How To See My Posts On Linkedin

How To See My Posts On Linkedin – We’ll show you how to find posts and articles on LinkedIn. For desktop version and mobile app. And how to find posts you’ve saved and liked.

In this article, I’ll show you how to find posts on LinkedIn once in both the desktop version and mobile app. We’ll also show you all the metrics you can extract from LinkedIn and where you can find them. We also understand what tools you need to gain advanced and actionable insights into your data.

How To See My Posts On Linkedin

How To See My Posts On Linkedin

Extracting post data from LinkedIn can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating. I’ll show you the easy way.

Linkedin Posts That Went Viral This Week

Go to your LinkedIn profile and scroll down until you see the Activity section to find your post. Once found, click “View All” to open the Activity Overview screen.

In the top navigation filter for “Posts”. Click the button to see all past posts (you can filter articles instead of posts).

LinkedIn is limited in providing insight into posts. We’ve summarized all the insights you can organically gather on LinkedIn.

If you’re like me and want to get deeper insights into LinkedIn insights, read on. We’ll show you how in a moment.

The Ultimate Guide To Linkedin Analytics For B2b

You can find the Post Review page under your profile in the mobile app. Click the “View All” button in the Actions section and then click “Posts”.

You will now see all available statistics for your LinkedIn posts. To get information about who has viewed a post, you can click on the highlighted “View” text at the bottom of each post.

LinkedIn gives you the same data you browse on your desktop. Except that the mobile view has a slightly different interface.

How To See My Posts On Linkedin

More and more people are asking for better analytics to optimize their LinkedIn profile. Fortunately, there is a solution. Use of third-party tools

Can I Use Sprout To Post To My Personal Linkedin Profile?

We provide selected insights to analyze and optimize LinkedIn awareness. At the same time, you can gain valuable insight into your content to see what works.

This method offers an almost unequal advantage over other users as it allows you to accurately see moving the needle in a time-efficient manner.

Perfect for those who want to brand themselves on LinkedIn. Additionally, recruiters, freelancers, businesses, influencers and individuals use this tool to gain better insights.

If you want to see which posts you liked over time, you can do it easily. As in the previous step, you need to go to your profile and click on the activity section.

From ‘why Linkedin?’ To ‘seriously, Linkedin?’

You are now on the “All Tasks” tab. Scroll down to find comments and likes for historical posts. As far as I know, there is currently no way to filter only “Likes” or “Comments”.

Personally, I find this very useful for capturing inspiring content. I had to google for the first time to find my saved posts.

LinkedIn has placed a small “Saved Posts” button in the left sidebar of the feed view. Is it easy to ignore? I’ve spent time engaging with the content in your LinkedIn feed. You wrote, commented on, liked, and shared other people’s posts. You may have written articles using LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

How To See My Posts On Linkedin

This information will appear in the LinkedIn feed of your connection, and depending on your settings, it will appear in the LinkedIn feed of users outside of your network.

Random Things On Linkedin You Likely Didn’t Know

A LinkedIn feed is a stream of content that circulates through your LinkedIn homepage. This includes updates/posts, featured content and sponsored content from your network and companies you follow.

When you post on LinkedIn, you might think this information will appear at the top of your network’s LinkedIn feed as soon as you post it, but it isn’t. Here is the default LinkedIn feed.

. Instead, your LinkedIn feed will display TOP posts. What does TOP mean? This means that relevant, interesting, and popular content will appear before less content, regardless of when the content was published.

LinkedIn uses algorithms to determine the quality of content and then prioritizes content in the feed. Here is an image provided by LinkedIn to illustrate the algorithm.

Linkedin Post Examples

As you can see, there is an initial quality check of the content. When the content passes, it is temporarily displayed. LinkedIn monitors likes, views, flags, and more to determine other quality tests. If a post moves around and people like and engage with it, it will continue to show up in the user’s LinkedIn feed. The more engagement and action a post has, the longer it will appear.

When you post or publish an article on LinkedIn, you can see your posts, articles, and activity about other people’s posts on the Recent Activity page. You can access this page by clicking on your LinkedIn profile page or Posts and Activities or via the drop list.

Your most recent activity will appear on your LinkedIn profile. We’re not just talking about posts and tasks. When you like, comment, or share content on LinkedIn, the last three actions are highlighted on your LinkedIn profile. Click to see the rest of the activity.

How To See My Posts On Linkedin

This is huge. Be careful when you like content! I remember someone calling me one afternoon. He was a job seeker and struggled to find a job. He asked me to help him. The first thing I did was bring up his LinkedIn profile. It didn’t take long to recognize the problem. he worked in

How To Automate Linkedin Posts

– Like and comment on unprofessional posts. I found myself blushing. LinkedIn monitors your feed, but still receives unprofessional content. There are clear reasons why recruiters and HR managers don’t approach him. He was surprised when I told him the problem! He didn’t know his activities would be so publicized on his profile.

Stay active on LinkedIn. Please like, comment and share the content. Make sure the content you like, comment on, and share supports your professional brand and values. Because we are connected to you and on your LinkedIn profile.

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Where’s My Saved Linkedin Post?!

Any content is not endorsed and does not represent the views or opinions of LinkedIn or its employees.

LinkedIn makeup is just a description of the services I offer. My company name is Vision Board Media. My LinkedIn profile has finally been given a new look! Inline editing makes life a lot easier. As I looked at my LinkedIn profile, admiring the new, modern, and streamlined look… I noticed that something very important was missing.

I scrolled up and scrolled down, but to no avail. Could LinkedIn have deleted my post? They won’t do that…

How To See My Posts On Linkedin

But it hit me. I see my profile and am the owner of the profile. You need to view this as a link to see the posts section.

Recruiting On Linkedin: A Step By Step Guide

At the top of the profile page is a large blue button. View Profile

Clicking on that button will allow you to view your profile just as LinkedIn Connection sees your profile. You can actually switch how your profile looks publicly (not LinkedIn users).

The LinkedIn Posts section reverts to its previous location when viewing your profile for linking.

When your profile is public, LinkedIn will show you how many referrals you have received from other LinkedIn members. You can see this information in your full profile, but it doesn’t count well. To get the total number of referrals, you actually have to add it to each experience. Looking at my public profile, it says there are 89 referrals on LinkedIn! Only 89!!??! I knew there were over 100 recommendations, so when I went to the recommendations screen, for some reason a lot of them were turned off from showing up on my profile. I scrolled through my profile to see all the recommendations.

How To Save And Find Saved Posts On Linkedin To Read Later

When I went back to my public profile, I saw all 104 recommendations. oh! It was a close call!

So let this be a lesson for you… Recommendations may be turned off. Click here and turn it back on.

To paraphrase Wallis Simpson: “You can’t be either too rich or too skinny, and you can’t get too many LinkedIn referrals.”

How To See My Posts On Linkedin

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Building A Kickass Linkedin Content Strategy: The Ultimate Guide

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