How To Screen Record On Mac Book

How To Screen Record On Mac Book – Capturing a screen recording on Mac is valuable in several scenarios. There are useful third-party apps that can help with this, but Apple offers a free built-in option with macOS. Follow several ways to record screen on Mac.

On modern versions of macOS (Mojave and later), Macshave has a hidden screen recording app with more advanced controls such as timer, save target options, show/hide mouse pointer, remember last selection, microphone control, and more.

How To Screen Record On Mac Book

How To Screen Record On Mac Book

If you’re doing simple screen recordings on your Mac, the native functionality is free and you don’t need to download any apps.

How To Screen Record On Your Mac (easy Ways Explained)

You can also open this menu in QuickTime by clicking File > New Screen Recording, but the keyboard shortcut is usually faster.

From there, you can hit Record to start or click Options to customize your screen recording settings.

If you have multiple screens in your setup, you will be able to choose which screen to record if you have selected the full screen option.

When you’re done, click the Stop button (a circle with a square icon) in the menu bar in the top center/right of the screen.

Macos X Catalina And Beyond Users

Find the saved screen recording on your desktop or wherever you want when customizing

If you need advanced screen recording features, our team’s favorite is CleanShot X.

CleanShot X is $29 for 1 Mac as a one-time purchase that includes updates for one year ($19 annual subscription optional for future updates). Meanwhile, CleanShot Cloud Pro offers all the features, including custom domain names and branding, self-destruct control, and more, starting at $8 per month per user when paying annually.

How To Screen Record On Mac Book

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How To Screen Record On Mac With Audio 2023

Michael is the editor. Since joining in 2016, he has written over 3,000 articles, including breaking news, in-depth reviews and comparisons, and tutorials. Apple has introduced built-in screen recording on the Mac with macOS Mojave. This is definitely useful for doing tutorials, solving tests, and even recording FaceTime calls! If you’re new to macOS or having trouble recording video, let me show you how in this simple tutorial.

The steps below apply to all Macs, from desktops like the iMac and Mac mini to laptops like the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Note: If your Mac is running macOS High Sierra or earlier, you can use QuickTime Player to record your screen.

Here’s how to record your Mac screen quickly. Now, before we look at the next method, let’s talk about

How To Screen Record On Your Mac (with Audio)

After the screen recording is stopped, a thumbnail will be displayed in the lower right corner for a few seconds. Click on it.

Pro tip: Your Mac also has a screenshot app that most people don’t know about. If you need to take screenshots or record screens frequently, add this app to your Dock.

Now you know how to record screen on Mac with built-in tools. But you can also use external Mac screen recorders like Camtasia, Capto: Screen Capture & Record, ScreenFlow and OBS Studio.

How To Screen Record On Mac Book

Hope this quick guide on how to record your Mac screen is helpful. If you have any additional questions, please ask them in the comments section below.

Screen Recorder For Mac

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I have been an Apple user for over seven years. At , I love creating guides and troubleshooting guides that help people do more with their iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods, and Apple Watch. In my spare time, I enjoy watching comedy films, technology documentaries, news debates, and political speeches. Have you ever wanted to record something happening on your Mac screen? This may be because you want to save part of the video and share it with your friends, or you want to teach someone how to do something on their Mac, record a FaceTime call, or document strange computer behavior and report it to tech support.

Whatever the reason, you should know that it is possible to record Mac screen without hassle. This article will tell you how to record your Mac screen.

Now you can use the specific tool that appears in the toolbar to record your Mac screen.

Screen Recording Permissions In Mac Os X

Movavi Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recording alternatives for Mac as it allows you to record and edit videos quickly and easily.

To record the screen on Mac with Movavi Screen Recorder, you need to download the application. You can get it in

After launching the program, select the Recording screen in the main window. Adjust the size of the capture frame by stretching its edges and moving it anywhere on the screen. Now check the audio system and microphone icons. The green light indicates which device will be used for audio recording.

How To Screen Record On Mac Book

After clicking Stop, you will see a preview window where you can watch and trim the recording. If the video does not require further editing, click “Save As”, select the appropriate format in the export window, then click Save. If you want to edit the recording, click Open in Editor.

How To Do A Video Recording Of Your Mac Screen (2 Free Ways)

And that’s all. Although Mac has its own screen recording options, Movavi Screen Recorder is the best choice thanks to the customization options and editing capabilities within the program itself.

You can also record screen on Mac for free and easily with Quicktime, Apple’s native app.

Apple’s native video playback app on Mac not only has this feature, but also has various features such as recording audio tracks, video tracks, and screenshots. The latter is the function that interests us in our tutorial, since it also allows us to capture them with audio recordings of our own voice through the microphone.

1. Launch Quicktime. The application is usually included in the dock kit as standard, otherwise it can be found installed in the Applications folder. If for some reason Quicktime is not on your computer (because you don’t have it installed), you can download it from the Apple website.

Recording Your Mac’s Video Screen With Audio

2. When you launch Quicktime, you will see that there is not really a window, just a Q-shaped icon in the dock menu and the corresponding menu bar.

Quicktime also offers other features. When recording screen on Mac, you can turn on your device’s microphone, clicks performed on the screen, and select the part of the screen you want to record by accessing the menu that appears on the Quicktime video recording mode screen.

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How To Screen Record On Mac Book

We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. APPROX. Privacy Policy Whether you’re a budding YouTube creator, working on a project on your Mac, or just want to show someone your finale, screen recording is essential. Characteristics Sometimes the screenshot just doesn’t cut it, and there is no dedicated print screen key for screen recording.

Record Your Mac Screen The Easy Way. Here’s How To Do It

Quicktime is an application created by Apple. It is usually used to play videos on Mac. However, Quicktime has several other uses, one of which is to create screen recordings.

Quicktime comes pre-installed on your Mac, so you don’t need to install anything new to use it. Just open Finder, go to your Applications folder, and select Quicktime (or search for Quicktime in Spotlight).

This will open a small box with a red button. To start recording, click on the red dot. You will be asked to select all or part of the screen.

If you want to record the whole screen, click anywhere and it will start recording. If you want to record only part of the screen, such as a specific window, click and drag your mouse to create a rectangle over the desired area.

How To Screen Record On A Mac

Once you start recording, you’ll see a little stop icon in your Mac’s menu bar. Clicking it will stop the recording and you can review the screenshot.

When you stop recording, you will see a video player with a screenshot. You can save it by going to File > Save. Quicktime only saves files as MOV (Apple’s native format), but you can use a conversion program if you prefer MP4 or another format.

If you are using macOS Mojave, you can use a hotkey combination to start screen recording. Just press

How To Screen Record On Mac Book

When you see this screen, press one of the two recording options in the bottom bar: “Record entire screen” or “Record”.

How To Screen Record On Mac

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