day bag is an anti-theft bag from Kingsons. It’s a fantastic bag and it has an incredibly handy smartphone holder on the front strap, making it easy to grab your phone when you need it. It’s a mystery how cheap they sell these big bags: only $39.99 on I recommend this bag not only for travel but also for everyday use.

This is where I keep my main, big bag. Remember that since I travel light (and this is for warm season travel) it’s not too big.

The bag is a rolly bag that can be converted into a backpack. It is manufactured by Kathmandu, an Australian outdoor company. I bought it in Melbourne during my Lonely Planet days. This is the best travel package I have ever had. Unfortunately, they no longer make this model. I wish I could buy three of them!

How To Send Luggage To Another State

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“I’m very disappointed,” said Grilli, a retired civil servant in Smithfield.

Over the spring and summer, airlines mishandled tens of thousands of bags. (Remember the pictures of piles of luggage at London’s Heathrow Airport?) Most were found quickly, but some were missing for weeks or still missing. And in many cases, airlines don’t want to compensate their customers for the item and only pay part of the replacement cost.

“The problem of lost luggage is a concern for many travelers, with many airlines blaming airport shortages for the increase in lost luggage,” said Carol Mueller, vice president of travel protection at Berkshire Hathaway. “Usually, passengers can return their lost luggage in time or get a refund from the airline, but these decisions take days or weeks to process.”

There are ways to speed up the process of getting lost luggage. You can also get maximum compensation from the airline in case of lost luggage. As we head into the holiday travel season, it’s the perfect time to refresh. More lost luggage is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be yours.

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Because Grilli lost her luggage, she and her husband only had one outfit on their Italian vacation, so they had to go shopping. Including the cost of new clothes and international phone calls, the value of their lost bags was about $800. Aer Lingus found the couple’s luggage a month later, but did not fully compensate for the loss. (Under the Montreal Convention, the maximum baggage allowance for most international flights is approximately $1,780.)

I asked Aer Lingus twice about Greeley’s baggage claim. The first time he did not respond. The second time, he sent another check to cover her remaining losses.

How much does the airline owe you? It depends. The Department of Transportation Regulations requires your airline to reimburse you up to $3,800 for a domestic flight. However, you must provide a receipt for lost items, which is not always possible. And the costs must be reasonable and verifiable, allowing airlines to refuse reimbursement for expensive toiletries and designer clothes. Basically, the airline decides

How To Send Luggage To Another State

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