How To Post An Ad On Kijiji

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How To Post An Ad On Kijiji

How To Post An Ad On Kijiji

I can run the file without error, my ad is running instantly. I can see it in my ads (on my Kijiji profile) and also get an email from Kijiji about the active ad. However, the ad disappeared almost immediately before the script was completed (can’t find it on my Kijiji profile) and appears to have been removed. I won’t get any notification from Kijiji if they disappear. Does this script somehow delete your ad all the way as a small exception maybe, or is it Kijiji? If so, what can I change to allow the ad to stop?

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Are you running too many ads? Kijiji tries to remove duplicate ads, but often tells you that one of your ads has been removed when it does.

Try changing your ad title to something that isn’t exactly the same as one of your existing ads.

I think the ad title is unique

Depending on what you post, Kijiji may limit each IP address to one account. Do you post with multiple accounts?

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I myself can still post and repost ads without any problems, but all my ads are posted in the buy/sell categories.

Yes, the problem is only in posting/posting to the Services category. The other categories haven’t given me a posting/reposting problem so far. This wasn’t a problem for about 1 year until the other day and I didn’t change anything.

So maybe the Kijiji back end has special rules for ads in job categories, or it might have something to do with the minimum limit for posting ads in those categories, or maybe the API here isn’t posting with another Kijiji parameter waiting when you submit the ad.

How To Post An Ad On Kijiji

That’s right, no emails are received for the posts. I tested if I got them by posting an ad in the wrong category (manually) and they deleted it and sent a deletion email which worked as expected. I don’t get such cancellation email with sending services problem.

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I know you’re only allowed 2 active posts in the Jobs category, but I didn’t break this limit.

Some of my ads post without problems, but when I try to post to certain categories (like jobs) I get errors:

Successful image upload on attempt #1 Successful image upload on attempt #1 Successful image upload on attempt #1 Trace (last call): File “/usr/lib/python3.4/”, line 170, in _run_module_as_main ” main”, mod_spec) File “/usr/lib/python3.4/”, line 85, in _run_code exec(code, run_globals) File “kijiji_repost_headless/”, line 195, in main() file ” kijiji_repost_headless/”, line 51, in main args.function(args) File “kijiji_repost_headless/”, line 95, in post_ad api.post_ad_using_data(data, image_files) File “kijiji_repost_line_headless. 201, in post_ad_using_data throws KijijiApiException(“Can’t post ad.”, resp.text) kijiji_api.KijijiApiException: Can’t post ad. See kijijiapi_dump_20181019T190113.html in the current dump directory

Successful image upload on attempt #1 Successful image upload on attempt #1 Attempt to upload ad failed #2, aborting.

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I don’t get these errors when I post in the Buy/Sell sections, and everything seems to work fine there.

It looks like the computer they posted on had exposure, all ads (both buy and sell) failed to post with a dump that actually shows nothing.

Except for the job ads that won’t fail, but the vehicle will be successfully submitted, but not actually displayed on kijiji.

How To Post An Ad On Kijiji

I verified your description where the ad said it was posted correctly in the response you received after posting the ad, but it did not actually appear in the Kijijij ad under the Services category, exactly as you described.

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My guess would be that the Kijiji backend uses some additional checks when displaying new ads in the Jobs category. However, I have not yet had the time to devote to verifying or demonstrating this.

There may be a missing parameter or some additional step(s) that need to be taken to successfully place an ad. Ultimately, this tool tries to mimic what a user would do when manually posting a new ad.

I also tried sniffing the packets with Wireshark, but they are encrypted (obviously), and I tried using the Chrome Live HTTP headers extension to sniff the headers, but I couldn’t find the parameter you talked about in the linked post.

Go to a higher level and use the browser’s built-in debugger / console. You can view incoming and outgoing HTTP requests including all headers, body content, and any HTTP POST databases you use.

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Looking at the IP level via Wireshark won’t help as you can see and this is too low anyway.

I ran into the same problem. It used to work without a problem, but now a few minutes after the script posted the ad disappeared just by using the script. I am posting in the Home Improvement and Building Materials Department. I look to see if there are any new sites. But it wasn’t far as I could see. Please if you have any information help.

This also seems to be the problem, the same thing happens with my attempts. Are there any solutions to get ads in the service category?

How To Post An Ad On Kijiji

Would it be worth putting some error handling or warning in the CLI when publishing/subscribing to Services?

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Same questions here. Consider posting office space for rent. Everything was working FINE until Friday. My client asked me to add more properties and I took the opportunity to clean up my Bash script (I set up a CRON task to run my Bash script every morning for new posts.) .

I can’t seem to post anything to my personal account, even manually inserting an ad into the browser results in an email saying the ad is posted, but it doesn’t show at all if I try to view it in the browser.

Is this an IP related problem? I tried posting to my personal account, which is never used with the bot. And then the posts are immediately deleted.

At least with the office space my client and I noticed a change…the free option doesn’t seem to be there! Is anyone else seeing this?!

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Ah HA! At least with the office space my client and I noticed a change…the free option doesn’t seem to be there! Is anyone else seeing this?!

The whole platform became dirty and paid to eventually cut off the most user base. I was a very avid user of kijiji until they started putting all these end blocks and censors. Now I have to focus my advertising elsewhere, hopefully it stays free.

New update. My client and I are trying to figure out what happened here. I’m willing to bet it’s an accessible IP address. After some time:

How To Post An Ad On Kijiji

My client rents several properties across Canada. Previously, he outsourced the task of manually editing each of these posts daily, but I suggest he use this script along with a CRON job on our server to ensure that the posts are updated daily.

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I had to run and generate the necessary .yml files and after making sure everything was being posted locally, I created a shell script on my server to resubmit each ad each day. Everything on this site works without problems.

My client contacted me about a week ago with a number of new properties to add to the script. I generated the necessary files once again and tested the environment to make sure the syntax was correct. Everything went well.

After receiving new posts, I decided to understand and use some variables in my script along with a loop that generates some variables for quick research in case of any errors. I ran my new script locally a few times to test if it worked and had to iron out some details which led to more testing. Finally, I am happy with the result of my new manuscript.

One of the things I decided to do in the new script to make generating the item.yml file easier is to omit providing the username and password, giving them as shell arguments instead. My password had special characters that scrambled the script several times until I escaped correctly. I think at this point testing the script with this basic error raised flags through kijiji because I was giving bad login credentials and my cycle was giving those bad credentials 38 times!

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I think all these tests in a row must have revealed my IP address. As if I corrected the syntax, none of my posts were made. Furthermore, the next day when my CRON job runs on my server, the repair job runs on each post and deletes the current post. Unfortunately, because of these accounts I think are associated with my “bad” client IP address when the server tries to access the same accounts, all my script can do is remove the current ads.

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