How To Send Dropbox Files Via Email

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How To Send Dropbox Files Via Email

How To Send Dropbox Files Via Email

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How To Get Files From Anyone Using Dropbox File Request

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When you upload files to Dropbox, they sync across all your devices so you can share them anywhere. Caspars Greenwalds / Shutterstock

Because Dropbox can keep a set of files synced across all your devices, it’s an easy way to keep access to the data you need wherever you are. But most importantly, Dropbox lets you share files with other people. Just send the link – no need to send large, cumbersome email attachments.

When sending certain types of files, Dropbox offers settings that you can adjust to meet your needs. By default, when you share a file, it can be edited, but you can choose whether recipients are allowed to edit the file or read it only. A TA file set to view-only can be downloaded and edited, but recipients will not be able to make changes to the version of the document stored in your Dropbox folder.

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Sharing a Dropbox file, whether you do it using your browser, computer, or mobile app, is a very similar process. However, those who share their computer will need to know how to access their Dropbox folder.

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2. Click “Files” in the navigation pane on the left side of the window to see a list of your files and folders.

How To Send Dropbox Files Via Email

3. Find the file you want to share and hold the mouse over it before clicking “Share” when the button appears.

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4. To share the file with specific people, add their email addresses to the “To:” line before clicking “Share.”

5. To change file sharing permissions, toggle between “Can edit” and “Can view” before creating the link.

If you set the permission to “can’t view”, recipients won’t be able to edit the version of the file in Dropbox. Dave Johnson / Business Insider

6. To share the link manually, click “Copy link” next to the “Edit” or “View” buttons.

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7. A message will appear informing you that the share link has been copied. Paste the platform you plan to share it on.

The Dropbox folder will appear in a different location depending on the system you are using. Abby White/Business Insider

Right-clicking on a Dropbox file will bring up a list of options, including the ability to view the file on and see its version history. Abby White/Business Insider

How To Send Dropbox Files Via Email

4. If the file you are sharing is a document, choose whether to allow editing of the file or just view it.

Dropbox Basic (free Account)

5. Enter the email address of everyone you want to share the file with and click “Share”.

5. Add an email address in the “Send To” field and click “Share” or tap “Share Link” to allow people to edit or view the shared file.

The Dropbox app will generate sharing links so anyone with it can see the document you’re sending. Abby White/Business Insider

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Ways To Add Files To Dropbox

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How To Send Dropbox Files Via Email

Ask a client to email you files and it’s only a matter of time before you run into issues like file size limits or lose those email attachments in a long chain. There are several other ways you can request files from clients, and a popular option is to use a shared drive like Dropbox.

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Save time spent searching for attachments deep in your long email thread. If you use Content Snare, clients can upload large files directly to you through the platform.

Dropbox file requests are an easy way to receive large files from your customers. The Dropbox feature is easy for your clients to use, and they don’t need to have a Dropbox account to send files.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Dropbox to find files, a few things to keep in mind, and another option to check out if you’re a business that needs a more powerful file requester. Looking for a tool.

You need a Dropbox account to create a file request. Once you’ve signed up for an account, log in to your Dropbox account.

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Here’s what to include in your application to make sure you get the right files to your clients:

You will receive an automated email from Dropbox confirming that you have created a file request and giving you the option to preview it if you wish. It will look like this.

Once you have set up your new file request, a window titled “Share File Request” will appear.

How To Send Dropbox Files Via Email

In the “Add Message” field, you can add an optional message to your customers. If your client isn’t familiar with Dropbox yet and you want to let them know that this email is from you, you’ll want to add it.

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Click the blue “Share” button to email your file request, or the white “Done” button to close the window after copying the Dropbox file request link to your clipboard. Click on

Create a file request and realize you’ve been completely overwhelmed by embarrassing typos, forgot to include a very important spec, or completely missed sending it to another member of your customer service team. But it’s empty? Oops!

Don’t worry, you can still edit your file request even if you close the file request window.

Click the three dots at the end of the folder (or applications) row on the right.

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If you sent the request to your client via email, they will receive an email from Dropbox that looks like this:

Whether they click the blue button in the email or access the link you sent them, they will see your file request complete with the subject you wrote. It will look like this:

Your client can now upload your file to the application by clicking the “Add Files” button. This will give them the option to search and upload:

How To Send Dropbox Files Via Email

While they won’t need a Dropbox account to upload files, they will need to leave a name and email address in the field below.

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Once your client has uploaded their files to your file requester, you will receive an email from Dropbox notifying them. It will look like this and invite you to view the files:

And boom! You will see a list of files your client has uploaded on your file request page.

Once there, other actions can be taken by clicking the three dots to your right.

Compared to other shared drives, we think Dropbox is really good for finding files because it has a simple interface, doesn’t require uploaders to have a Dropbox account, and has a specified file.

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