How To Promote Your Etsy Shop On Instagram

How To Promote Your Etsy Shop On Instagram – (Note: This post was published on July 2, 2021, and please note that Etsy and/or Facebook/Instagram may have made changes to the way things work since then. We hope this post still helps you points in the right direction. Thanks for reading!)

I did it! After about a year and a half of trying (on and off) to connect my Etsy shop to my Instagram to tag products in my posts, I finally did it!

How To Promote Your Etsy Shop On Instagram

How To Promote Your Etsy Shop On Instagram

I remember the frustration, the tears, the discouragement, the stupid feeling of not being able to figure it out, and while it’s still fresh in my mind, I want to help you defeat this beast because no one deserves to fight. Something is so stupid.

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5. In a new tab, open your Etsy Shop Manager (backend where you can see your stats, orders, etc.) > Settings > Facebook Shops > Paste the meta tag you copied into Facebook Business Manager

6. Go back to your Facebook Business Manager tab. You should now be able to see a “verified” status next to your Etsy shop name.

7. Add products to your Facebook catalog. You can do this directly from your Facebook Business Page or Facebook Business Suite website > Commerce > Catalog > Items > Add Items.

⚠ When you copy and paste your listing URL, replace the beginning with your name, just like the domain you entered in Facebook Business Manager earlier! (So ​​for example:

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This is part of what I was doing wrong (and the part that took me a year to figure out!) and I only realized when I compared one of my friends’ lists to mine.

8. Go to your Instagram profile: Settings > Business > Shopping > Website and enter your domain as you entered it in Facebook Business Manager (so: and tap Select. You should see a line under your domain name that says “under review.”

9. This may take a few minutes to a few days, but once your domain is accepted, it will move to the “Current Website” section and you will be able to tag your products in your images!

How To Promote Your Etsy Shop On Instagram

10. Bonus: I recently learned that you can tag products directly in your Instagram posts: type @ and a screen should appear asking you to choose between people or products. Find your product * and you’re done!

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You should make sure to update your Facebook catalog with your latest products from time to time because unlike Shopify, Etsy currently has no way to sync all of your products with your Facebook catalog.

If so, I would really appreciate it if you could share it with another grower you know who is struggling with this. Why don’t you subscribe to my newsletter? You’ll be part of my inner circle and get a dose of joy, inspiration and motivation between work emails! I recently tackled the seemingly more complicated task of setting up Instagram Shopping. I say “seemingly” because the complications were mostly due to my incompetence with the technology and not understanding exactly what the instructions were telling me to do. It is not difficult if you follow and most importantly understand all the instructions in the letter.

I decided to create Instagram Shopping because surprisingly a lot of direct sales and traffic come from my Instagram account. It’s still a very small amount, but hey, I’m working on it and it’s a step towards making buying from me even easier.

It doesn’t help, I sell through Etsy, I have to set up a Facebook catalog first, then integrate with Insta, verify everything, etc. I’ve never been on a full business profile on Facebook before. , which is less than needed.

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Also, I keep skipping the “help” articles between my millions of tabs open in my browser… Anyway, I finally got there.

For those interested (I won’t leave it here for my own reference when I lose tabs again), here’s the Etsy help article you should follow to verify your Etsy shop account with Facebook and Insta. You’ll also need to set up a Facebook business page and first have a “business” Instagram account. Clicking “Settings” on your Instagram will take you to your profile type, and if you’ve created a business, you can click “Set Up Instagram Shopping.” An Instagram admin will then review your Facebook business profile, which takes about a week. I didn’t expect the wait this week to be so frustrating, but after going through so many different steps already, I just wanted to dust it all off. Finally, Instagram will notify you in the app and you can ask it to send you an email asking you to fill in and verify your related (Etsy) domain on your Facebook business page.

Follow Etsy’s setup guide when entering the URL format for products in your catalog (otherwise you’ll get all kinds of security warnings) and you can finally create a Facebook catalog and then tag your items on Instagram. ugh I hope it’s easier for you than me. When running an online Etsy business, sellers need to understand the importance of how to promote an Etsy shop. Promoting Etsy sales involves more than product quality and store operations, but also how to advertise on Etsy.

How To Promote Your Etsy Shop On Instagram

Selling handmade and vintage items on such a gathering place for independent creators and collectors, you will face some serious competition – about 7.5 million sellers worldwide. You need to think carefully about creativity and authenticity to maintain your uniqueness from the competition.

Part 4 Setting Up Your Etsy Shop

To that end, we’ll look at how to promote an Etsy shop in the most resource-efficient ways possible with the following ideas:

Try it – a multi-channel selling tool to integrate an Etsy shop, list products in bulk and continuously sync data between selling channels!

Among the most popular marketing techniques on how to promote an Etsy shop, running ads is the best value.

Running Etsy Ads uses your current photos and information to advertise your listings. For this reason, you should not have a website and a blog page or visual elements such as photos and text.

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You are free to change this amount whenever you see fit. Click Manage Your Etsy Ads Budget, enter the new amount, and save the update.

Although there is a maximum daily budget limit, Etsy allows you to set rules based on your average spend, your current payment status, and payment history. If you consistently spend your full daily amount, Etsy will increase the limit over time.

In fact, the maximum daily budget starts at $25 for all sellers and is recalculated weekly for those who use Etsy Payments and monthly for those who don’t. You should start advertising with this amount for your desired peak sales periods, such as holidays.

How To Promote Your Etsy Shop On Instagram

If you have previous advertising activities, the restarted campaign will have the same maximum budget as the last one.

Etsy Size Guide

Once you’ve set up your Etsy ad, you’re ready to promote your listings on Etsy. Etsy experts and customer insights identify the best places and times to display your Etsy ads so that as many buyers visit your Etsy shop as your budget allows.

Running Etsy Ads can increase your shop’s visibility and audience reach through Etsy search results or other pages, such as category and marketplace, on both the website and the app.

When you define specific locations to display your ads, they will only be shown to customers who live in countries where you ship your products.

If you’ve created shipping profiles, follow these steps to select the countries you want to ship to:

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If you do not provide any specific clarifications, the Etsy system will automatically advertise all of your current listings in the ad campaign. However, it allows you to change or update the listings you intend to advertise at any time; Make sure they follow Etsy’s advertising and marketing policy.

For individual listings, look for them and their ad statuses in your Etsy ads and toggle the on/off status. In the case of list groups, click Manage Ad Lists and select the lists you want to advertise on. Save time by filtering through categories or searching for one, then click Update to save your changes.

Ad volume on Etsy is related to the number of people who click on your ads and where the ads appear.

How To Promote Your Etsy Shop On Instagram

The cost per click varies for each ad and each time it appears in search results. These are added to your checking account daily, and Etsy will stop showing your ads when you’ve paid for enough clicks to cover your entire daily budget.

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In the Shop Manager dashboard, go to Finance > Current Account and view recent charges under Recent Activities. Old ad charges are available for review when you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Monthly Statements.

You are expected to have

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