How To Send Fax Through Email For Free

How To Send Fax Through Email For Free – Emails have made our lives completely convenient. In fact, communication has really evolved from ravens carrying messages, telegrams, postal services to e-mail. With a smaller physical interface, email ensures that messages are transmitted instantly.

But emails have evolved to a great extent and are now being finalized in their functions. Did you know you can even send a fax to email? One might think how e-mail can replace an expensive fax machine, but it is 100% true, as e-mails have evolved, faxes have also evolved.

How To Send Fax Through Email For Free

How To Send Fax Through Email For Free

As faxes continue to retain their popularity due to their enormous security potential, organizations are always relying on them. Investing in a dated fax machine is now the ticket as services are now available online. You can send and receive faxes directly through your email.

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You must visit the CocoFax website to understand how incredibly easy it is to engage in remote faxing by email. Faxes are still relevant, but fax machines are not. Let’s learn more about how CocoFax revolutionized the faxing culture.

Exacerbating the potential associated with Internet faxing, many giants of the technology industry have made the Internet fax business free. Despite the many players, CocoFax retains a very important place in Internet faxing.

When it comes to seamless Internet faxing, CocoFax has set the industry standard for others to follow. Contrary to stereotypes, CocoFax extends its adaptability to other ways of working. There are many special features that make CocoFax the top choice for sending faxes over the Internet:

There are many email services. Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, etc. are some of the very obvious ways to send and receive email. The ease of separating important and relevant emails and other additional features make them the most preferred mail servers.

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Whether it’s Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, or other online mail services, there are a few notable prerequisites. These prerequisites must be in place to ensure that you can send and receive faxes remotely via email:

To be able to use CocoFax, you must have a subscription to the Services. The process is simple and seamless as all you have to do is register for Cocofax. The app also offers a very attractive 30-day free trial plan after registration.

An added benefit of using CocoFax is that you will be offered a free fax number when you sign up! Registration is very fast.

How To Send Fax Through Email For Free

Whatever major email alternative you intend to use, be it Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc., you should be registered under that as well. Sign up for your chosen email as it will be used while registering on CocoFax.

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Compiling a fax document via email is so easy, it’s not an extra task. It’s actually easier than sending an email where you have to follow certain email practices:

Start composing an email. Whatever document you wish to fax must be attached as an attachment to the post. It must be noted that the “subject” and body of the email contain truly optional content.

Only your attachment will be the designated fax that will be sent to the desired fax machine. If you enter the subject and body of the email, it will appear as a note on your fax. So even if you compose with just an adverb, that would be enough.

CocoFax is compatible with all types of attachments such as doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg files as attachable files. It must be noted that regardless of the file type, it can only be accepted in pdf format.

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Now comes the important part where you have to enter the fax number. The recipient’s country code and fax number must be entered in the recipient column and must be followed by The email replaces the fax number and acts as the digital identity of the number.

Recheck is a highly recommended tool when sending and receiving faxes. The fax number must be provided. An incorrect fax number results in a charge and the end result is not achieved.

Post the recheck and confirmation, your fax is ready to send. All you have to do now is hit send. Now, the document will lead to the designated fax number. When the fax is successfully delivered, you will receive a notification confirming the delivery.

How To Send Fax Through Email For Free

Conversely, if the fax is not delivered, you will still receive confirmation of such non-delivery. Non-delivery will only occur when there is a manual error or the fax machine is not working properly. Either way, you will know the status of your fax and be able to track it accordingly.

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As stated earlier, users receive a free fax number when registering with CocoFax. Any fax received at that number will appear directly as incoming mail in your inbox. The fax will appear in pdf format.

Given the timeliness of email pings, it is ensured that no fax messages are missed. Therefore, the ease of emailing features with CocoFax ensures that it is the most secure way to send and receive faxes.

A random visit to the CocoFax website will definitely lead to a subscription; he is so reliable and promising at the same time. Sending a fax is not only possible with email, but also becomes extremely convenient with CocoFax.

We live in a world where businesses try to be very specific in their operations. The fax was, the fax is, and the fax will always retain the importance it enjoys in the commercial world. Having the ability to send and receive faxes to email makes it another more secure way to communicate.

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How To Send Fax Through Email For Free

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With iFax, you can use any Internet-ready device to fax. Even if you are not in the office, you can still send a fax using your computer or laptop.

IFax offers a secure yet affordable way to fax. With our feature-rich online fax service, you can send and receive faxes while making the most of your effort, time and money. Sign up for a free account or upgrade to a regular plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Sending faxes without a fax machine is easy. Fax from home, office or on the go with a simple online portal and NO fax machine.

Once upon a time, almost every office had a fax machine. Before email, it was the fastest way to send and receive faxes with other businesses, whether they were down the street or across the globe.

How To Send Fax Through Email For Free

Today, businesses conduct most of their communications via email, which means that many businesses and individuals don’t send faxes as often as they used to.

Email To Fax

If you work for or with one of these industries, you may be wondering where to send a fax. The easy way to fax from home or the office is via Internet Fax – without a fax machine.

Completely! is an online fax service that allows you to send a

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